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1One Direction

One Direction are definitely the most famous boy band in the world! They have done so much already in such short time since October 2010 when they first performed together on The X Factor judges houses, since then they have released two albums which have been undeniably successful all over the world, they have finished a tour which launched there first album 'Up All Night' and are now halfway through their tour 'Take Me Home' named after their second time, each tour the venues and setlist have got bigger and better and have grown with them, and now they have sold out a 2014 arena tour, performing in some of the biggest venues in the world! But One Direction are still so down to earth, kind and funny, just like they were when we first saw them together on the stairs in their video diaries, One Direction are a massive inspiration and are definitely the most famous boy band in the world!

One direction is absolutly breathless. There songs are just mesmerizing, and have no words to describe them. I direction have chaned my life. I was not in music stuff, but as I heard 1D's songs, I went and searched more and more, watched videos, read their tweets, it was getting crazy. I m a 100% dedicated directioner. I don't cry or faint for them, but I just wonder how they r so good-looking with excellent voices, best personalities, and top of all they r down to earth. I just love em madly. They r deserved to be the number 1 band and celebrities in world. They r like a godgift to us. Its brilliant. All the members of 1D r special in their own ways. But I m an indian directioner, and I think that they should seriously come to india. There r millions of fans here too. But you don't ever come to india, nor are your albums or movies available here. Just think that if with only internet we r your so big fans, wt will happen if you will come here. Please do a show in india. Thousands of ...more

One Direction Kills me every time by their sexy voice and their faces. Somehow, They became my inspirations and teachers in life. They deserve to be the Most Famous Boyband! Harry is such a cupcake. Louis is such a kiddo even though, He's the oldest in the band. Liam is really a good guy and has a very big heart. Niall is such a cutie, He always say "Yes" whenever a fan asked him to marry him. Zayn the Bradford's Badboi, Even though he's called in that way, He's not like other Badboys. He respects Girls too much. From stairs to stadiums! I really love these lads so much! They're my everything! I'm totally addicted to them as well as other Directioners. Their family are very nice. Sarooha, Zayn's cousin, We talk to each other via Facebook, As well as Waliyha and Doniya. Daisy Tomlinson and Lottie.

This is always the best!

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2Big Time Rush

Big time rush is the realist band ever. They always be themselves and they are such caring people. They help kids in need and they help the earth and encourage kids to be healthy and get active. Their songs are extremely different from any other band because they don't just talk about love love and more love, they talk about other things too for example their songs, "famous, big time rush, cover girl, elevate, and my favorite halfway there. Btr works so much harder than other bands in my mind. They record songs, go on tours, do interviews, work on their show, make music videos, help kids in need, help the earth and they don't try to compete with the other bands. They aren't the type of band who would say oh were the best you can't beat us were on top. Their not cocky and disrespectful to other bands like mindless behavior that's why there in 10th place on here. Btr rocks they made it third album congrats you guys rock! I'm a total rusher!

Big Time Rush is the most hardworking band I know. They are working ALL THE TIME nonstop. They are so caring and loyal to us. They put other people before themselves. These boys have hearts of gold and I can't thank them enough for helping me get over my insecurity. When I met them I was covering up my smile because that's my biggest insecurity. You know what they did? They told me "why are you covering up your smile? " And I couldn't respond because I was so scared. I had tears running down my face too. They hugged me and told me to keep smiling and to never cover up my smile because it was "beautiful" They told me I was beautiful. They made me feel beautiful... Special. I cry everyday thinking about how sweet they were to me. Thanks to those 4 boys I am more confident in myself than I ever have been. They deserve every fan they have. I can't think of any other band that's so special. I love them SO much! They don't do this for media. They don't do this to get attention. They do it ...more

Big Time Rush is the best boy band ever. They have great songs. They could beat one direction. Today in the morning I was talking to James Maslow he is a really nice and sweet guy. They do everything that is possible so they could talk with their fans. They are really nice guys they have a lot of fans mostly are in Mexico that is my opinion. But Big Time Rush is the best boy band ever they can be really awesome. But what they deserve is to be the #1 one band. And talking to one of the members of Big Time Rush (James Maslow) just made my day. It was everything that I wanted to talk to someone of the members of BTR is just made by day what am I sating my day my life! 1

