Top Ten Most Evil People in History


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The Top Ten

Adolf Hitler
Jews were mean to him but he got revenge on a galactic scale.
Hitler never killed anyone. He did confirm the final solution. He was a genius in his own right. Look back and see what his achievement he made in history. The Beetle The first jet plane The V2 rocket
I do think what he did placed him at the top of the list but I belive he was truly a very smart man and used his power in a negative way


Absolutely right. Hitler was a genius. A corrupted, completely evil genius.
This man killed millions of people because of their religion, and tried to take over the entire world. 17% percent of people voting for Justin Bieber? Moreover, Justin Bieber IS NUMBER TWO?! Sure, he makes bad songs, but other people on this list killed millions of millions of people. Justin Bieber could never be as bad as that. Never.
[Newest]He killed Jews. He threatened their lives and poor Anne Frank had to hid for 2 years but eventually died because the Nazi found her
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2Joseph Stalin
There are a lot of things that prove that Stalin is worse than Hitler. Both of their girlfriends committed suicide. By all accounts Hitler was very sad and possibly crying, but Stalin didn't care about his dead wife, he didn't even go to her funeral. That shows that Stalin was more heartless and soulless than Hitler. In fact, I have read a lot about Hitler's normal life. Outside the war and Holocaust, he wasn't all bad.
He killed more people than HITLER! COME ON! You weirdos need to pay attention in history class.
He came before Adolf Hitler, and people who objected were killed, or sent to siberian camps.
[Newest]Such a cruel and heartless man killed more people than Hitler and Osama combined for absolutely no reason but fun.
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3Justin Bieber
He is killing more people than Hitler, stalin and pol pot put together... With his music of course!
She murdered the whole world's music industry which constitute more people than Hitler and Stalin's count of victims.


Deserves something worse than death...
Stabbed music in the back
This little kid got that arrogant attitude of Anna Nichole Smith
And the talent of a duckbill. Him and his army of young vain girls gonna try the president of the world!
[Newest]Her screeching noise (A.K.A. "music") annoys humans and (might) make them go deaf.
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4Osama Bin Laden
This should not be #9! It should be #2! (Only because even though he was evil, he was not as evil and didn't kill as much innocent people as Adolf Hitler! Here are some reasons why this guy sucks!

1) If it weren't for this moron we would all have been in freedom now from the Afghanistan war!

2) He looks really ugly! Don't even think about looking up a picture of him! I hate his beard, I hate his face! I hate all his guts! I hate everything on him!

3) He was responsible for 9/11 and other Al-Qaeda Attacks like the Train Bombing in 2004 and other stuff!

4) He's the leader of the Al-Qaeda! Plus he started it!

5) I cannot believe he lived up to like 54 years old! It's good that president Obama sent Navy Seals to murder him, But He didn't deserve a long life!

6) He talks like an idiot (Even though he doesn't speak English) He says stuff like Much Burrah Hack Barrah, I don't know the rest!

7) He's a spoiled brat who always wants things to go his way, like having America destroyed.

8) He was rich, but all he spent it on was destroying other countries (Especially America) He could have gotten stuff like an indoor swimming pool or stuff like that!

Well that's pretty much it! I'm proud of Obama for killing this (Bleep)ing dumba*s! The main reason why he sucks is he's a terrorist, he planned 9/ll, and he's ugly!
You should forget about how he looks. Only care about his actions. Agreed he was by no means a good man. He was a terrorist who took the lives of many in the events of 9/11. He really deserved the painful death he got, maybe even worse than that.
While I completely agree that Adolf Hitler was a very evil man, he had a multitude of disorders that made him think the way he does. He really couldn't help being born the way he was. If he wasn't he could have been one of the kindest and most positively influential people in all history. I voted for Osama because he had no mental disorders. He actually wanted to destroy all of the world because of his religion. Instead of getting into to much detail about my views on the world, I'm going to end on the statement that Osama Bin Laden was, in his time, the most evil man SINCE Adolf Hitler. If you disagree feel free to add whatever comments you wish above, because in all honesty you are entitled to your opinions as am I. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts on your website.
He turned this world into a living hell after killing hundreds of people from the U.S.A., U.K., Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many other countries.

And it turned out that he only did this for revenge that had unknown proposes, just the heart-less blood thirst and the will of killing citizens from any country that relates to the U.S. in any way.

