Top 10 Most Evil Movie Villains

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61Blix - Legend

He's a goblin so he thinks ugly things are beautiful and beautiful things are ugly. And he likes to say he's the most evil of all the goblins. He probably is. Or at least one of them.

"Black as midnight. Black as pitch. Blacker than the foulest witch."- Blix

62Buffalo Bill - The Silence of the Lambs

He killed and skinned women so he could make himself a woman's suit out of real women.

63Galbatorix - Eragon
64Randall Flagg - The StandV1 Comment
65Tak - Desperation
66Lord of Darkness - Legend

He wanted to kill the Unicorns so the world would be in darkness for eternity.

67Trantor the Troll - Ernest Scared Stupid

He wants to resurrect his wicked race of Trolls and turns children into wooden dolls, which gives him his power.

68Edgar the Bug - Men In Black
69Serleena - Men In Black 2
70William "Wild Bill" Wharton - The Green MileV1 Comment
71Miss Trunchbull - Matilda
72Van Pelt - Jumanji
73Julia Cotton - Hellraiser
74Han - Enter the Dragon
75Funekei Yoshida - Showdown In Little Tokyo
76Anak-Su-Namun - The Mummy & the Mummy Returns
77Frank Cotton - Hellraiser

Murdered his own brother and stole his skin.

78Luther - The Warriors

He killed Cyrus for no reason at all. He even admits it.

79Ramon Cota - Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection
80The Djinn - Wishmaster

He grants the wishes of humans so he can steal their souls and bring his race to the earth. And your not actually getting exactly what you want, just a living nightmare.

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