Most Desirable Male Singers in the World


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141Luan Santana

Luan Santana is an amazing singer his music and the world overcoming barriers that his music touches all who listen Luan proud of you!

142Gusttavo Lima
143Marilyn MansonBrian Hugh Warner, better known by his stage name Marilyn Manson, is an American musician, songwriter, actor, painter, multimedia artist, author, and former music journalist.

I love Marilyn Manson. He has great music, and even though it seems bad to some, it all has meaning to it. He is also very nice and very smart in real life. People focus on his looks way too much. And even though he might look a bit awkward with all the makeup, he actually doesn't look that bad without the makeup. He needs more credit than he's given and less hate.

144Atsushi Sakurai
145Adam YoungAdam Randal Young is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for creating the electronica project Owl City.

I don't believe that he is not in this list, maybe you don't know him, he is so handsome and talented, his voice like an angel

158? Come on, just look at his face, his behavior and his voice! He is shy and his songs are beautiful, romantic and optimistic. He must be, at least 1!

146Dan Smith

He should be higher in this list

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147Michael Hutchence
148Atif Aslam

He's hotter than everyone else on this list!

149Benjamin OrrBenjamin Orzechowski, known as Benjamin Orr, was an American musician best known as a singer, bassist and co-founder of the rock band the Cars.

I love him so much. He was so talented and so beautiful, inside and out. I'm still sad that he died. He was great with The Cars and while he was solo. R.I.P. sweet Ben. We will miss you.

150Glenn Danzig

Gorgeous, badass, and has an amazing voice. He needs to be higher!

151Amr Diab
152Daryl Hall
153Scott Clifton
155Ali Serhat Baran

Hello he is great sexy a great singer very provocative alluring and captivating


The ultimate baby face angel! I just love everything about him!

157Ruki (The Gazette)

I love his cute nose and his full lips, his tiny body and his graceful frame :D His face is so clear and open. Love him for ever

158Lee Hongki
159Brendon Urie

He is pretty much perfection easy on the eyes and Oh My God His voice is of an angel and he's an AMAZING guitar player too

He's awesome and witty, and isn't bad to look at, either. Beautiful voice.

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160Julian Casablancas

Extremely attractive. Adorable, cute, sexy, handsome, intelligent, and talented! - bluehues

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