Top Ten Most Evil People in History


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101Park Geun-hye

102Traian Basescu

103Fredrik Reinfeldt
A bald idiot, the worst state minister in Swedens history

104Nicki Minaj
She's evil because she created the abomination stupid hoe. I couldn't sleep for six days because of that song.

105Lee Soo-man
Um...who him dis person be?
The evilest man in k-pop industry

106Helmut Kohl

107Shunt Bross

108Amon Goeth

109Michael Vick

110Ben Bernanke

111Ted Kaczynski

112Delphine LaLaurie
The portrayal of her on "American Horror Story" was pretty accurate. Sick, racist, psychotic killer.

113Benedict Arnold
This guy has to be higher he was a traitor to the patriots and he could have been on the winning patriots all the way to the end

114Thomas Hamilton

115Josip Broz Tito

116Mohamed Atta

117Anwar al-Awlak

118Soulja Boy
He killed hip hop with that one song crank that soulja boy.

119Velupillai Prabhakaran

120Lavrentiy Beria

121Jerry Sandusky

122Ed Gien
For those who don't know Ed Gein was an American serial killer who grew up with an alcoholic older brother and a verbally abusive, heavily religious older mother, who taught gein that sex was a simple thing. Gein was hopelessly attached to his mother even after her death. He would keep her room completely spotless. After his mother's death gein wanted a sex change so he began to create a woman suit so that he can pretend to be female. He then later became interested in body parts so he went off digging up the corpses of dead people and making them into house utensils. Despite all the body parts in gein's house, gein denied that he was a cannibal and a necrophile.
Ed gein was also the inspiration for horror movie characters like norman bates in psycho (1960), leatherface in the Texas chainsaw massacre (1974), and buffalo bill in the silence of the lambs (1991). I guess some of the scariest film characters of all time really did exist.
Slayer, the most evil sound band ever (that isn't scream metal) wrote a song about him! He captured and killed many children! Locked them up starved them then... Off with their heads! A serial killer, a psychopath, an insane and ill-minded man wrapped all into one evil murderer

123Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins a filthy racist extremist atheist believes in the fairytale that black people are the least evolved primates and are sub human. He has caused more conflict in the world with his aggressive militant atheism by glorifying it as a so called enlightened ideology. His grand dad must have been a monkey but I can tell you last time I checked mines wasn't.
Richard Dawkins a racist.

124Tony Blair
For engaging in the bloodiest war in the 21st centure.
War criminal and traitor

125Joseph Jackson
Are You Talking About Michael Jacksons Father Or Somebody Else?


126Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck and Fox News are largely responsible for creating the most divided country on the planet with their totally biased, blind, and unfair comments. Anything for ratings. SMH

127Ariel Castro
This guy is very evil. It is horrible what he did. He was also very disturbed and he should have gotten help. He didn't get help and he didn't follow God, so he is probably spending eternity in Hell.

128Simon Cowell

129Christopher Columbus
Killed many Native Americans

130Angel Locsin
She is the devil in disguise, full of pretense and proud.
Could say she is the female version of Vegeta who is also a devil in disguise.

131Mahinda Rajapaksa
He's one of the worst human Being. He killed 3, 00, 000 Tamil Peoples.
The 5th President of Sri Lanka. He killed lakhs of Tamil Peoples.

132Margaret Thatcher
Thankfully she is no longer with us. She basically crippled Britain by shutting down all the mines. Before her reign, the mining trade was what kept Britain's financially healthy. Than she took over and shut down our lucrative mining operations. Many people lost their jobs.
She privatized everything including Britain's lucrative mining operations.
A cold hearted evil creature, she destroyed her own country and discriminated against others, she had her son start a (failed) coup, it's a shame the Brighton bombing by the P.I.R. A (provisional Irish Republican Army) didn't put an end to her miserable life, but in the words of an I.R. A speech about the incident "remember, we only have to be lucky once.. You have to be lucky always"

133Nebuchadnezzar II

134Shirley Phelps-Roper

135Jesse James
The most famous outlaw.

136Paul Kagame

137Sultan Abdulaziz

138Charles Taylor

139Myra Hindley
Evil women thought it would be fun to murder innocent children and bury them on a moor with a another sick twisted weirdo.


140Pablo Escobar


142Eugene Talmadge

143John Wilkes Booth
He killed the best president USA's ever had! That's not evil?


This was the person who shot and killed abraham lincoln.

