Most Evil Countries of All Time

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1Soviet Union
2Nazi Germany

To say the USSR is more evil the Nazi Germany is retarded!

3North Korea
4Ottoman Empire
5Empire of Japan
6Mongol Empire
7Assyrian Empire
8Mao's China
9Kingdom of Italy
10United States of America

Roughly 3 out of every 5 native American tribe helped us a war then we go out and torture native Americans. Not to mention we are the only country to launch a nuke at another country. We killed millions of innocent lives while we just could have killed five people. In our country people die from over eating while in Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America people die from lack of food - francesco

The Contenders

11Spanish Empire
13Khmer Rouge Cambodia
15Republic of China
17British Empire
19South Africa
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1. United States of America
2. Nazi Germany
3. Soviet Union
1. Nazi Germany
2. Soviet Union
3. North Korea



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