He tried hide behind Islam to cover his crimes, but it was obvious that no religion can allow anyone to do such a thing in any way!
[Newest]Jet fuel can't melt steel beams :^)

5Vlad Tepes (Dracula)
Inspired bram stoker to create dracula... Which pretty much invented the vampires of today.
He killed people slowly and painfully over days people!
This guy has to be the worst human of all time. He's so evil that, do you even call him a human? What the heck is he? Vlad Dracula, what is this guy? Getting enjoyment out of women, children, babies, Animals, sick people, poor people, And innocent people all getting impaled, burned alive, etc? This is PURE EVIL. He's so evil that, he can't even be classified as a human. Even Hitler, you can say he's the worst human of all time but Vlad?! What the hell is he?! What is he?! He can't be called a human! He's lower than the worst! What is he?! What is this "thing?! "
[Newest]An evil must be hated killed 20000 peoples shame on him

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6George W Bush
Bush was not evil; he is stupid and he has serious father issues. It's no coincidence that the United States just happened to move from Afghanistan to Iraq all of a sudden. He wanted to get Saddam Hussein because failure to do so cost his father the second term election. I wouldn't say he is a good, or even decent man, let alone a president. He did willfully and knowingly lie to the American people about the presence of WMDs in Iraq in order to justify going to war with them. In addition, his actions as president led to a downward spiral of the economy in the US. However, it is also to remember that in many ways he was a puppet being controlled by Cheny, special interest groups, and his fathers' lackeys.
He's probably the most evil in my opinion because of his bad decisions as president that screwed up the country and even started a war. All the people that died in the wars to follow his rash actions, American or otherwise, I stand by you.

I also think that it was extremely disgusting to put Justin Bieber on the top evil people list. I could see putting him on the worst musicians of all time, but evil? Seriously? Whoever posted that needs to get themselves checked out, because putting a teenage pop star up next to Hitler is inexplicable.
Bush screwed up everything. He definitely shouldn't have been president.

He can't even lie to us the right way! He sucks at public speaking, and it surprises me that he even got into office!


He got into to office from a mix up or someone else pulling the strings.
[Newest]George Bush wasn't evil; no president ever truly was. He just made some rash decisions.

7Pol Pot
Why are there trolls voting for some kid that two thirds of America doesn't care about?
WAY worse that justin beiber. Honestly he killed so many people
Pol Pot should be at 3 he killed thousands of people for no reason really at all
[Newest]He killed millions of people in Cambodia, during the Khmer Rouge.


8Mao Zedong
Really? Bush is number 3 but the man who was solely responsible for murdering the most people in the 20th century is number 19? Bush, the man who did what he had to after his country was attacked by terrorists, is evil enough for top 3 but Mao's 60 million murders doesn't come close
This guy is ten times evil than Stalin and Hitler.My grandfather survived Japanese army that invaded China, but died because of Mao Zedong's so-called the great leap forward.He was called out to build the railway, not only him, but also my oldest aunt, however, who was only about 14 years old.What could such a child do for that hard work? So my grandfather in fact did two persons' job.And most important what he fed was with very poor quality.Thus my grandfather became weaker and weaker, at last he was sent back carried by two people because he already couldn't walk that time.After several weeks, he died.Mao Zedong, the most evil guy, he also had to commit to my mother's diease, my mother suffered a lot at her childhood too! I hate communist party, forever! What's notable is that people killed by Mao Zedong are actually more than whom are killed by Japanese.So now as for me, or us, if Japanese aren't offensive, we can't be friends;if again they try to do something they did to China, we're sure that we can defeat them.But I, as many people, will never forgive Mao Zedong!
That's really sad, I hate him too, but communism isn't bad, it's just that most communists are also dictators, dictatorship sucks, though.
Why isn't this guy at the top he killed more people than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin put together!
[Newest]I guess I can say he was the worst leader in my country he tortured my great-grandmother, brainwashed people and made the whole country insane. He kills anyone that disobeys him, and teachers were considered the worst jobs in China at that point of time. He forbidden studying and promoted slaving for him, not the country. Totally a madman and selfish.

9Saddam Hussein
Well, firstly I need to pinpoint the fact that most the names on the list are well politicians and Bieber (who has been put on it primarily for being him._.) but needless to say all of these people are not good but if you look at it from another prospective you should see that in leading nations is not a piece of takes courage bravery smartness fearless heart and sometimes no heart at all.. Apart from the fact that power can change a person a soul this in no means justifies taking lives that aren't ours and that's why they are on this list.
I just want to remark that there was humanity in these 'creatures' and it emerges when saddam executed 20 men of his own army for molesting a girl from one of the lands he invaded, well maybe it just shines, regardless of the execution I think that was pretty nobel again that does not defending him in any way it's just to awaken our sense of sympathy and humanity because it's most needed now than when those "monsters" and "creatures" lived.
(as many has called them)
This is the case of a really evil man who needed to be stopped. Imagine destroying entire village just because army needs to try out a new chemical weapon. It's OK, Kurdish people aren't worth much anyways, right? Yes, that was Saddam Hussein's way of thinking. And it didn't happen like one time or few times.


