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61Hojo (Final Fantasy 7)

Yes, yes, it's oh-so-obvious to put Sephiroth on this list isn't it? After all he tops just about every damn evil villain list you can find. Well beans to that, I say. Sephiroth's not on this list, instead we've got the evil scientist responsible for putting that god complex into Sephy's mind in the first place.

And that's just the icing on the cake for this guy, not to mention his contempt for his fellow man, (Shrugging off countless Sephiroth clones that killed themselves to make it to the Northern Crater) lack of scientific ethics, (Mercilessly experimenting on Red XIII, attempting at Aeris, and near the end of the game even himself. ) and that creepy slumping forehead of his that makes him look like Mr. Burns. - Mr_Vorhias

Nearly everything bad happening in FF7 can be traced back to Hojo being a complete bastard without any rhyme or reason beyond "science"

62Harbinger (Mass Effect 2)
63Dormin (Shadow of the Colossus)

Dormin is the embodiment of evil. It is a disembodied God that makes a deal with Wander that if he kills 16 Colossi he will resurrect Wander's dead girlfriend Mono. However, Wander kills all of the Colossi and pays a price. It causes the main character to lose everything. It causes Wander to lose his body, get possessed by Dormin and sealed away with Dormin getting turned into a BABY! And Dormin does revive Mono who will never be with Wander. Dormin is the ultimate backstabber ruining Wander's life and the Colossi's too. A truly evil entity and one of the most evil villains alive.

It's a demon whose soul was split in sixteen different pieces, and each of those were sent in a huge beast. He manipulated a man's love to get them back, and he succeeded. Too bad his success didn't last long, and he and the man who helped him died. Oh, and by the way, the man is you, the protagonist.

64The Doctor (Cave Story)

Everyone who's played Cave Story hates this monster. He is the definition of "animal cruelty".

65Lavos (Chrono Trigger)

Its a giant alien parasite who invades worlds, destroys them, and creates a new generation to carry on. This is not a villain who just destroys humanity; this is a villain that works over the course of millions of years in order to achieve its goals, and can cause infinite destruction throughout every planet that supports life in the universe. There is no kindness, mercy, or remorse of any kind. There is just destruction. - Salnax

Pretty much any villain whose bread and butter is killing entire civilizations to feed their own appetite is a shoe-in for this list. I've racked my brain for ways to best describe this spiny interdimensional butcher, and I've finally settled on this metaphor:

The Zerg Overmind with a time machine. - Mr_Vorhias

Lavos is Just pure evil he causes humanity's downfall, makes a creepy screech when confronting him destroys planets so that the only thing that's is left on earth is a few humans (who've lost the meaning of hope) and ruins of old citys and domes where surviving humans rot.
Worst of all: LavosShows no emotion or remorse and
He doesn't care he causes struggle for our main characters (although lavos is a good villian) but because lavos is so evil defeating him is extremely satisfiying

66Astaroth (Soul Calibur)
67Ridley (Metroid)

Out of the villains that Nintendo has to offer, Ridley may stand out to be one of the most vile there is, especially when one takes in account of the manga detailing the origin of Samus Aran. He led the attack on Samus's colony and was responsible for the death of her parents. And he enjoys that aspect. He exploited the naivety of young Samus to lure into a false sense of understanding and nearly killed had it not been for Samus's mother pushing her out of the way. Years later, Ridley reveals himself to Samus and his mere presence causes to go into a PTSD due to that incident. And he takes pleasure of that. Ridley mocks her state and proceeded to tell her the gruesome details of how he has eaten the corpses of colonists, especially her mother. He also murdered a good number of the Chozo, Samus's adoptive family, shortly afterwards. At his core, Ridley is a psychopathic monster with no qualms of killings. He has no grand ambition like Mother Brain in taking over the galaxy nor truly ...more

This guy is amazing. He killed Samus's parents, leads the stinking Space Pirates, and has been hunting down Samus for a long time. I don't want him at 1, but let's get him higher. - bubbles1111

He's cares for no one, he killed Samus's parents and leads an army of blood sucking space pirates. How much more evil can you get than that? - lewieboy124

68King Boo (Super Mario Series)

He Never Dies Does He? He never takes things seriously, unless it's after-life threatining. In Conclusion, He's awesome. -

Why is King Boo so low? He's eviler than Bowser. - thelegendaries101

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69Cesare Borgia (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood)

First of all, he (SPOILER ALERT) killed his own father to gain power of Rome, and all of Italy, using the apple of Eden and all of Leonardo the Vinci's weapons to take over Italy. Taking over Montergionni to take the apple, Cesare makes sure Ezio is there to see his Uncle Mario be shot, right in front of Ezio. He also completely pushed his wife, Lucrezia out the way in the game. He eventually tries to take Italy by force, planning insane attacks. He goes to jail after a attack, and breaks out and plans another attack, where Ezio kills him by throwing him off a wall. Cesare is very selfish, evil, and wants to be the king of the world.

