Top 10 Most Disgusting Things That People Can Do


The Top 10 things people can do that are extremely disgusting. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Eat Other People
Okay, that just seems wrong. Really, do you know what that is called? CANNIBALISM! Eating other people! Ugh, I can't stand it! And to think, its actually allowed! GROSS!
. Seriously, people are already doing this. In China, they are selling Baby Soup! Can you believe how Un-Human that is? Honestly, eating babies is REALLY gross. People like this deserve to be thrown into Jail!
The thought makes me lose weight... Yuck!
[Newest]Pick other peoples nose and eat it

2Scratch Their Butt Then Sniff Their Finger
That is not cool man one my freinds he's 15 used to do that when he was 7 in school
I love it not mean ing to do it though
Your I would vomit of I see that

3Not Washing Their Hands When They Come Out of a Bathroom
I love when restaurant bathroom doors require you to push door open in order to exit. I hate when it is a pull and then the trash can for the paper towel I am holding is a mile away. I say toss that towel on the floor until they either rework the door or move the trash can. I can't tell you how many men I inadvertently/peripherally see leave a urinal and exit without washing their hands. I wish I had a megaphone and could announce, "May I have your attention this guy, who is now eating pizza (and has handed the cashier money for the pizza (That cashier will be handling YOUR food) didn't wash his hands! "
I know you can get sick if that person touches you then you could get pneumonia then you could possibly DIE
This is pretty yuk. But the thing is, the girl's always find time to brush their hair and check their make-up before leaving without washing their hands. Eww!


4Picking Their Nose

5Walking Around With Their Junk Hanging Out
Ew its just so disgusting! I how can anyone do that? In the public? I find it ABSURD
I agree it is disgusting people want to sleep great in the the night not have nightmares
Oh my god I love walking around with my junk hanging out so everyone can see it its called a bi personality duh!, Plus how is anyon gonna see my junk if I don't show them duh:!
I love Doing That PEOPLE Allways Look At Me In A Good Way

I have asthma and smoke can give a asthma attack were I can't breathe and one time me and my brother were in a car without our mother in a parking lot with the windows open a little and two old ladies were smoking near us and the wind was carrying the smoke into the car I was in it smelled horrible I had to breathe under my shirt and try to my head out of the way my brother was shouting at the woman to stop smoking and saying his sister had asthma but they were too busy talking and smoking to care luckily after a while they drove away still smoking
It smells bad, tastes bad, it's bad for you and for those around you. It can kill you! Let's see, "is it smart to smoke"? No, IT'S DISGUSTING!
Why, why, why, do people continue to do this? I grew up around smokers as a kid, I hated it then and I hate it now. I guess that people that smoke just really don't give a crap about themselves or anyone else.
[Newest]WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? It's deadly, dirty, disgusting, dangerous...WHY? It's one of the few reasons I do NOT want to live in a city!

7Shaking What They Have Too Much Of

8Talking About Things They Know Nothing About
That annoys me so much.

9Scratching Themselves in Places that Don't Need to Be Scratched

No sex, no humans


Exactly! If we don't have sex, we wouldn't be able to reproduce. Although, it would stabilize the human population for a short period of time, because humans are expanding rapidly.. Eventually, every human on earth would die, and the human species would go extinct. We need to reproduce in order for human successors to live on.


What retard put sex on this list? Sex is a natural, beautiful thing...


Eww! Imagine it! Someone putting his hot dog into a girl's donut!
Screw every one this is on the Internet and guess what, the entire world can see it and what are you saying oh yeah dumb stuff

The Contenders

11Like Justin Bieber
This is a pretty warped thing to do - even in the comfort and privacy of your own home!


I agree. He has the manner skills of a 2 year old, and is 100 times more famous, so that means we get to hear about it


How the heck is this disgusting?

12Sticking Their Finger in their Ear

13Bully People
That needs to be extincted.

14Fart In Your Face
There is this thing in our school called fart torturing all the boys gang up on a kid after eating baked beans you duct tape them aim your butt to their face and start farting. Almost everyday this girl is a victim. One day she started begging for mercy, and all the boys ate 5 cans of baked beans each and did it but she choked on the fart. Now, we have 5 cans of baked beans every meal and fart on her lol
That happened to me once.
I went to my boyfriend's house and suddenly he
Grabbed me and he sat on my face and my nose
And mouth was shoved into his butt. He started
Farting and I couldn't breathe and I begged him then
I fainted. And I start begging again and he hasn't wiped
His ass properly there was brown stuff on my face...

15Squirting Milk Out of Their Eye
Why is sex even on this list?
Laugh out loud ok whatever.


16Name Your Son Keith
Can someone please explain to me what the big deal is about Keith? Did Keith Lemon scare everyone away from the name? Was there a mass murdering cannibal named Keith Keithson? Please help me understand!
So gross it shouldn't be on list


17Dancing Like John Travolta

18Duck Lips When You Take a Picture

19Chewing With Their Mouth Open
I know 2 people who do something like this so gusgusting
My brother does this ew!

20Putting on too Much Glitter
You think that disgusting? That, my friend is creepy because Nicki Minja, Lady Gaga and Snooki smear themselves with glitter all around their face and body! Do you think you wanna date a tramp like that?
Thats for you little girls!

21Ask You to Smell Their Finger
I totes absolutes hate when people do that.

22Making Out With a Goat
Sounds like something an ISIS terrorist would do

23Peeing on a toilet seat
It's disgusting when you gotta go bad, but when you sit on the toilet it's covered in piss.

24Trying to Be Chuck Norris

25Not Shower

26Not Eat Chicken

27Mastrubating While Driving
I feel bad for all of those truck drivers. Do it in your own home in a private area.. Thanks
Masturbation is for home time only kids!


28Make This Top Ten List

29Fart and Waft the Smell Towards Your Face

30Kiss Rebecca Black


32Sticking Your Hand In Your Underwear.
Ok in the privacy of your own home maybe.. But still then its gross! And never do this in public or I am definitely judging you. I don't care what your excuse is sorry.


34Pooping In a Diaper
Hello. There are people with diaper fetishes out there. And they wear diapers 24/7 and refuse to use the toilet like everyone else. And they say they love the way it feels when they soil their diapers (yuck sick people). I wish they didn't exist (diapers are for babies or people with bladder and bowel problems).
Try it and then decide. I love diapers!

35Pretending Too Be An Alien
I don't understand this one

36Poo In Public
I can't believe it's really happened before. YUCK!

37Sex In Public
Why would somebody do that?


38Eat a Two Week Old Unrefrigerated Pie
Dumb ways to die reference


Two weeks old? Really?


39Biting Your Toenails
What. The. Bally. Heck.


40Watch 'The Splinter' SpongeBob Episode

41Pick Your Bellybutton

42Clean a Baby's Diaper

43Eating Your Own Phlegm

44Blowing Your Nose Without a Tissue

45Bad Breath

46Rotten Teeth

47Peeing In the Shower

48Swallowing One's Own Sperm

49Pooing On Someone's Head
That is just disgusting eww if some one did it.


50Raping children

51Squeezing Water Out of Elephant Feces and Drinking It

52Fart In a Jar

53Spitting In Someone Else's Mouth

54Giving yourself a Dutch Oven


56Eating a poop
I know someone wouldn't do that but that thing is the thing I hayed the most

57Picking the Crap Out from Under Your Nails. and Eating It..
I used to wait tables in a diner, and another waitress did this. Good reason to cook!

58Taking your poop and throwing it at people
It's gross as hell.

59Make Perverted Jokes
Why do you think that's funny if you keep doing it every second

60Love One Direction

61Picking Up Poop and Eating It

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