Yes all of them are discusting creatures but saddam Hussein is the worst as he killed loads but I know hitler and bin laden and the rest did and hitler gased them but this man used to wipe them throw them of buildings and torture them till death and its discusting I hope he rots in hell
[Newest]Don't forget Saddam actually improved the life of his people a lot, free education and healthcare, great infrastructure projects, loads more. Better than America or similar countries.

10Kim Jong-il
Way to go. A bastard who enslaves his own "paradise" he calls North Korea, where prisons are labor camps and there is no Internet access whatsoever. He has people executed or punished harshly for simple stuff that shouldn't even be illegal. And he bans pants for women. Seriously? Christians, prisoners of war, criminals or people who simply want to escape from North Korea are all placed in labor camps, where they are forced to work their ass off 10+ hours in farms. They suffer merciless tortures, beatings and are murdered by guards randomly. And Kim Jong-Il has the nerve to just sit on his pile of money and laugh it off in his palace. He kidnaps other people, motivated by his own personal interests. And he has the entire North Korea think he is a "God". Him and his father are both tyrants and what the hell is Justin Bieber even doing on this list?
Horrible leader. He had everyone in his country thinking that he's the second coming of Christ. He outlawed all religions. He was hugely homaphobic and outlawed homosexuality. He banned people from leaving the country or from accessing any information from the outside world. He forced thousands of people to work on collective farms with starving wages including children and senior citizens. He imprisoned thousands more for speaking out against his inhumane regime as well as they're entire families in what can only be described as concentration camps. He had people regularly tortured. He refused to give food, water or any sort of medical attention to anyone who was not in the "glorious people's army". He clearly had his ambitions on brutally invading South Korea, possibly with nuclear and/or chemical weapons. He kidnapped South Korean families to take them to North Korea, where they would most likely be tortured. His propaganda machene was so terrible that only a child would believe some of his false information. He regularly defied the UN and almost every government on earth (and some independent groups) to stop his crimes against humanity. All while he would recline in his palace, eating disgusting amounts of food and indulging in all manor of worldly indulgences as almost everyone else in his "utopia" would starve and suffer. I hope he rots in hell until it freezes over.
The leadership in North Korea disgusts me. Firstly I'm a socialist and what they do over there is nowhere near what socialism is about. Socialism is about equality for EVERYBODY. this guy lives like a king while children in his country are starving to death. My god, he is so disgusting as a person and a leader. I feel so bad for those in North Korea, they have a vain, pompous psychopath as a leader. And I might point out that their juche philosophy is not even socialism but fascism mixed with bits ripped off from Leninism. And while were on the topic how is Justin Bieber higher than Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden? I agree his musics awful, but if you think he is worse than all these mass murderers you are a spoiled capitalist brat who knows nothing of the real world.
[Newest]Excuse Me? I am from Korea and to me, it seems that you are dissing Korea. So yeah. Plus, I think this person just got a spot on my dweeb chart.

The Contenders

11Ivan IV of Russia
Stabbing his son, killing millions of people, and killing his daughter in law! He is evil! But I agree hitler is more evil.
I hate how everyone goes on about hitter and think he's the most evil man in history just because he started world war 2 but he thought he was doing a good thing! He still is very evil but Ivan the terrible is 100 times worse he tortured and killed men women and children by removing their ribs with red hot pitchers, disembowelling, boiling, fring, skinning be beheading hanging strangling them. He also buried people alive and killed hundreds of thousands of people. He beat his pregnant daughter in law causing a miscarriage. When his son heard of this he confronted him but Ivan killed him.
Ivan killed his daughter in law and son and millions of peeps I agree with whoever said this too worst than hitler I think women and men s should be treated better he's the worst one of all the top ten
[Newest]Know your facts... Ivan was mentally unstable he was pretty much coo koo all his life

12Idi Amin
This dude was pure evil. When he killed people he kept their bodies in his fridge so he could look at it and laugh! He even executed his enemies on LIVE T.V.
Idi Amin didn't do store peoples bodies and laugh at them, he tortured and killed anyone who opposed him, if his intelligence agency got a whiff of rebellion from you they shot you and left you there. He also barrier people in mass graves after quartering them
There is just nothing at all redeeming about this guy. He was a truly evil and brutal man. If there's a hell, this guy belongs there without a doubt.
[Newest]This dumbass ate his opponents on live television

13Benito Mussolini
This guy is the only person that wanted to shake hands with hitler he was a facist leader in Italy he executed many people with his Italian soldiers he had 5,067 soldiers but in 1921 them soldiers were all killed by japan and England but the us which I live in stopped all this rukus and joined forces with all forces in the us which is the navy, air force and many us soldiers combinding with 6,078 soldiers killing over 8,091 soldiers there was only two very injured Italian soldiers that survived their names dimitri Trojan and kawni stoomini the two were killed by polish soldiers their were only 7 us navy soldier after the air force quit by the polish blowing them down with a very dangerous gun called the rocket launcher. The polish surrendered. Mussilini was wanted for all the countrys and people that wanted to kill him. Benito was about to commit suicide in 1925 but he was caught by a comeback team that I talked about earlier England he was stoned and shot with a gun in the heart and hung upside down the year he was killed was a little bit later than 1925.
Benito Mussolini was nothing compared to Hitler 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler leaving only 3 million left in Germany but 97 percent survived the concentration camps in Italy.


