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101Frame by Frame - King Crimson
102Erotomania - Dream Theatre

Master of puppet's is in the top ten and this isn't even on the list?

First 30s of the song and you got 3 bars of 5/4 and 1 bar of 9/8, that's enough

103The Crusade - Trivium
104Scream - Avenged Sevenfold

Even Synyster Gates himself said that this is Scream has the hardest solo to play.

105Bad Horsie - Steve Vai
106Magic and Mayhem - Yngwie Malmsteen
107Swing Life Away - Rise Against

Not that hard to replicate the sound and play. Still an awesome song though from one of my favorite. Bands.

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108Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold

Too good. May not be popular, but should be on the' MUST LISTEN 'list

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109Take No Prisoners - Megadeth

This song makes even an advanced guitarist stop to play for not getting a tendonitis. Not that hard to manage in my eyes, but shows you, you are not trained enough. By the songs listed in front of this it seems like here are mostly guitarists voting for the song they are playing right now. And not everybody ever get to the level to try out this song.

110The Impossible - Mike Dawes

This song alone is an evolution to the guitar in my opinion. It is Poly-rhythmic to the t and it has an amazing array of various techniques to go along with it. This song is true art!

111B.R.O. - Paul Gilbert

That song's guitar solo is extreme and is nothing I could play in my thirty-two years in playing guitar. To be honest, that solo is not harmonic. All I see in that solo is just making noise, I do not even know if that song is in G Major, A Minor or E Minor. Harmonic solos just sound so much more elegant. I have no clue on what is even going on in that song!

112Shoot to Thrill - AC/DC

It use E7(9+) chords

113Discipline - King Crimson

Two lead guitars one playing in 14/16 and the other in 15/16, then every sixteen bars they change to a different progression of notes

114Scorched - Spawn of Possession

The song itself is more complex than A lot of solos but there isn't anything over and above. Basically it's just the sheer amount of notes in the song that become A problem not the actual difficulty of any part of it really (although only the better players will be able to play it.. let alone actually play it cleanly. )

Don't bother listening to it, you're not going to understand much.

115Preaching Blues - Robert Johnson

Your probably going to Hell if you learn this, just saying. Pretty hard too.

116Capillarian Crest - Mastodon

A very difficult song to play cleanly

117Full Tank - Blues Saraceno

Poor me killed m fingers trying to learn this one give it a try and you fingers will die

118Crazy On You - Heart

Nuts. She never seems to play it the same way twice either. First time I got a finger blister in years. Day 3 and I'm only 2 bars in...

The acoustic/classical intro is INSANE! I've had the hardest time getting the hang of it! the riff itself isn't very hard...but that intro...PHEW!

119Riff Raff - AC/DC

Try to play this whole song!

120Make Total Destroy - Periphery

The rhythms are absolutely insane - syncopated to the max. You use all 24 frets and its got slapping and tapping in it. It makes all the other songs here look oh so easy. Its prog metal, they can really play. Resemblence of meshuggah, Dream Theater, Veil of Maya and Sikth :) its real music.

The only song I think is harder than this is Zyglrox. I don't know what was in the head of Misha when he compossed this

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