Top Ten Most Evil Leaders in History


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Adolf Hitler
He killed 6 million jews, started a second world war, tried to conquer the world, he even tried to create a nuclear bomb. He will go done in history as the greatest monster democracy stopped ever. People feared when the heard over a million people in Nuremburg shout HEIL ADOLF HITLER FUHRER OF GERMANY MASTER OF ALL GERMANS MARTYR FOR KILLING THE JEWISH ENEMY!
He blamed the Jews for Germany's problems. He wanted revenge because the thought Germany was treated unfairly after the first world war. Hitler was a good leader in some ways but he lead his country the wrong way
This man was Satan, himself for killing millions of innocent people.
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2Vlad the Impaler
Well I saw a lot more Georg W Bush and Barack Obama, but there not evil there just morons now Vlad the Impaler is the real deal. He was so evil that it is rumored that not even Satin welcomed him to hell. Point number 1 he had a very homicidal character. Point number 2 he killed thousands of innocent people those who were not Catholic, he killed people for entertainment, he would literally roast little children and make there parents eat them (that is far worse than abortion), and for capital punishment he would impale his victims with a wooden pool by jabbing them from the groin or vagina all the way to the inside of the brain and harvest there blood for wine. Point number 3 it's because of his brutality that had inspire the story of Count Dracula.
1) Vlad ate in the fields of impaled rotting corpses, dipping his bread in a bowl of their blood. He even had one of his guest's nose cut off and impaled the man for simply plugging his nose during dinner because of the rotting smell.

2) These fields were mix between people hanging on spikes, and those who received the round end. The round end was inserted in anally and were hung there for days until before dying from the weather or dehydration.

Think about it. A field of rotting corpses, hundreds of people screaming in agony, and this guy doesn't lose his appetite, it actually makes him hungry?

3) Most of the other evil people in history ordered mass killing for political gain or to exploit free labor. It got to the point where Vlad was taking innocent people to impale just b/c he gets off on it laugh out loud.
Just disgusting. Where are his morals? (and what about the morals of the people voting for Obama? He didn't do anything wrong. And Bush is stupid, but he didn't murder a whole bunch of people. )
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3Joseph Stalin
How is barrack obama worse than this man. Do you people know anything of history. Obama didn't kill twenty million people of his own country because he wanted to stay in power. Am I the only young person in this world that knows anything about history.
Anyone who didn't agree with the communist ruling were sent to the Gulag or Tortured and executed. One survivor tells that a woman walked into a prison torture chamber and found her husband in a chair with his feet burned so the skin had been peeled off. Also his eyes had been gouged out and his lips had been cut off.
I do know that nazi scientists made experiments on twins in the concentration camps and tried to switch eye colour on prisoners.
After all I have read about world war 2 I have to say that Josef Stalin was the worst. Remember that he also did'nt like jews and sent them to the gulag. It didn't matter who you were if you didn't agree with the Soviet rule you would be tortured or killed. Stalin let the KGB kill people that he saw as a threat, because he wanted to rule Soviet.
When his wife died nobody could see any reaction from Stalin. He didn't cry, he didn't get angry. When his own son were captured by the germans he didn't even try to negotiate. He told the germans that he didn't negotiate with fascists.


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4Pol Pot
Pol pot was completly insane. He admittly killed 3 MILLION inonnocent cambodians to till soil with there bare hands. In his biggest jail, only 15 people emerged alive. His farms were known as the 'killing fields'. At least hitler gave a reason for the death of 6 million jews. It may have been a lie, but it will do (not saying that hitler was a good man)! His prison man holds the record of 'largest war criminal convicted in the 21st centruy'
He is stupid killed over 4, 000, 000 innocent people for power he has a had a huge prison with only 16 people emerged alive

5Idi Amin
I can only say that he was just evil. If he is to come back on this earth, even satan would repent.
He is really evil

6Ivan the Terrible

7Leopold II
Killed millions of Congolese colonial subjects through forced labor to support his rubber-fueled economy afloat

8Genghis Khan
He also became one of the first leaders to adopt free religion and created a set of laws that sound more like the commandments then evil murderous laws. Just go to the Genghis Khan exhibit that will help you see the real Genghis not the cruel monster every wants him to be
Genghis khan slaughtered (babies men women did not matter who) the entire population of a village but 1 person or 2 who he allowed to run away after burning down the entire city/village all so the next city would surrender with out fighting even if they where much stronger then the invading Mongolian army.
Genghis Khan was horrible, there is still to this day a large portion of his direct descendants due to how many women he rapped, not to mention he didn't even have a moral or reason for it he just came in F.S.U. and left.
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9Mao Zedong
Geeze, that dude is evil! Ignoring the fact that he killed a bunch of citizens, the people he killed are mostly university students and doctors, can you believe that? He actually sort of drugged the solders to turn them against their own people, he's darn crazy I tell u! And he's the dude who lets the students to object him in the first place, what?! Except that he totally ruined the country by causing a famine (killed ~20percent people off), destroying thousands of old articrafts, brainwashing the people to kill off scholars and famous artists and writers in the great cultural revolution. he's probably losing his touch as he gets older!
This guy killed 30 million to 100 million innocent people, what a devil from hell.
No leader killed more of his own people than mao
Plus people in china think he is a hero because the lies they watch on T.V.
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10Attila the Hun