He invaded Ethiopia with tanks and planes even though the Ethiopians only had spears and lances.

14Heinrich Himmler
THe master mind behind the holocaust. Maybe doesn't deserve to be the most evil of all time, but I voted for him because he definitely deserves to be higher than George Bush and Osama Bin Laden. And of course Justin Bieber, who was put there by dumb trolls.
As Hitler's mastermind to eradicate the alleged "subhumans", he implemented the Holocaust and supervised the atrocities that exterminated millions of men, women, and children. The human embodiment of sadism and evil.
Heinrich Himmler created the Final Solution, and unlike Hitler, he personally orchestrated the deaths of over 10 million people, thus putting him ahead of Hitler.
[Newest]Mastermind of the holocaust

15Genghis Khan
He slaughtered babies and killed people by using the lead sprinkler which involved pouring molten metal or silver In the victims eyes or ears and after he was finished killing a hundred thousand men he took their wives away to be sexually assaulted he was probably considered the most evil man in history before stupid Hitler came along since he killed tens of millions of people and he tried to conquer the world. He killed 7000000 people in one massacre and one million people in another.
HE WAS A CANNIBAL enough said and why is Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black on this list? Seriously...


Ghengis Khan killed 40 million people, which was 11 percent of all the people on earth, using only medieval technology. At his funeral everybody was killed to keep the location of his tomb a secret. After the soldiers finished killing the funeral guests they killed themselves.

16Fidel Castro
In my opinion this was the best leader the world has ever had.Cuba is what it is because of him.I have a lot of repeat for him.Long live Castro, down with the forces of imperialism, down.
What the heck is wrong with you! He killed and tortured troops at the bay of pigs invasion. He made Cuba a lot better that it was before?! What the! Cuba is now a complete totalitarian and suppressive state thanks to him. Really, some people should have their brains checked. Including the sucker who wrote this list!
Why the hell is he here? Castro may not be perfect, he's done some bad things, but he saved Cuba from the CIA and US rule! He's done a lot of good, so why is the 16th most evil person ever?

17Charles Manson
He disgusts me! He ordered his followers to murder innocent people, in which one was carrying a baby. Complete sicko!
Almost got death sentence

18Joseph Kony


We gotta find some way to convince Obama or in my case, Stephen Harper to send an army to kill Kony at the instant they see him.


Joseph, what the hell man? Can't you see what your doing to these innocent people? Your ruining their lives to make your life 'better'. If I was you I would jump off the balcony and let kittens eat me because what your doing is hell on Earth. Die Kony. Just suicide already.
Thank god this loser is on this list, however I just want people to stop putting celebrities on this list. Its called EVIL PEOPLE IN HISTORY FOR A REASON! HELLO. Half of these celebrities haven't even killed anyone and we don't care about them either. This needs to end now NO MORE DO YOU HEAR ME?!?! NO MORE!

19Aleister Crowley
He's even been referred to as the wickedest man in the world. Really!
For sure. Easy to understand for the wrist reasons...

20Elizabeth Bathory
She has been labelled the most prolific female serial killer in history and is remembered as the "Blood Countess," though the precise number of victims is debated. The stories of her sadistic serial murders and brutality are verified by the testimony of more than 300 witnesses and survivors as well as physical evidence and the presence of horribly mutilated dead, dying and imprisoned girls found at the time of her arrest. She and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls, with one witness attributing to them over 650 victims.
They created so many legends about her brutal, cruel and so bloody "exploits".
Really creepy woman-evil


A lot of the higher-rankers killed more, but political reasons can at least be strategy, even if it's bad strategy. Bathory bathed in the blood of her victims in order to look younger. There is no way, even in the most demented mind, that her looking younger was going to help more people than it hurt.

21Attila the Hun
Many people don't know who Attila was. He was a ferocious violent man who cared about only one thing "Money". He teamed up with his brother and created a massive near indestructible army. He became a maniac barbarian within two years of battle. Entire cities begged for mercy. If they resisted him, everyone would die and no city could keep him from entering. He killed his brother and near a million people. He is the most evil because he was never satisfied and brutally murdered his own men through impalement and crucified them. There was no human worse than Attila.


