Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies


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21Fight Club

It most certainly was amazing but how was it disturbing? - Beatlesboy9

22The Piano TeacherV1 Comment

Just shows how twisted up Romans were.

24Saw IV

More sad actually. salo deserves 1 spot though

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Oh my god. this is the most disturbing film ever no sound, no colour and creepy as hell the first bit creeped me out and I watch horror films with out twiching

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29Ichi the Killer

Oh god! This movie is over the top due to the gore and at some movie festival show vomit bags were handed out and one person vomited and the other person fainted if I were you I wouldn't watch this movie

30Suicide Club
31Saw III

Monica Bellucci should think twice not to have sex with creeps again. She'll be swore on her vag and having hard time walking.

33The Human Centipede

Yeah but this a dumb movie I mean the whole thing is just about 3 people stitched mouth to anus walking around some dudes house it's gross but dumb the 2nd one is kind of better but way more disturbing the second one should be way higher on the list

This should be higher above the list.

34Alice in Wonderland
35Funny Games
38The Fly

I wanted to throw up after this movie was over.

40Saw II
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