Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies

Well, well, here is a list of the movies that make you think....why???

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Way worse than 'A Serbian Film' in terms of disturbing content; A Serbian Film feels like just that: a film, while Salo is not only a political and historical study, but feels eerily real throughout. Watching this movie was perhaps the most unpleasant two hours of my life, but those were two hours that I feel were well spent.

Anyone that has actually seen this would understand. Based on the book by Marquis De Sade. Just a disturbing film about old men living out their disgusting sexual fantasies.

This is absolutely a terrible film. I had to stop watching it. All of how disgusting it is I couldn't even understand it as it was in a different language. - Beatlesboy9

2Cannibal Holocaust

This movie was banned in many countries because they thought it was a real "snuff" film. The director was arrested and sentenced for life in prison because they thought it was a real snuff film (but he was later released"

Turtle? Oh please. What about human violence? I love this movie but it shows the sad truth about us - human is the worst and the most selfish creature - Alexandr

I don't even care if this wasn't a real film. This is downright horrible. Why would anybody want to make this? - higgsboson2142

#1 most disturbing movie ever made - idolangelx13

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3Requiem for a Dream

How screwed up that the drugs can make you, you can actually see it in front of your eyes.

Watching this movie made me depressed haha, real disturbing movie for real. - Real_1985


Aroused an emmense amount of sadness in me. A film ill never forget.

5Henry - Portrait of a Serial Killer

I've seen a clockwork orange, Salo and Requiem for a Dream and they didn't phase me. Henry on the other hand haunts me to this day. The scene where Otis Molests a dead woman will never leave my head. It is the only movie I have ever regretted watching. - beasthound

It's disturbing but great too. The family massacre scene has to be one of the most creepiest and down right disturbing movie scenes of all time. -

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen. This is a great film but not for the faint of heart.

6A Serbian Film

Just by reading the plot and everything that happens in the film, you'll see why this deserves the number 1 spot. Most f'd up movie ever made. It makes Salo look like a kid's film.

This is the real most disturbing movie ever made it has so much that makes really disturbing that I could write an article on everything that makes this movie so uncomfortable

A fun and uplifting story about a poor family in Serbia that gets the opportunity of a lifetime. I don't want to spoil any thing but this is a real great film and you should watch it. - TheRiceKing

I saw it and it made me want to through up

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Ouch, I'm gonna puke after seeing that woman cutting her own vagina off.

8Menace II Society

Its a great movie, I thought the first time I watched it, I Though Larenz Tate was just some dumb Nickelodeon actor but when he killed those Asians I thought OMG! - roblist

most disturbing hood movie of all time so much remorseless violence

we should stop the violence everywhere! Increase the Peace!

So unbelievable, a disturbing on sight in the Hood


God. The torture scene at the end and when she throws up in the bowl and feeds it to the guy. That was too far. - InsertNameHere

The Last 15 minutes were the most grusome scenes from a movie I've ever seen! just thinking about makes me cringe

10The Exorcist

I've heard that the movie was cursed and so I had nightmares about the devil trying to get me. but don't worry I'm over that now. I just got to accept the fact that it's only a movie.

this movie scared me so much I couldn't get to sleep the first time I saw it but it got me into horror. - idolangelx13

I've heard that while this was playing people were running out of the theater screaming. people passing out, and even throwing up. so far as when it played next time the theater included "exorcist barf bags".

So, anyone want any pea soup?

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11Human Centipede 2-Full Sequence

I don't understand how anyone who saw the first one could watch the sequel. I'm voting on this based on the trend set by the first one which I regret to this day, 2 years down the line, having ever watched.

The first one wasn't that bad... but this is truly awful. do not watch if you are squeamish.

12Beyond the Darkness

I don't get this movie. I really don't get it at all. there are lots of movies in this world that I don't understand.

14The Evil Dead

This film is so over the top and ridiculous it isn't even disturbing. One of the best b-horror film ever made and the two sequels are even better. - TheRiceKing

I've seen bloddier movies than this. This was released back in 1981. That was a time where really gory movies are really, really rare so it would make sense why it was originally rated X.

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16I Spit On Your Grave (2010)
17A Clockwork Orange

A bunch of Hilter's clans that toutures people in their daily lives! At least I never laid a hand on a woman's genitals! That's just wrong!

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18Men Behind The Sun

I would avoid this film if I were you! There are some harsh and graphic torture such as

A baby was left out in the snow until it froze to death
A woman had her hands out frozen and dipped into a hot chemical acid
A man in a chamber was lying on the floor flat and you can see his intestines and organ coming out of his anus
A small boy suffered autopsy
And the most repulsive, disturbing, harsh and intense is this part
A live cat was surrounded by thousands of hungry rats and the rats ate the cat... ALIVE! Then the rats where burned alive. I HATED THIS FILM!

Man the movie was insane and guess what? It is based on a true experiment which was named "Unit 731" conducted by Japan.

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19The Piano Teacher
20Fight Club

It most certainly was amazing but how was it disturbing? - Beatlesboy9

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