Sarah Geronimo


she's a very nice person.. beautiful and exudes sexiness even without revealing her body.. she performs well.. - amitaf

Sarah is always the best in all aspects singing, dancing and acting above all good personality! love you Sars! - jamiris

Sarah is so sweet and humility is one of her most desirable asset... She's the one! We love you SG! - unix

Shes so humble, simple pero the best... good example for those young singers who wants to be like her... GOD bless you sarah and the desires of your heart I'll always pray for you.

She sings true to her heart and gives always her best in singing, dancing and acting...

She's just like a singing angel with her angelic voice that makes us emotional whenever she started singing., I love her so much for always being humble always eventhough she's very famous already.

A total performer...a multi-talented artist. - cicima

great singer and at the same time very nice person... very humble... - supersarah

Gorgeous vibrato. Soft and beautiful voice she should be number one

She have a wonderful voice in the world. PRIDE OF THE PHILIPPINES.

She's my favorite. She's versatile.. Such a great singer..

Sarah is the best singer in the world... She has a lovely voice...

She is my idol ever.. Such a good even a great singer..

The worlds champion in singing over sa the best

simple but full of charm. i love her.

sarah can beat all the singers!... - fren_reigne09

Pretty, cute, and sexy. {", }

.. she is very talented, compared to others.. she is the best.. ! :)
.. very humble and sweet, and natural..

The one and only popstar princess! Versatile singer...

The pride of the philipines and no one can beat here