Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies


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Way worse than 'A Serbian Film' in terms of disturbing content; A Serbian Film feels like just that: a film, while Salo is not only a political and historical study, but feels eerily real throughout. Watching this movie was perhaps the most unpleasant two hours of my life, but those were two hours that I feel were well spent.
Anyone that has actually seen this would understand. Based on the book by Marquis De Sade. Just a disturbing film about old men living out their disgusting sexual fantasies.

2Cannibal Holocaust
This movie was banned in many countries because they thought it was a real "snuff" film. The director was arrested and sentenced for life in prison because they thought it was a real snuff film (but he was later released"
Turtle? Oh please. What about human violence? I love this movie but it shows the sad truth about us - human is the worst and the most selfish creature


#1 most disturbing movie ever made


3A Serbian Film
Okay, let's talk about these movies.

(Just a side note: I really, really, really, think any Saw movie should've made the list. Even when they don't happen you can imagine it and it will just send shivers down your spine. But I do have to admit, they are nowhere near as disgusting as the top 3 films. So I think one of them should've been number 10 or 9, and AntiChrist would've made it higher on the list. Thanks! )

I'm going to put these films in order for disgusting, to down right DISTURBING. Here you go!

3 - Cannibal Holocaust - Now I know this movie is just plain sick. It is a really really disturbing movie and deserves to be in the top 3, but I think it should be moved to number 3. Why, you ask? Well, it is a view on the horrible nature of human beings, but I think the other films showed waayyy worse things about human beings. (Read number two for information and an example on this. ) But why is it disturbing overall? Maybe it's the, oh, I don't know, real abusive structure against animals? They did saw off a monkey's head. And no, it's not a snuff film. (If you don't know what a snuff film is, it's supposed to be real footage. ) But also, a girl is stuck through a sharp, wooden sphere, and they bury a baby. And also rape a lady. So... This movie is cruel! And I'm not joking! Cannibal Holocaust, cheesy name, messed up movie.

2 - A Serbian Film - Okay I have to admit, this movie is a little cheesy in my opinion. But of course it's still disturbing! THEY RAPE A BABY! (I'm still not sure if it's real or not. ) Now what's worse, burying a baby or RAPING IT?! And guess what? They baby was alive and a NEWBORN.

"Newborn! Porn!... Newborn! "

But oh, that's not all. There's also more graphic scenes of pedophilloic actions throughout the film itself! He rapes his own kid! My god! Just... Wow! I can't even stand to even listen to that baby crying for dear life! AND I'M NOT WATCHING THE RE-RELEASE BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY SHOW HIM RAPING IT! Wait, I'm going to search up to see if it was a real baby really quick, and the award for the stupidest person of all time goes too me! Yep, I searched it up and was stupid enough to be confused. I'm so sorry, ha ha ha... Anyway, even if it's not real it's still one hell of a disturbing movie! A Serbian Film, Satan's favorite kinda porn.

And number one isn't that big of a surprise!

1 - Sálo, or otherwise known as 'The 120 Days of Sodom' - Yeah I know there's no otherwise, I just think it fits. But why do I think this is the absolute worst of the worst? Well, let's put it this way.

This version I'm going to tell will not be EXACTLY like the film. But just imagine...

Your a fine young man/woman at the proper age of somewhere between 13-19. It's during World War II and you decide to go on a refreshing walk one day. Then all of a sudden, a car pulls up. Then, POOF! Your kidnapped! When you wake up, your in your finest clothes that you were wearing earlier. You look nice and clean. A guard walks you out to a room and you meet the government. And then you find out you'll have to follow they're commands and stay there for 120 days. If you disobey them, you die! Now what could go wrong about the commands? You meet some other kids, same and different gender and ages. All 13-19. About 20 of you. Then, on your first day. You step out into a room and one small little girl (about 13) is moved over and has to bend over on one of the guards. He pulls her dress over and you can see her underwear. He just touched her butt. Then he calls YOU over. You come over and sit down. He then begins to... Grope you?! Later on during the days, you can't take it. Deaths had already occurred, a girl ate a desert with nails in it, some boy had gotten a tampon put in his mouth, everyone is naked. It's terribly embarrassing, humiliating, and to mention, painful. Then one day, everyone stands in a room with some guards. Including you of course. The guard walks over to the center and squats down, and proceeds to let his squishy, brownish greenish, watery like, fall to the ground. He pulls his pants back up and looks at you. Then, he says, "Eat it." You shake your head a little. He points at it and snaps his fingers. The other hand is used to slowly pull a gun out of his pocket. You don't want to eat it, but you surely don't want to die more. You walk over and get on your knees. You pick up the spoon by you and take a scoop full. It smells like a nightmare. You gulp and open wide. And then, the night terror occurs. It's IN your mouth. The waste of some hairy, fat guy is in YOUR mouth. It taste bitter, stale, like all of the most rotten foods combined and put in a toilet. It's very warm and sticky, like cat puke. It swishes around your mouth and sticks everywhere. You begin to cry.