The Contenders

11Saddam Hussein
Actually, Saddam didn't have nukes. Read a newspaper, geez! While he didn't have WMD's, he did use gas attacks, under the guise of testing them, in an attempt to wipe out the Kurdish people who populate northern Iraq. He was a monster, and I'm glad he's dead.
Saddam may not have killed as many as Stalin or Hitler did, but when he kill people he asked his mercenaries in the most brutal ways, Burn, bury them alive, Acid pools, throw them off the third floor. Besides when you commit a "sin" against the great leader, not only that you will be executed by yourself but you father and uncles will suffer the same fate.
He used nuclear weapons on his own people to attack the army but it hardly did any thing apart from let every one see how much of a monster he was and he won on deadliest warrior so this guy is king of the monsters

12Osama bin Laden
I wonder why this one is seventh. Surely his evilness level is equal to if not more than Hitler? And why is Obama 3rd? He might not be a good president, but he's definitely not as evil as Hitler or bin Laden who were responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people. A moron such as Laden should be in the top 3.
One of the most evil beings the world has ever known
He is one of the Great Leader... Because he worked very perfectly all things..

13Dick Cheney
He pushed for war with his own agenda and let Bush take the heat for it. He manipulated Bush like a puppet, and made millions from selling arms to the US military.
He has a dick head

14Ferdinand Marcos
He corrupted our system with martial law

Any one who will say he spread his faith by sword' can never be true & the administrator shouldn't have include his name...
He was an evil man he spread his faith by sword and force.

16Benito Mussolini
Fashist Dictator helped hitler

17Fidel Castro
Same as many other latinamerican dictators but managed to stay in power by selling himself as a lefty leader for the poor. In reality under communist Cuba everybody became poor but he and his family
He should be first. He is the wost man ever. He sucks ass. He should stop democracy
I mean he wanted to throw the presedent of Cuba overboard in a moving car.
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18John F. Kennedy
How is JFK evil?
How he saved us all from nuclear weapons but he was a little koo koo


He killed innocent people! Mother flipper he was a no good, dirty bastard
That should have been burned at the stake, twice!
The one from star trek? Just kidding he this guy was deranged!
EVIL I SAY! He Killed His First Wife And He Dident Care To Go To Her Funeral. His Second Wife He Gave Her His First Wife's Head As A Gift. He Killed His Second Wife As Well By Kicked Her To Death In A Argument
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20Ronald Reagan
He was truly evil. He advocated the use of economic terror through suppression of the poor, and he got away with it.
If you look him up in an unbiased encyclopedia its guaranteed you will be traumatized for months. He is actually worse than Hitler
How is he evil

21Louis XVI

22Stephen Harper
Should be higher. Committed election fraud, created the worst deficit in Canadian History, was found in contempt of parliament, and the list goes on and on.
Like Putin, but worse

23Muammar Gaddafi

24Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan

25Richard Nixon
Between Vietnam and Watergate it just shows you how evil he can be... Plus he tried to hide it from the people... Watse of skin all around

26Joseph Kony
Just watch KONY 2012 and you'll see. Unfortunately, there are LOADS of these type of people, who abduct children, beat them and force them to be mini soldiers. It's truly terrifying.

27Sultan Abdulaziz
The biggest thief in the history
Saudi media exaggerates praise because he is a Saudi prince
But in fact he is ignorant vile thief and moronic
His scandals and many thefts and shady deals at the expense of the state
After his death, found his fortune enough to saturate Africa famine
Go to hell

28Andrew Jackson
The Trail of Tears. Enough said..Do you think the Native Americans understood the idea of private property?
Killed plenty of natives and was known for his brutality in war and executions
He killed too many native to count


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He was good and bad.
He invaded lots of country's and that caused 300000million deaths

30Ruhollah Khomeini

31Vladimir Lenin

32Kim Jong Un
Evil.Small.Fat.stupid. How can the usa start thousands of problems in the middle east and NOT blow out his brains I think he deserves it most he's like adolf hitler 2.0... Anyone agree? How can anybody think putting a crazy maniac teletubby in control of anything is a good idea? I don't get it, I'm going to put him in the drawer that I put osama, adolf and justin bieber in...
He is a crimes against humanity and torture his own fellow north Korean.
The North Korean No1 Pig = Kim Jong Un
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33Augusto Pinochet

34King George III
He was a greedy, lazy, damanding, fat, and a no good bastard. He diserved the horrblie fate he got.