How is he not in the top ten? He killed people for no good reason, threw infected bodies over city walls, destroyed several cities, and even told his men to collect the corpses' ears in order to prove that they were all dead. Just messed up.
Left nothing but ashes wherever he passed

22Grigory Rasputin
He is without a doubt the most evil Monk in history

He single handedly destroyed the Russian Monarchy

Basically was ruling Russia during the time of WW1 due to Tsar Nicholas II supporting the Military

He was a womaniser, a drunk and the devil in disguise

He was ruling Russia with his privates. (as symbolised from him waving it at the angry russian citizens

He brainwashed the Monarchy making believe that he was curing their son when he clearly was clueless.

Do I need to say more?
Do you dweebs know that Rasputin was impossible to kill and saved Anastasia?
He didn't actually kill anyone though. If anything, as crazy as the man was, the Romanovs were complete morons who had no idea about the state of they're general population.

23Miley Cyrus
She has no boobs!
Encourages drugs, partying, and even pole danced at the kids choice awards.
This needs to be #2! Second to, of coarse Justin beiber
[Newest]Come on people this is a serious list not funny

24Kim Il-sung
He should be replace his son, Kim Jong Il, because he started the Korean War, which divided North Korea and South Korea, and he turned North Korea into an evil, tyrannical state. He was a horrible human being.
In fact, his should replace kim jong il because he is responsible for the Korean war
He should be up there with his son Kim Jong Il. Made stupid laws where if you did a crime your children and your grandchildren would get punished

Nero set fire to Rome so he could make room for his new palace then blamed the fire on the Christians which ended in the killing of the Christians, when he got married to his second he gave her his first wife's severed head in a basket as a wedding gift, he had his second wife kicked to death when they had a argument, he said he was a god and if you disagreed you would end up in the sewers, Nero had a pet " gluton" a Egyptian slave that would eat anything even other humans!
He dipped Christians in tar and set them on fire to make lights for parties. The Book of Revelations speaks of a beast. This man is that beast, and I'm not joking.
May Becoming A Legend And A Killer Over 100000 People Died Nero And Nephew Of Caliugia Is Gonna Help. But He Really Married His Step Sister But To Be Clear I Gotta Be Kidding Ya Bros He Really Did it
[Newest]Caligula should be on here too.

Um... what is a game character doing on this list?


Responsible for the deaths of many many... Minecraft players.
Whoever made this list needs to see a neurologist ASAP.
[Newest]Um he's a virus not a human get your facts right


27Tomas de Torquemada
He should be at the top five this list is dumb their people on here that don't belong
Responsible for the Spanish inquisition.

28Maximilien Robespierre
He created the reign of terror during the French Revolution and killed thousands by guillotine. Also he was the last victim of the reign of terror. Very EVIL.
He killed a lot of people on the guillotine
Heinrich Himmler's SS killed even more people by guillotine than Robespierre.

He's a good dessert
Napoleon WAS evil. He killed innocent people, many of whom were children and didn't know the wrongdoings of their parents,
Ooh I love him! He tastes so good as a sundae!

30Ruhollah Khomeini
Khomeini should be a lot higher. Those that are voteing for Osama should vote for khomeini because his hatred of America inspired Osama. You could consider Osama to be a disciple of Khomeini. Khomeini caused the holy war which has killed over 2 million people.
He should be a lot higher on the list. Every American should know about him. For those of you reading this, Who love america with all of your heart and still remember 9/11, tell everyone about Ruhollah Khomeini because his hatred of america inspired and paved way for terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda.
He's every music fan's worst nightmare because according to one of the rules of the Shia Islamic Law, people would be imprisoned and tortured for listening to music.
[Newest]He was a bastard, a no good Islamic piece... Thank god he died and probably rotting in hell by now

31Leopold II of Belguim
He was responsible for the genocide of masses of Congolese for the expansion of Belgian and European industry. His colony in the Congo, which was operated more by his kingship than by the government of Belgium, made Congo and the central African region what it is today. People blaming Kony for the slaughter of innocents would do well to read "King Leopold's Ghost" to see how the atmosphere where small-scale warlords like Kony could thrive in was created.
Leopold should at least be number 10 of this list. He was a complete monster who exploited the natives of the Congo for money. Under Leopold, Belgium soldiers cut off the hands of the Congo natives, overworked them to death, raped their women, and did other equally horrible things to the people of the Congo. The only reason that he is not remembered for his reign of terror over the Congo today is because the people of the Congo do not have power to bring Leopold's historical horrors to light (like the Jews do with the Holocaust of World War II), and Belgium became a victim of Germany during the "Rape of Belgium" during World War I. This event caused the Allies of World War I to condole with Belgium and also bred hatred for Germany during World War I and the years following it. In fact, before the events of the Holocaust, King Leopold II was the main example that people used to describe someone evil (similar to the way people speak of Adolf Hitler today). Leopold II lied to many people and went to great lengths to cover up his malicious deeds to the people of the Congo. I second another commenter who voted on this poll when I say that people should read "King Leopold's Ghost" to see how King Leopold II and his men dehumanized the people of the Congo and destroyed the lives of millions of Congo natives.
Before Hitler, King "Coverup" slaughtered ten to twenty million in his personally owned Free Congo State. Why? To speed the production of natural rubber, suddenly a wide open market with the advent of the bicycle and automobile. It's also noteworthy that he rewarded his enforcers in peculiar fashion -- paying out bonuses for dirty deeds evidenced by body parts.