70Dracula (Castlevania Series)

Pure evil.
Betrayed his best friend.
Wishes to bring eternal darkness.
Wants to destroy God and humanity.
Immortal and can seemingly never be truly killed.
King of Vampires and ruler of monsters.
Can turn into a demon
One of the hardest bosses in any video game series.
His own son wants him dead.

71Master Hand (Super Smash Bros Series)

Mater Hand is the boss of all villains and he is the main character of SSB series as he is the creator. He is more than bowser, ganondorf, wario and wolf as they are under his order.

72Dr. Robotnik (Sonic)
73Diablo (Diablo I, Diablo II)

I feel like baal is more evil than diablo in the game. Plus diablo doesn't make that many appearances in the game.

74Cyrus (Pokemon)

Wanted to use Pokemon of Time/Space to destroy and recreate the entire universe without emotions and him as a God.

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75Jack of Blades (Fable)

Jack of Blades is all around an incredibly good villain. He is a demon, but not the extremely obvious 'I'm a giant monster-dark lord" kind. Jack is insidious. Many think he is actually a great hero, and he keeps up this deception for a large portion of the game. His first act of evil that is shown is burning your hometown to the ground and stabbing out the eyes of your little sister, then kidnapping her. His shadow falls throughout the storyline, and eventually leads to murdering your mother in front of your eyes and trying to harvest your blood to power up an ancient sword, after forcing you to fight through decades of dead heroes and demons. All the while he tries to convince you to turn on your friends. Even after you kill him the first time he returns, and finally becomes a giant dragon because this time he's serious. Even then, if you give in and don the mask, he's resurrected. His backstory is basically that he was part of a group of three entities called the court that came to ...more

Jack of Blades is an incredible villain, for all reasons previously stated, and arguably more of a villain than Ganondorf or Bowser. Why, you may ask?
Despite the implicit threat of destruction, Ganondorf has rarely perpetuated any sort of massacre or even murder, and when it does happen it was only implied. Sometimes he watches Link from the beginning, other times he doesn't, but he rarely gives Link a good reason to really hate him.
Bowser is even less intimidating. He has never even been implied to have killed anyone, with Mario likely having a greater kill count, and his only actual crime is repeated kidnaping. Even then Peach is held safely and comfortably until Mario eventually arrives.
Jack, on the other hand, kills people frequently with amusement. In the beginning of the story he murders your father, stabs out your sister's eyes, kidnaps your mother and burns your home town and it's occupants to the ground. He follows this up with a constant stream of murders, ...more

I don't care what anyone says, this guy is one of the most evil characters I've ever seen in my life and earns #1 on my list. He can suck the souls of heroes and lvie eternally by promising them power using his mask. He can kill a mother and rip out the eyes of a daughter without remorse. He can raise a mage from childhood and later let him be killed when he has no more use of him. He can tempt an heiress to kill her beloved sister so she herself can become mayor. IDK bout you guys, but I think this dude is pretty damn mean and badass. - Dead_Frozen

Even his name sounds evil!

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76Dr. Wily (Mega Man)
77Nikita Dragovich (Call of Duty Black Ops)

Nikita is evil because she is willing to wipe out anyone in his path for no other reason to destroy human life. You never really know what he's out there for. It is stated even the Kremlin doesn't know his full plan. He came so close to wiping out our entire country. He is ultimately one of the only Call of Duty villains allowed because he isn't out for revenge. He isn't being forced. Makarov, Shepard Zakheav, all have something to fight for. Dragovich does what he does because he simply wants to destroy life. Period.

78Imran Zakhaev (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)V2 Comments
79Buck (Far Cry 3)
80Revolver Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid)

The only man capable of taking down a Zero out of the "Big Three" of Metal Gear.

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