36Meles Zenawi

37Kim Jong-il
I am from South Korea and I hate him. I always wondered why he is even trying to fight with the whole world. He is an idiot enough to try to fight 1 on 1000000.

38Milton Obote
He betrayed his president while he Prime minister sir Edward mutesa and sent him to exile. As if not enough he abolished kingship in Ugandan.
He was so evil than you can even imagine. He killed so many Ugandans for fun E. G the Baganda and even abolished there kingdom which was Buganda with a lot of blood shad.

39Pablo Escobar

40Karl Marx

41Ahmad Shah Durrani
The best king of the world

42Al Sharpton

43Sheikh Hasina
She is evil and hated person in Bangladesh and arround the world. there are 160 million inhabitants in Bangladesh and more than 90% hate her for her anti-people activities and lying.

44Park Geun-hye
She is stereotyped woman.
She doesn't know the world rule.
She fabricates the history.

45Silvio Berlusconi

46Jefferson Davis

47Henry the 8th
Most needlessly executed during his reign, including 2 of his 6 wives.

That fellow killed thousands of Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus and destroyed these religions religious places too

49Ante Pavelic

50Mahatma Gandhi

51Winston Churchill
I do not agree that the dog in a manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken their place.
To the Peel Commission (1937) on a Jewish Homeland in Palestine
Responsible for Bengali famine (Bengali Holocaust), which killed 7 million Indians, firebombing of civilians, was racist, for eugenics, use of poison gas on "uncivilised tribes", worse than Stalin and Hitler combined

52Anton LaVey

53Shintaro Ishihara
Typical Neo-Nazi Japanese. The ghost of the Japanese Empire. A warmonger who wants his country to invade China again, but he is a coward when he talks about to fight against the USA.

54Chiang Kai-shek
This guy is just evil, this guy slaughtered 30,000 Taiwanese in a few days.
He rather be a japnese slave than a commulist slave

55Gautama Buddha
He turn Buddhism spreading like fire

56Ghazi Mohammad Jan Khan Wardak

57Isaias Afewerki

58Bashar al-Assad

59Julius Caesar
Committed genocide and then bragged about it.

60Pauline Marois
Really Evil! She disguises herself really well, one of the worse souls I have ever seen

61Stepan Bandera
Leader of ukrainian Nazi

62Richard III of England
Henry the 8th was not evil. He founded the Church of England (I'm Methodist, and Methodism is kinda Anglican). Richard I was evil. Killed his nephews, brother, wife, and supporters of Edward IV. Trust me, this king was EVIL!

63David Cameron
Come on he must rank pretty high

64Robert Mugabe

65George W. Bush
Brought utter destruction upon a great nation. One of the worst ever. Worst on the economy, started a war based on lies (murder), brought cronyism to a new level, unprecedented tax breaks for the rich leading to the middle class starting to fade. Horrible failure as a communicator, spoke like a dimwitted fool. It will take a generation or more for the USA to recover from Bush. He should be jailed.
The face of US-capitalism. Started war in the Middle East that lead to thousands of people suffering. He greatly increased anti-Americanism all over the world, and set in motion the downfall of the US as a superpower.
Actully we voted for him once and he got in unfairly and why is obama on the list he shouldn't be in this list. And this is exactly where bush should be... Hitler is the worst by far


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66Barack Obama
Barack Hussein Obama is the least experienced person to be be elected to the highest office in the land. And he has not disappointed. During his first four years in office, he will have presided over the highest deficits, highest unemployment, highest poverty/welfare levels, and highest levels of class and racial division in US history. In addition, relations with Israel are at historic lows, Russia has gained in power and world standing, and Iran will likely have developed nuclear weapons under his watch.
At least Stalin had the decency to not pretend to not rule with an iron fist, anybody who knows about how economics really work will tell you that he is the worst at actually leading this country, his only claim to fame is being president while Osama got killed, but let me ask you this, what would've happened to his chances of being reelected if we found out he let bin laden get away. At least Bush didn't blame Clinton for his failures, Obama can't even go one day without blaming his failures on everybody, and, as a typical democrat, he'll get away with it all and be called really great for screwing our country, economy, and freedoms.
The man is the most destructive & only tyranical dictator in US history. He has decimated the economy, aided our enemies, caused racial division, destroyed or constitutional rights, imprisoned innocent citizens who speak against him, murdered our serviceman, caused false wars & destroy our childrens future!
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67Jesus Christ
Its not jesus that's the problem, its his followers that have twisted the religion into something else
The suffering Christianity has caused throughout history in the name of this imaginary man is horrific. If it wasn't for this disgusting religion, the world would be a FAR better place.
Definitely the most evil, he caused millions to die in the name of his own, what a dirtbag.
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