His brand of mayhem was the inspiration for the methods employed in the Rwandan massacre.
[Newest]He is had killed way more people than a lot of people above him on this list.

32Robert Mugabe
This man killed 20,000 white people because he wanted revenge for racism. You don't just kill 20,000 innocent people just because some people did something bad.
This man is just evil. Enough said.
His thugs killed innocent Christian missionaries

33Jack the Ripper
He was by far the worst serial killer in the history of the UK. He only killed 5 people, but what makes him evil isn't the number of victims but the way he killed them. He is called Jack the Ripper because he would literally rip his victims to pieces while they were still alive. He would even eat their organs; he fried half of one of his victims' kidneys and ate it, then he sent the other half to the police with the letter clearly saying that he did it. How is this guy so low on this list when Justin Bieber is number 3? I mean what?
He has Ripper in his name because he is kind of a bad ass and he just went ham on people and nobody could stop him. How is he not higher he didn't have any power or office he was a crazy mo fo and just went on killing for no reason not even in a war or a war for land and he isn't evil enough to be high... Ya right!
How is Richard Nixon ahead of Jack the Ripper?

34Fred Phelps
The one person who is hated by every religious person, every atheist, and every agnostic.
Whether you're gay, Jewish, Christian, atheist, mussle, American, etc... He thinks you diserve to die and
suffer. He has a five year old girl sing these songs that are morally disgusting to begin with. He has disowned children of his that decided that they don't want to hate everyone. Tuley he is the most horrible person on earth.

35Sheikh Hasina
Sheikh Hasina is a tyrant of the highest order. She is the worst dictator of modern times. She has killed over 50,000 people opposed to her, even though she was an elected PM. Both times she was elected illegally with Indian money and fake votes.

She is out to get revenge of her father's death, who was also a tyrant. She is a blood sucking dictator. She uses her paramilitary force, police and secret killing squads formed with Indian soldiers, to kill Bangladeshis.

She is a Humanity hater.Y. She has become almost unstoppable during her second term as Prime Minister. For the last four years, thousands of people have been murdered to relinquish her opposition. News channels and papers have been banned. At present, she is trying to get elected again by means of a crooked election. The main opposition alliance has already declared not to participate in it. She has shown an incredible performance to corrupt the judiciary.

In five years, her party has swindled over 100 billion dollars, which is almost equal to the country's GDP. Her party member's and killer's wealth increased by even 1000000%. They have looted the whole country.

She is a killer, corrupt thief and a characterless women. She has multiple affairs with people from other religion, with her own daughter's father in law. She is a faker and undoubtedly is the most evil person in History.
Current form she is the evil person I have known in my life
Most ferocious woman in the world.

36Adolf Eichmann
Architect of the holocaust

37Omar Al-Bashir
Very evil and mud man
Killed Sudan's economy. Theocratic, Crimes against humanity.
Taj Mohamed :)(Baller)

38O.J. Simpson
I swear, it really was tragic to see a once loved football player turn into a murderer.
He killed hi wife
Yeah this guy at least needs to be higher than Cyrus and Beiber

39Oliver Cromwell
He is the biggest most evil bastard in all of history the english think he is a saint but he tried to destroy ireland. Go on ireland
Raped, Enslaved, and burned Ireland. Rot in hell Cromwell.

40Joseph Goebbels
He got millions to support the Nazi party

41Radovan Karadzic

42Mitt Romney
Drunks are punks ;}

43H.H. Holmes
About the most twisted person throughout history. Did not kill for political beliefs, not even because of some weird twisted thoughts (like Adolf Hitler or Stalin), but simply because he liked killing.
If you look up psychopath in the dictionary, you'd probably find a picture of this guy's face. This guy was messed up in the head.
H.H. Holmes WAS Jack the Ripper. The only guy on this list to get two spots!
[Newest]America's first serial killer.

44Angela Merkel
All here hate her...

45Ted Bundy
Worst American serial killer of the 20th century.


46Nikolai Yezhov

47Gilles de Rais
Gilles de Rais was a monster at the core he was responsible for the mutilation rape and murder of many of France's children by luring them from near by villages this man was evil to his core killing a adult is evil but to kill or harm children is a far worse crime it is the one crime that is completely unforgiveable.

48Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold
Some sick dudes. Still known as the worst school shooting ever even if they didn't kill as many people as other school shootings it's the way the did it.

49Herod the Great
HEROD WAS A SICK MEAN B*****d who tried to kill the messiah
He tried to kill Jesus and so did his son


[Newest]He was a twat for the reasons given.

50Reinhard Heydrich
He was the mastermind of the Holocaust...


51Henry Morgan

52Albert Fish
Albert fish is a very, very creepy dude. That is all.
He's related tona boy in my school in my class!

53Ronald Reagan
Ending the cold war and restoring peace between east and west by working with the soviet leader. HOW HORRIBLE!
This president was not merely one of the worst people in history, but the worst. He flat out placed dictators in Poland, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Angola, Philipines, and Afganistan. He also caused more dictatorships to take place by sending in troops to many county including El Salvador and many other latin American countries. He forced a multitude of bombing raids in countries including Lebannon, Grenada, and Lybia. He brought up the Taliban from the equivalent of a street gang to possibly the most authoritarian military dictatorships of all time. He would distabilize foreign countries with the intention of changing their governments for the worse. He funded apartheid in South Africa, the Nicaraguan contras, the peronist right in Argentina, al Queda, the violent Saddam Hussein, Ayotollah in Iran, and the Taliban. Not to mention his policy of supply-side economics led to record wealth innequality in both the United States and the world. Don't believe this, look him up in an unbiased encyclopedia.

54Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Yes, he really was an evil.

55Kim Jong-Un

56Judas Iscariot
But we all helped kill JESUS and anyway if JESUS never died we would not have a chance at eternal life


Well think about it even though he was selfish he made it possible that Jesus could die and save us plus he hanged himself after.
He was really a selfish man

57Jiang Qing

58Francisco Pizarro
Pizarro was the nastiest conquistador, topping even Columbus. I mean, can you justify killing Atahualpa? No.
Evil I mean he said he would spare the king for his richness he gave it in (the king) and fp still killed him


59Michael Sam
He can't play football

60Marian Rivera
She is the true evil!
Scruffy Bitch actress in the Philippines

61Hernan Cortes
First of all, no primary sources called him Hernan. They called him Hernando. Have you looked at the leading cause of death in Mexico back then? It was smallpox. Spread unknowingly by the Spanish. UNKNOWINGLY. Has somebody bingewatched The Road to El Dorado? Cortes was no Hitler. Enough said.

62Mark David Chapman
This waste of space needs to be shot
He killed John Lennon, one of the greatest musicians ever in cold blood. So I think he would be pretty high on a most hated people list.
He killed john lennon...

63Al Capone
Al Capone killed without any remorse. He was also the mastermind behing the St. Valentines Day Massacre.

64Jim Jones
The people's temple suicides resulted in the largest number of American deaths before 9/11. Over 909 members died. Including congressman Leo Ryan.
He was the leader of the peoples tample and convinced people to drink Potassium cyanide flavoured kool aid and killed 918 people, including 300 kids, evil disgusting person


65Paris Hilton
She just is and her music is terrible and she a hoe man!

66Ferdinand Marcos

67Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Gee this dude single handedly made living in Iran 3times harder
Let alone destroying the country's reputatin
Probably didn't kill anybody himself though

68Than Shwe

69Slobodan Milosevic
Turned down the international monetary fund, turned
Down the request of allowing 4 NATO bases in Serbia
And he fought for the freedom of his people and thereby was opposed the new world order... So that's why he got bombed and bad mouthed in all the non independent media. Other than that... Great guy!
Bill Clinton on the other hand should replace Slobodans place...

70Jeffrey Dahmer
Its not like he didn't kill 17 people or anything then engage in necrophilia. He was a very pleasant man who liked eating nice meals made out of your heart and brain. He also had a great sense of decorating. His walls were filled with nice figures of decapitated skulls and penises and mutilated flesh in jars of formaldehyde.
He Was Born In Wisconsin
He even masturbated in front of little boys!

71Casey Anthony
A real POS who got away with the murder of her own child. Drove around with the dead kid in the trunk of her car while she partied.

72Shiro Ishii
This man experimented on millions of people! Ever heard of Unit 371?

73Ariel Sharon

74Talat Pasha
This heartless heathen killed 1.5 million Armenians in 1915. History only repeated itself again when Hitler's reign came.
Inspires Hitler to commit genocide.
This Turkish pasha was responsible for the Genocide on the Armenians during WWI.


75Josef Mengele
A complete monster who performed horrible experiments on the prisoners of Auschwitz... He would do things like sew twins together in an attempt to create conjoined twins and inject chemicals in twins eyes to see if they changed color. One of his favorite experiments was to inject one twin with lethal chemicals or a strain of a deadly disease, thereby killing them, before killing the second twin so he could compare their corpses. He would also kill people with heterochromatic eyes so he could remove their eyes and send the eyes to Berlin for study.

