Top 10 Most Famous Bible Stories


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David Vs Goliath
Not because of its significance but because it is so woven into the international psyche. Most literate people can fill in the blank " David and ________________.? "
LOVE THIS STORY! Honestly I love reading this story over and over again! It is really a good topic on how you can just let go of fears and never listen to people if the try to discourage you. Along with use what makes you happy! I stead of using all the armor and sword he used his speacial sling shot! TRUE STORY! Read it ifyou have a chance! :) God Bless You!
Pretty amazing story and it is true!


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2The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ
Jesus Crist our Lord died on the cross for our sins and three days later he rose again in heaven.
Christ Saved us all from our sins, by His Cross & Resurrection.
This is the best story of the Bible because it explains how Jesus was hit and beaten with sticks just to save us, we are misrable sinners who should be worshiping God every second of our lives. This story helps us understand why he died for us, saved us, and why we will be brought to be with Him in Heaven one day.
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3The Birth Of Jesus Christ/The Nativity
Jesus is the reason we now have fellowship with the awesome God
Matthew 2:1 Three wise man from the east came to worship the baby-Jesus. They came from India.
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4Adam and Eve
This is such a wonderful story of haow the world was created and its hard to believe that devil decided to use eve as a sample to get them both to do the wrong thing
This is my favorite bible story. I make movies and plays always about this.
First bible story I've heard
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5Jonah and The Whale
This is my favorite story ever since I was a kid
I love the stories of Jesus but this one is good also
This is probably the best story for children, all kids understand.
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6Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour
Stunning just stunning reminds of Fernandeo Torres

7The Resurrecton of Jesus
I think our Lord's resurrection should be at the top. Also that maybe they should be rearranged as in at the top of the list. All stories in the Bible are great, because they are from our Lord. I do however understand the words, most popular stories. You left out Daniel in the Lions Den.
The story of the resurrection of Jesus is by far the most important. It is because of the death burial and resurrection that we have forgiveness for our sin.
The greatest miracle a person can experienced...


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8The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth

This is THE question! A driving force behind the evolution of physical sciences even! The factuality of the story is irrelevant as anything is possible and probable!

9The Last Supper

10The Good Samaritan
a bril story and yet true
Amazing way to teach others to be good. It shows what helping others can really bring you blessings. We must not only think of our self and walk away but instead lend a helping hand. In doing so you shall receive a blessing.
Luke 22! The Lord revealed that to me today
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11Noah and The Ark
I loved this story when I was a kid
I glad to see this story and I used to see this when I was a kid. it remind me my childhood memory.

12Abraham and Isaac

Painted crosses on doors using sheeps blood so young boys would not be killed

14King David's Confession

I think that this story is a fabulous and amazing story. It just has a so much in common with me. I don't know why but I love this story as I was A kid. It made me feel sorry for others and helped me understand others feelings. It also made me a very good friend.
All humans were born to be free! 3500 years after and this story still resonates to the very foundations of humanity.

16The Prodigal Son

17Samson and Delilah
I like this story because I can relate to it...

18Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
Just read and it touched my heart again

19Daniel In the Lion's Den

20The Parable of the Sower
powerful mirror as to what life can throw at us, and by continuing, eventually our seed will fall onto the good ground.

21Peter's Denial from Jesus Christ

22Ezekiel's Sighting

23David and Bathsheba
The famous story of erotic love of the King for his neighbor's wife...and dear Uriah's (a Hittite) faithfulness to his King. The result? Uriah's death. King David's fall. A ruined relationship. And four of King David's sons die in some form of sexual intrigue.



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