144Jefferson Davis
He started a war just to keep the back then dying trade of slavery alive in the United States
He stated a war just to keep a back then dying trade alive in the United States
This guy was the leader of the Confederate States of America and was responsible for the deaths of over 1000 of his own people and African American slaves. If the Confederacy won the war, this monster would be just as evil as Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.
Also why are Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, and Eminem on this list. They didn't do anything. Jb and Wayne just suck at music and Eminem is a legend

145Ian Brady

146Seung-Hui Cho

147Timothy McVeigh

148Nicolae Ceausescu
Communist dictator of Romania until 1989 when he and his wicked wife Elena were executed. This guy knocked down thousands of homes to make a humongous palace for himself! He made birth control illegal because he wanted to boost Romania's population to make it a "world superpower", but he ended up screwing up Romania's economy and infecting little kids with AIDS and made many people fall into poverty. This guy should be higher on this list. Not only was he evil, but he was downright insane!

149Judith Sheindlin
Judges are supposed to be fair, listen to evidence from both sides and weigh the outcome... This screaming, madame-faced insane banshee sends me flipping over the couch to find the remote to change stations. A crazy old bat screaming at the top of her shriveled lungs is not entertainment.
Why she is in evil people list? She's very good and better than evil! She shouldn't be in most evil people list, because she's strong and honesty woman, but sometimes she's yelling and screaming to people for any reasons!


150Alexander the Great
Iron maiden wrote a song about him

151Master P

152Lady Gaga
She is so devil she must be in 1st place she deals with Satan like Barack Obama! Barack Obama will make a rule in the future in this rule you have to get a micro chip in your hand or in your forehead so beware.

153Kris Aquino
You got to hear what she has to say at things to believe it laugh out loud

154Julie Anne San Jose

155Philip IV of France
He killed and executed all the knights and kidnap the pope.

156Jon Venables

157Stephen Quire
This guy is crazy he broke a lot of things in his house I know people are gonna say the videos are fake and there an act but its not I know people called his mother and she said it was fake she was trying to protect him from people thinking he's a psycho he did go on tosh.0 and said it was fake again he was trying to defend himself oh and fyi he acts brattish and treats his family like crap.

158Mobutu Sese Seko

159Emperor Hirohito

160Tamerlane the Great

161Basil II

162Gary Glitter

163Fred West

164Joel Rifkin

165Bernard Madoff

166Silvio Berlusconi

167Nathan Bedford Forrest
He was the original leader of the ku klux klan.

168Yoweri Museveni

169Rick McLaren

170J. B. Stoner

171Paul Warburg
The inventor of the Federal Reserve, director of the Council on Foreign Relations, and trustee of the Brookings Institute. Who could be more evil than that?

172Jimmy Savile
Molested a lot of underage people


173Shintaro Ishihara

174Larry Silverstein
One of the winners on 9/11 who benifited greatly from the terrorist attacks on the twin towers. He filed two separate claims for insurance for each of the buildings and won 6 1/2 Billion dollars for buildings which he only paid 45 million dollars for a 90 year lease. He should be number one on the list.

175Pervez Musharraf
For destroying the economy of Pakistan.

176James Buchanan

177John Wayne Gacy

178Guy Fawkes
This man blew up the White house

179Paul Bernardo

180Empress Dowager Cixi

181Nadya Suleman

182Meles Zenawi
This guy is the most evil. He kill people like devil. He set up the fire and stay away from there in order for the people to burned continously. He is a unique person unlike Adolf Hitler. He uses the devil's technique to kill people.

183Uday Hussein
Look this guy up

184Tamerlan Tsarnaev

185James Holmes

186Bob Berdella

187Anders Behring Breivik

188Mike Bloomberg

189George H. W. Bush
He's one of the puppet masters of the Republican Party. He was instrumental in the Iran-Contra Scandal. There are those who believe he was also instrumental in the JFK assassination. When Reagan was forced to choose him as his running mate, Nancy Reagan cried because she hated him so much. His wife Barbara is a big-time racist. He sired at least two criminals.

190Dennis Rader
Aka btk. Watch a documentary on him and you will see


191Jodi Arias

192Andrew Cunanan

193Piers Morgan

194Rupert Murdoch

195Hashim Thaçi

196Maumoon Abdul Gayoom
Maldives dictator ruled 30 years. •From about that date his method becomes much broader - one might almost say more brutal - and his color more vivid and daring. 1. Extremely ruthless or cruel. Evil, mean, sinful, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked. Unforgiving, deceitful, mischievous, notorious, crook, unfriendly, conceited, boastful, arrogant, unfaithful, ill-mannered, misfit, narcisstic, mean, miser, wolf, blasphemous, coarse, etc

Her music is scientifically proven to make anyone, even gerbils, turn evil.

198Gautama Buddha
He is lazy and does sit on his stupid chair all day long. Don't give freedom of hairstyle. Only allows people to take vegetables. No turkey on Christmas?

199Tupac Shakur
He even helped women with his song Keep Ya Head Up. "Very evil indeed." I will never understand the people who use these lists.
Tupac is not evil at all!


200Melinda Loveless

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