Most Destructive Religions of the World


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They say that all Muslims are kind hearted and friendly people. I agreed with this for a long time until I learned about Islamic history. I can say as an observer that Islam is an extremely destructive religion that demands allegiance and punishes members of other religions and ethnic groups.

The things Islam has done throughout history are gravely concerning; the killing of Christians and invading neighbouring countries in their so called 'Jihad', killing Buddhists and destroying their beautiful monuments (those giant carved statues in Afghanistan that Muslims are destroying) and of course, the attacks on the modern world. I could go on but I won't due to this post being too long.

I will however conclude that although Muslims seem like nice people, their religion certainly isn't and I for one simply don't trust them and never will after recent events. Sorry about that.
Extremist Islam is destructive, as is the imposition of Sharia law to minority populations in Islamic states (eg lack of equal rights to Christians in Saudi Arabia, Iran etc).. However it is wrong, very wrong, to judge an entire religion by those who commit violent acts. Nowhere in the Koran does it say you will get virgins if you kill non-Muslims. There are many wonderful Muslims, but unfortunately Islamic States and terrorist groups hijack the religion and abuse human rights, kill innocents etc.
Should not allowing pedophilia rape be enough to prove this is EVIL. Muslims took over two thirds of the christian world and that's why the crusades happens. What happened in the crusades was perfectly justified.

There will never be a euristan. Many ex Muslims hate the religion too.
Guys, you guys are bad people. You are just criticizing people. Not all terrorist are Muslim. There just idiots. They use the religion as an excuse. They do it not because their Muslim, because they're absolute idiots.. Muhammad isn't evil. If you think that, have you ever met him. Then don't let that bull out of your mouth, ok. I'm a Muslim, and I know this stuff. Don't just go and cyber bully other people. You guys aren't Muslim, your most likely Christians. You destroyed so much religions yourself. I bet you also you guys didn't EVER read the Quran. It is a peaceful book. It tells you to be respectful to your parents and be good. It tells you not to kill. It added that quote about killing because of the really, really early parts of the religion, when they tried to get to mecca. Also, I 'm Muslim and I'm a Persian, and I been to Iran 6 times, and I bet 99% of people who are being racist about this never been to Middle East ONCE. I never heard of car bombs or anything bad in Iran. It has so little crime rate. So anyway, the news tells you so much loads of crap about Islam, its not even funny. The US government is BRAINWASHING YOU LIKE THE North KoreaNS. You guys criticize us and you blame Middle East. In matter of fact, you are making fun of a religion that believes in the same god as you. Islam is the second biggest religion in the world, so stop making fon of 1,600,000,000 people. So you Christians stop making fun of us, and first fix your own problems, then learn about Islam, not the terrorist part of it (but they're not), and see how good it is. Thank you for reading my pos, and I hope other Muslims help me with it.
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Why is there not a Christian option?

Christians love feeling superior! Christian just love to leave their phony money tracts instead of tips in restaurants while the employees slave for them. Christians LOVE money! Evangelists also like to steal money from innocent poor people so that they can become wealthy. Christians love passing judgment! Evidently the priests also are keen to having sex with children and male prostitutes while condemning homosexual "heathens".

Christianity is the most arrogant self aggrandizing religion ever to corrupt mankind. There is no limits to the destructive fallacies and hateful ignorance inherent in this religion. This religion persecutes non-Christians through it's endless practice of proselytizing brainwash while playing a victim every chance they can get and then asking for another handout. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but Systematic Abuse of Children is quite another story all together.
You idiots only voted Islam because you're under the delusion that we're in a war against Islam. We're not! We're in a war against terrorism! Catholicism burned a lot of historical elements that would be helpful today, that and it's stupid. All religions are stupid. What's the difference between religion and fairy tale? There is no difference and there's no proof any of that happened.
They don't have unity of spirituality or let say in all aspects about being HOLY! They are lied by their Priest or even their Pope that Catholic is still many well in fact news in Italy where to be center of Catholicism then said 99.99% of them is leaving Catholics! And they worship images (Revelation 14:9-11 NKJ) There is still time my friends don't waste it and find the true way where teaches true salvation and only Bible based is taught. GodBless you all my Catholics friends
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This should really be labeled as Protestantism or Orthodox, since Catholicism is also a denomination of Christianity. This religion's history is actually very sad. "Why? ", you may ask. Well, simply put they fight themselves. It's been recorded in history (Queen Mary I, 1553-1558 and Queen Elizabeth I, 1558-1603) and even goes on today. Proof can almost be placed within this poll with the separation of Catholicism and "Christianity". But in Europe and North America, Christianity has played a very destructive past that has heavily impacted the shape of these countries.
Christians love to spread their lies to other weak minded people. It's almost as bad as islam. Almost.
Yes well at less we don't make sacrifices to the devil like are evil cousins the Satanist
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because talmud say very clear in hundreds of it passage how they hate gentiles and want to destroy, politically, financial and economy, ethical and religion, of the gentile... talmud clearly said: tob shebe goyim harrog (even the best gentile must be kill)
They cut off baby's' foreskins and suck the blood- leading to sometimes STD s not to mention if you are going to do this repulsive act might as well do it with trained professionals in a HOSPITAL! Did you know that the men have a prayer where they thank god that they weren't born women! DISGUSTING

Satanism--regardless if its atheistic or theistic--is spiritual suicide, because it is an out & out rejection of Almighty God, for the evil one (even in philosophy only).

Really I'm a Hindu and I have not heard of this. You all are making false aqquasations about this pure religions
They burn their body and create so much pollution!
They worship penis of shiva. Their creator god brahma fornicated with his own daughter. True satanism is Hinduism. This religion is ravaging my country for many centuries. I pray Jesus to redeem this nation and its peoples.

This doesn't even count as a religion. It's a hypocritical business of anti-social pinheads.
THey will steal your heart and soul if you let them and of course all your money!

How can such a highly hospitable religion harm the people which it himself respects!? I now China isn't such good nation but Buddhism is good

Some religions have the principle of "Not killing others", some have not.

Voodoo is not real stupid they all made it up a long time ago why is this even counted P.S. chuck norris rules!

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These guys have done nothing they only fight for there rights they will help people in need they haven't done anything they don't allows circumcision nothing to harm the body except they shall take action when thing s need to be turned from bad to good


13Westboro Baptist
Idiots and bigots that go against the teaching they claim to follow. however it's no different than so many other fanatics and extremist. which is all they are, extremist. the teach hate and so it is from god or gods will and they follow the bible. but you can't follow a religion that is supposed to be about love and forgiveness and the like and then teach hate. if god is real then I'm sure he/she is pretty pissed at them. like so many others from judaism and the judaic religions (Jews, Christians {including catholics}, and Muslims. all practicing a faith that teaches love, but through out history have warred with all different faiths. even and mostly against each other.

14Baha'i Faith


16Aztec Religion
They tore out peoples hearts to sacrifice them for the sun god. So much unnecessary killing is sad.

17The Thugee
Indiana jones made short work of them. They were kind of cool though. Not as cool as the nazis.

18Rastafari Movement

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