He calls out. You begin to eat it faster.

"Faster! "

You begin to cry harder.


Your practically sobbing. God how it's disgusting. You feel like a pig. The sticky, warm, ooze melts slowly down your throat.

"Kill me now."

You think.

"I can't take this."

A few days later, the 120 days of Sodom are over. You are freed. On the last few days almost the rest were raped and killed. This was an experience you weren't ever going to forget. And this was something that changed your life, not for the better, but yes, for the worse. Your afraid to go outside, you feel humiliated everywhere you go. You can't even look at a toilet without puking a little in your mouth. Your life was changed forever. There's no going back. Sodom has token over your life. Period. Saló, the movie that makes no use turning back now.

So that's my review, I guess. Anywho. Thanks for reading!


Just by reading the plot and everything that happens in the film, you'll see why this deserves the number 1 spot. Most f'd up movie ever made. It makes Salo look like a kid's film.
This is the real most disturbing movie ever made it has so much that makes really disturbing that I could write an article on everything that makes this movie so uncomfortable
[Newest]I saw it and it made me want to through up

4Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer
I've seen a clockwork orange, Salo and Requiem for a Dream and they didn't phase me. Henry on the other hand haunts me to this day. The scene where Otis Molests a dead woman will never leave my head. It is the only movie I have ever regretted watching.


It's disturbing but great too. The family massacre scene has to be one of the most creepiest and down right disturbing movie scenes of all time.

God. The torture scene at the end and when she throws up in the bowl and feeds it to the guy. That was too far.


The Last 15 minutes were the most grusome scenes from a movie I've ever seen! just thinking about makes me cringe

6Requiem for a Dream
How screwed up that the drugs can make you, you can actually see it in front of your eyes.
Watching this movie made me depressed haha, real disturbing movie for real.


7Human Centipede 2-Full Sequence
I don't understand how anyone who saw the first one could watch the sequel. I'm voting on this based on the trend set by the first one which I regret to this day, 2 years down the line, having ever watched.
The first one wasn't that bad... but this is truly awful. do not watch if you are squeamish.

Aroused an emmense amount of sadness in me. A film ill never forget.

Ouch, I'm gonna puke after seeing that woman cutting her own vagina off.

10Menace II Society
Its a great movie, I thought the first time I watched it, I Though Larenz Tate was just some dumb Nickelodeon actor but when he killed those Asians I thought OMG!


most disturbing hood movie of all time so much remorseless violence
we should stop the violence everywhere! Increase the Peace!

The Contenders

11The Evil Dead
I've seen bloddier movies than this. This was released back in 1981. That was a time where really gory movies are really, really rare so it would make sense why it was originally rated X.

12The Exorcist
I've heard that the movie was cursed and so I had nightmares about the devil trying to get me. but don't worry I'm over that now. I just got to accept the fact that it's only a movie.
this movie scared me so much I couldn't get to sleep the first time I saw it but it got me into horror.


I've heard that while this was playing people were running out of the theater screaming. people passing out, and even throwing up. so far as when it played next time the theater included "exorcist barf bags".


14A Clockwork Orange
Is this a porno?
This is disturbing because it actually makes you want to root for the bad guy. A 17-year old who beats, rapes, and murders the innocent, but does it with such cheekiness and joy that it actually like him a lot. I know people of sane mind wouldn't like a character as nasty as Alex Delarge, but Malcolm McDowells performance of him is so strong that near the end of the film you're glad he has his freedom back. His freedom to kill and rape people for fun. And he's not doing it for the money or any particular award, he does it because he simply loves doing it. He's also intelligent and well spoken which is disturbing for a villain.

This movie just has a sense of truth to it. Humans really do have a desire to rape and inflict pain on other living beings. Humans of any age. It's kinda like what stanley kubrick once said "the concept of man is not that he's a noble savage, but an ignoble savage." Now I don't know if that was the film's original idea to be intended but that doesn't mean I shouldn't share my views on it. We're all aloud to share our views and opinion on certain things.

But yeah, this film gives you that idea of how screwed up humanity can be. It gives you that feeling of "what have we become? " "Why were we born to be so twisted? " And "Will we evolve? " Now the film isn't trying to condone or encourage any bad behavior, bad morals, or violence, and I'm certainly not either, but it just leaves you guessing why we were born to be so messed up in the head.
No. but it was deemed "pornographic" because of the sexual violence.

15Ichi the Killer
Oh god! This movie is over the top due to the gore and at some movie festival show vomit bags were handed out and one person vomited and the other person fainted if I were you I wouldn't watch this movie

16Saw III

17Beyond the Darkness

18Men Behind The Sun
I would avoid this film if I were you! There are some harsh and graphic torture such as

A baby was left out in the snow until it froze to death
A woman had her hands out frozen and dipped into a hot chemical acid
A man in a chamber was lying on the floor flat and you can see his intestines and organ coming out of his anus
A small boy suffered autopsy
And the most repulsive, disturbing, harsh and intense is this part
A live cat was surrounded by thousands of hungry rats and the rats ate the cat... ALIVE! Then the rats where burned alive. I HATED THIS FILM!
Very disturbing and true as well

19I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

20Fight Club

Just shows how twisted up Romans were.