I love these boys and that will never change

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FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER ARE SO AMAZING AND SO DAMN HOT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, these boys changed my life! I saw them 2 nights in a row at 2 one direction concerts and they were so good so I downloaded all there musc, even the live stuff and I know every song and all there covers<3 Michael Gordon Clifford<3 Ashton Fletcher Irwin<3 Calum Thomas Hood<3 Luke Robert Hemmings<3 I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I WANT TO PEE<3 and my life goal is to meet or be noticed by them. Also in Hershey PA Michael Clifford AND Luke Hemmings pointed directly at me (we have it on video) BUT THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS THAT I LOVE THEM

They are four of the most beautiful, amazing, and talented boys ever. Their music is amazing and their voices and faces are just unf. You can really relate to their lyrics, which they all write together, no hired writers or anything fancy like that. They are gorgeous, and extremely talented, I think at the very least. These four boys are literally the light of my entire life, I could never live without them I love them so much.

The are very hot

These guy are so good they have changed my life this band should be the biggest boy band there just amazing they cheer me up when I have a bad day and I forget everything I this band ever split up it will be the end of my life cause they are so good there voices are amazing there song are amazing there are amazing they are funny and am so happy that these boys have come into my life they deserve to be the biggest boy band

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4Take That

Take That are made up of five people; Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange, Howard Donald, and Robbie Williams. These five men have created some of the most beautiful and well known music throughout the whole of the UK from the ages of 16 and above. They have been branded by the press as "The biggest boyband since the Beatles" which I agree to be 100% true.

They are dedicated to their work and to keep their fanbase, their loyal Thatters, happy which is a beautiful thing. Sure, they had a ten year break, but even during that time their music was not forgotten, and they certainly were not forgotten by Thatters.

Me personally, I am 15 years old, so I was not around when Take That were first at the top of their game. I got to know Take That some time after they rejoined. Ever since I first got to listen to their music, have it fill my ears, their lyrics, melodies, harmonies and meaning, I fell in love for the first time, and this is the type of love that never ...more

If someone was to ask me about take that and why I'd like them, this is what they will get:
Well TAKE THAT aren't just a boyband, they are like a religion! You just cannot live without them. They are just perfect! They haven't just got the voice ( which is brilliant by the way) they've got the looks, personality, smile and a heart! Gary is just an inspiration to everyone I think. The things he has gone through with the loss of his dad and his little darling daughter poppy is the past 4 years is awful anyway I won't go into to much detail about that. He's climbed killmanjaro, he written a hit single at 15 and didn't know, he became so successful over the years, he even did a diamond jubilee celebration for the queen! That was 'absolutely fantastic'. Now he is a Sir, Sir Gary Barlow. He is just the definition of perfection. Now lets not forget about the other 4. Mark, Mark Anthony Patrick Owen, my god is he good looking. He is so cheeky, he's like a little 5 year old when they see ...more - Holliehall

They have stood the test of time despite entering the music business at a time when the industry was becoming more crowded with a variety of artists from different countries. With all the new technology during their lasting era, it has given them much to overcome, such as rivals from America. They have overcome it all however and Gary even works as a judge on the talent show that formed and created One Direction as you know it while Howard is on Got To Dance. Whether or not you like the artists and dancers they've helped and produced, it shows that they are still the elite and have been behind many of the faces you have come to love. Even if you love another band more, you should respect that individually and, most importantly, as a group they have changed people's lives for the better and without them you wouldn't have other artists. They have also inspired more than one generation and are loved by all alike and show how friendship and determination can overcome everything, against ...more

I think defiantly that they are the best one direction can't sing I would love to meet Gary Barlow

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5The Wanted

These guys are my life, my love and the reason behind me thinking that ill die any second when I listen to their amazing voices! Whenever I'm down I just listen to ANY of their songs or just watch any of their video and it eventually makes me the happiest person alive! And the fact that Nathan and Jay (2 of the 5 boys) THEIRSELVES WROTE a song for us, their fans! And being very honest THESE GUYS ARE THE ONLY BOYBAND WHO CARE ABOUT THEIR FAMILY MORE THAN THEIRSELVES! And no one can deny it! Their songs are just so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! And believe me or not I cried day n night when I got to know that nathan is having a throat surgery! Literally it was like as if I was having an op not Him! And Nath's “UNEXPECTED" appearance at summertime ball was just WOW! And when my friends saw that video they were like “that boy can sing! In fact, these boys killed it maayn! I wonder y I never listened to them before" these were her words and I was just so happy and proud of my boys! And ...more

Its not the only boy band that cares about their family more the themselves... One direction cares too... And anyways the wanted broke up because the knew they couldn't beat one direction... I'm not disrespecting them but still...

