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61Madam Mim

She's crazy and wicked, plus she loves dreadful things. And don't forget she wants to destroy every living thing she sees?! She's pretty evil.

At the end she HATED sunshine too.

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62Sid Phillips

He was one bratty little swine. His favourite hobby was torturing toys just for the sake of it.

Plus he tortured Woody with a magnifying glass.

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63The Duke of Weselton

You can't spell "Weselton" without "Weasel"!

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64Aunt Sponge
65Vermithrax Pejorative
67The Headless Horseman
68Big Bad Wolf

He's not that bad he gets killed

69Madame Medusa

She's just like McLeach- evil, greedy and ruthless. She used an innocent little girl (Penny) to get her hands on the Devi's Eye, the largest diamond in the world. Then she betrayed her own partner just she could take off with the diamond and keep it all to herself. Even her own Alligators, Brutus and Nero, want to do away with her at the end of the film. She is everything that describes a villain.

She should be in the Top 10.
She forces a poor helpless little girl named Penny like a slave into searching for "The Devil's eye"; the largest diamond in the world. Medusa took away Penny's teddy and Medusa said that Penny will never see her teddy again unless she finds the diamond. Medusa doesn't care about the girl's saftey. Yeah. She doesn't care about the girl's saftey! When the girl was near a point to where she could die, she begged for Medusa to bring her back up, but Medusa said that Penny will not come back up until she gets the diamond. Medusa had an assistant and she wouldn't any of the earnings with him.

I want to be remake my argument because my last one was no where near convincing.

Okay, Madame Medusa. She was one of the cruelest villains I've seen in any Disney Movie. I can only clarify her as "Abuser". First off, she has an assistant which she treats like crap. Secondly, she enslaves a little orphanage girl (who I swear is younger than 7 years old). What does Medusa do with this poor girl? She harshly forces the girl to search for a large diamond in a dark cave, (and this girl could get easily get killed in there). Medusa doesn't care about Penny (The little girl). She just wants the money. She's determined, ruthless, greedy, harsh, and to top it all off, she's a perfect example of a narcissist.

Madame Medusa - Her last name is no exaggeration.

She's evil she is more evil than lady tremaine

70Victor von Doom
71Maestro Forte

He is the main villain in Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas and tried to destroy the castle as a pipe organ.


Iago isn't too bad. He became good in the sequel

73Emperor Zurg

Zurg's main plan was to destroy Buzz Lightyear.

74Stinky Pete

He's the main villain in the second version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and wanted to steal the most famous bell in the cathedral.

76The Grand Duke

He's more concerned for the kingdom's future than Prince Kit's desires. He would rather Kit marry Princess Celina of Zaragoza for political reasons than a commoner like the beautiful Ella (portrayed by the equally beautiful Lily James) for love.

78Alameda Slim

He stole lots of herds surely that doesn't make him go up that much but he deserves a spot right?
even if it is in the 80 and he gave us a amazing villain song with his idiot henchmen phil bill and gill he makes up for an great villain

79Bill Sykes

Who? That's right, Sykes. For those of you who don't even know who the heck this guy is, I'll give you a quick catchup.
He not only threatened and blackmailed a hobo (and his dogs), forcing him to do whatever he wanted, such as steal and kidnap, but he also did some of the dirty work himself. True, he never killed anyone, not in the film anyway, but he kidnapped a small girl and held her for ransom. Also, he has always creeped me out.

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Was I the only one who actually LIKED HER when I was FIVE YEARS OLD?!? - IcyMuffin99

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