Have you heard of "The Human Centipede. " The plot of that sick, twisted movie was inspired by the experiments that the Nazis performed on their prisoners, and the villain of the movie was based on Mengele himself.

I can't express how much I hate this guy's guts. He should at least be in the top twenty.
He should be in the top ten he was evil he did cruel things like change the eye color of someones eye and some even worst then that. Do you know the song by Slayer Angel of Death it's about him the song made the holocaust survivors and their families angry.


I actually enjoy reading his works. The results of his tests are really interesting and some of his studies got picked up successfully by "normal" scientists. But this doesn't change the fact, that he simply used people as Guinea pigs. People who didn't agreed to be part of his studies, but their opinion meant nothing. Not that residents of mental care institutions in most of XX century had much more right to argue. So when I'm woting for him now, I'm voting for his preceders and decendants in the same time.


[Newest]He was one of the worst Nazis

76Elizabeth II
She costs the British tax payer a wopping 300 million GBP for doing absolutely nothing.

77Harold Shipman
Killed more than 200 people. Called "Dr. Death".


78Fredrik Reinfeldt
An extremely unpleasant megalomaniac narcissist that took a perfectly normal country and changed into carbon copy of Lebanon with religious overtones and bending over backwards to please uneducated analfabets from dysfunctional countries. He wrecked the social contract and trust between Swedish citizen leaving chaos and mistrust in its place. And these are only samples of his evil deeds, a truly despicable creature of the night.
A bald idiot, the worst state minister in Swedens history
A traitor who hates his own country and people born in the country.
I wish this pathetic person loads of suffering.

79Donald Rumsfeld

80Ramesses I

81Adam Lanza
It takes a wretched kind of evil to shoot and kill innocent school children and their young teachers trying to protect them. Douche Bag.


Evil evil evil. It takes a horrid kind of evil to kill innocent school children and their teachers trying to shield them. And his own mother.


The man in newtown, CONN who killed lots of kid

82Ilse Koch
She had her nickname for a reason

83Adam Sandler
He is evil! He makes the most evil movies in all of history! They're so terrible that nothing can beat them!

You are incredibly wrong! Jesus is a GREAT MAN and a GREAT GOD. Jesus is not the Anti-Christ. What is wrong with you. HE IS CHRIST. HE is Christ Almighty. Read the Bible correctly and with an open mind and an open heart.

84Mary I of England
What about how many innocent people the Catholic Church killed and king Henry 8 is way worse
She killed protestants not catholics she was a catholic.
She killed so many people and she is bloody mary too

85Ivo Sanader
He stole from croatia about $ 1 000 000, and he was prime minister!

86Lindsay Lohan

87Thomas Hewitt
Are you talking about leatherface from the Texas chainsaw massacre? Because thomas hewitt is his real name.
Leatherface is also known as jed sawyer.

88Franz Joseph I of Austria

89Francisco Franco

90Henry Kissinger
Set the stage for demise of United States, by orchestarting the China opening for Nixon. This has proved the biggest mistake by western leader in the 20th century, and will eventually result in the collapse of USA and the 'PAX Americana'. If the communist China was left alone to their simple and quiet way of life, we would not be faced with their steady advance to take over and wipe out the USA and it's positive influence on this planet.

91An Jung-geun
Because I just hate Korean.
History is fabricated in South Korea.
South Korea should teach true history that he was murderer not a hero.
Because he killed the priminister of Japan, he is hero in Korea, but he is just murderer.
What a crazy culture! Murderer can be a hero in South Korea!

92Rodney Alcala
Killed 7-100 people. Called "The Devil"


93Edward Longshanks I of England
What the hell is Edward 1 doing on here? Edward 1 was the best king ever only after edward 3. He was a Great War leader as well whoever made this list clearly knows nothing about history. I am proud to be british. Long live the queen!

94Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
For those who don't know, he was the younger brother responsible for the Boston Bombing.

95Andrei Chikatilo
The Butcher of Rostov killed over 30 innocent Soviet civilians this is guy is a sicko

96George Zimmerman

97Ante Pavelić
This Nazi dictator killed 530,000 Serbs, 30,000 Jews, and 40,000 other enemies of his regime.

98Thaksin Shinawatra
He is the world's most cheater and a country's eater.
All evils in this monster.

99Sarah Palin
George Lopez said he would emigrate to Canada if palin became president, I would do the same as well
Horrible woman! She's used her Down's Syndrome baby for political gain.

100Vladimir Lenin
he created communism. There would have been no Stalin, Mao, or kim sung if it wasn't for him. Because of Lenin, over 100 million people have died because of communism.


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