22The Piano Teacher

I don't get this movie. I really don't get it at all. there are lots of movies in this world that I don't understand.

More sad actually. salo deserves 1 spot though

25Melancholie der Engel
Serbian film, Salo, cannibal Holocaust They're all disney movies compared to this montage of brutality and animal cruelty and just f-ed up stuff. I truly doubt the people who are looking at this comment right now even seen this. And if you did, then you know what I'm talking about.

26Saw IV


Oh my god. this is the most disturbing film ever no sound, no colour and creepy as hell the first bit creeped me out and I watch horror films with out twiching


Monica Bellucci should think twice not to have sex with creeps again. She'll be swore on her vag and having hard time walking.

31Suicide Club

32Saw II

33August Underground's Mordum
August underground must be higher they are the closest in existence to look like a snuff film. This is the worst of all of them
Crappy film that takes the whole shock angle WAY to far
Not sure if it's the 2nd or 3rd instalment in the trilogy. But all of the August underground movies are very close to being a snuff film.

34Alice in Wonderland

35Funny Games



38The Girl Next Door
Not only was this movie incredibly hard to watch, it was also really sad.

39The Fly
I wanted to throw up after this movie was over.


41Cannibal (2006)


43Full Metal Jacket
This is disturbing expecally when the guy shoots himself

44Where the Dead Go to Die
You know, the moment when you see "Starring: Jimmy Screamerclauz" and also directed by him, you know you're in for one hell of a ride. Computer animated visuals chock-full of blood, gore, necrophilia, bestiality, sexual abuse, and pure downright hellish visuals makes for one twisted film. I'm surprised it wasn't on top ten lists by now.

45Saw VI

46August Underground

47Saw V

"Hang in there Gardner, your gonna make it. "

49The Devil's Rejects

50Sin City

51Inglourious Basterds

52Kill Bill - Volume Two

53Apocalypse Now Redux

54Undisputed II - Last Man Standing


56Edward Scissorhands

57Saving Private Ryan

58Die Hard
Bloody. Gory when one of the charatcer's head is shot.


60The Butterfly Effect

This movie is just messed up. Have not seen it? Well then, it has a 12 year old Dakota Fanning getting RAPED.
This movie is not all disturbing besides one scene. WHERE A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL (played by Dakota Fanning) GETS RAPED BY PERSON LIKE 3 TIMES HER AGE. *shudder* it is so messed up.


63The Victim

64The Green Elephant
This is so disturbing and gross at the same time and on so many levels. Two Russian guys are held as prisoners and have to survive. One part in which one of the guys takes a dump and feeds it to the other prisoner. It would s so disgusting and sadistic

65I Stand Alone

66I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

... I saw someone get chopped in half at the waist. In detail. But it was a great movie. Definitely not the most disturbing but pretty bad.

68Inland Empire
That face scene, holy crap, I just wanted to cry. So disturbing. And those rabbits? Holy god.

69Hostel: Part II

70Pink Flamingos

Grotesque is quiet a bloody Japanese horror film I've seen the trailer and MY GOD! It was bloody


73The Human Centipede
This should be higher above the list.

74Donnie Darko



77Vase de Noces
This film is a grotesque art house film about an autistic/mad farmer who falls in love with his pig and he finds out that they have piglets but when they preferred their mother than him he hangs them all and the sow drowns in mud. Then the farmer drags the pig out and buries it but he was committing suicide by burning himself alive so he made a disgusting "tea" that is made of urine, feces and vomit and then later hangs himself and in the end you see his spirit uprising and that's the end of the film

This Japanese horror film was banned in the UK for its sexual violence about some total deranged loner who appears to be a doctor kidnaps a young couple who have been dating and asks them if they had sex or not they didn't so the loner tortures them to death

79The Machinist

80The Dark Knight
I think I can see why it's on here. BECAUSE HEATH LEDGER AS THE JOKER!? I saw the trailer I wanted to see it but I couldn't because my mum said it "too scary"

81The Hills Have Eyes
This movie... It was not scary... But it was so... Just bad. Just a bad situation. Very hard to watch.

82The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

83Rosemary's Baby

84The Happening
I know it did terrible but some of those suicide scenes were very disturbing.


86The ABCs of Death
The t is for toilet scene gave me nightmares for weeks and I'm still having them

87In the Realm of the Senses

88The Holy Mountain

89Sweet Movie

90Man Bites Dog

91Kiss of Death
Good movie. Pretty disturbing fight scenes, but cool ones.


Extreme violence, strong language, strong erotic sex scenes, full female nudity.
My Mum named my older sister after the main character.
My Mum named my older sister after the main character.

94The Expendables

95Visitor Q

96Schindler's List

97Dead Alive
It may be extremely gory, but some of it is done commedically.


99Come and See


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