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101The Drunken Whaler - Dishonored
102Intro - Wizards and Warriors
103Pleather for Breakfast - No More Heroes
104Honor for All - Dishonored
105Sovngarde - Skyrim
106His World - Sonic 2006

The game does have low standards, but his world is such a catchy tune. Great instrumentals and the lyrics are spot on.

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107The Deep End - Kingdom Hearts
108Don't Speak Her Name! - Fire Emblem Awakening

It plays right after the death of the queen. When the prince and princess are heart broken seeing their sister dead. Then they have to run away instead of fighting, but get caught up in a fight with bandits. Backdrop is a thunderstorm and this music plays.

109Stardust Speedway (Bad Future JP Remix) - Sonic CD

The main reason I like this song is simply because it reminds me of the Sonic Generations boss battle with Metal Sonic, which was easily one of the coolest in the game. Metal Sonic is the perfect villain to go up against Sonic, but this song reminds you that the reason Metal Sonic never wins is because he doesn't have the kind of soul that the real Sonic does, and he can therefore never come out on top. Plus, it means he'll always get served with an epic kick in the end!

110Sky Sanctuary Zone - Sonic and Knuckles

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of anything sky-related. But this song... Wow. The whole feel of it is just so very inspiring. Kind of renews the feeling that there's definite hope for humanity and all that. Not only that, but it's just so darn catchy! It's exactly the kind of tune you could whistle as you're working even at the dullest job to make you feel better. That combines with its fantastic element of mystery makes it one of the most intriguing songs in Sonic history.

111Main Theme - SOCOM 3
112Main Theme - Call of Duty 3
113Thuringer Wald Express - Medal of Honor: Frontline
114Monkey See, Monkey Doh! - The Simpsons Hit & Run
115Stage 4 - Double Dragon II
116Area 01 - Super Contra
117Armadillo's Saloon Piano Song 3 - Red Dead Redemption
118Shadow of the Colossus: The 2nd Colossus Battle Theme

Seriously no one on this website ever thinks of video games that are actually AMAZING and EPIC, they just choose the most mainstream games ever created. (ex: Mario, Mortal Kombat, Sonic)

119Baldur´s Gate Dark Alliance: Eldrith Theme
120Ezio´s Familiy: Assassins Creed 2
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