It's not only their music that's important to me. I like their personality, and their #WantedWednesday videos and The Wanted Life reality shows really make my day. They are not just another boy band to me, they are more like my brothers. They are that important. They make me feel like there will always be somebody there for me whenever I'm down, especially their song, I'll be your strength. I even cried while listening to it once. And I got so emotional and proud of Nathan that day when I saw him make his unexpected appearance in the Summertime Ball 2013 after his throat surgery. So proud of him, he can sing as well as ever! TWFanmily forever!

Honestly they are my entire life... They are so incredibly talented and handsome yet so real at the same time... They aren't afraid to swear or anything like that but at the same time they are complete gentlemen... I had the chance to meet jay tom and siva and they were so nice and polite... Siva made sure he talked to every fan before going back into the bus... They are awesome ❤️❤️💁👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

The love you the wanted, ���

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6Backstreet Boys

Backstreet boys are absolutely The World's no. 1 since michael jackson's leave, what makes this band so Legendary is that they have their style of music, which is well known by their true fans - darknessmaster909

They are the Best boy band ever because during their time a lot of boy bands like WESTLIFE, N-SYNC, BOYZONE, FIVE, 98 DEGREES, BLUE, A1 AND ETC. but still the "BACKSTREET BOYS" is the Best Selling Album of all time in Boy Bands. And until now they have an album... And the Backstreet Boys is 2 decade in the music industry but still their making albums because the people still love it but of course their not that Popular if you compare during their time in 1990's. I don't think the One Direction is also Popular and their songs still recognize after 20 years laugh out loud. Backstreet Boys is a Legend and their songs in 1990's still recognize at this time laugh out loud. BACKSTREET BOYS your STILL NUMBER 1 FOREVER.

Officially the best selling boy-band of all time in history with more than 130 million album sales worldwide... They weren't hyped & promoted as much as 1D... Formed in 1993 they slogged n reached super-stardom in 1999... Songs that you would b recommended to listen:1. I want it that way,2. Everybody,3. As long as you love me,4. Shape of my heart,5. More than that,6. Get another boyfriend,7. Drowning,8. Incomplete,9. This is us,10. Helpless when she smiles,11. Straight through my heart...

Backstreet Boys No1 Forever & always..

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7Jonas Brothers

This is my favorite boy band in the whole universe no matter what I will always love them all so much and don't belive this but your hereing this from a ten year old girl I love you guys I will nome you first to last firt my favorite is nick jonas then joe jonas then I still love tou but last Kevin jonas I love you all nick jonas you are my favorite absolutely I'm sad that you guys broke up and I'm glad that you are married but I have like a huge crush on nick don't tell anybody but I really do I love YOU GUYS

The Jonas Brothers will always be my favourite boy band! The started when they were actually kids and they' ve always had something special that I liked... They were three brothers almost always wearing suits and being well-dressed and also had this rock style that I love! Not many boy bands these days are playing rock music! They were also so good role models and they became famous without having that badass attitude! Talented, cute, good manners!

They were my first favorite boy and I have ever layed eyes on. It was pretty scary how I was like 8 and already telling my friends I was gonna marry Joe Jonas.

Nick Jonas and his bros r the best band ever

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Definitely westlife is the most biggest boyband in history of music industry, they sold millions of album worldwide they have lot's of fans.. All westlife songs are definitely all fantastic.. They are the most beautiful formed group ever.. So manny westlife songs are beautiful than backstreet boys, and even one direction... From 2000 until 2012 I can't count how manny albums did they bring back hone! And that's because of their success! They are the best boyband ever! Go westlife!

50 million records sold worldwide, 14 number-one singles, Guinness World Records as the UK's top-selling album group of the 21st century, a 82,300 capacity show sold out in 5 minutes etc... Various styles of good music, five (later on to four) good looking and truly singable guys, what's more? Since they've disbanded, they're going in FOUR directions.

This love lasts twelve years till now and it will last forever!I will never forget those memories with their songs, no matter how hard life could be, their music will always mean sunshine to me. The time when Mark Feehily said sweetheart, when he said he remember the gift I made for him, is the moment I know how real they could be and how close they can get to fans! They are kind and they respect all of their fans, it doesn't matter wherever you come from, the love for Westlife is the only thing matters and that is why they can stand for those amazing years and Westlife never be away...

If I would give any band after one direction then it would be one direction

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9The Vamps

They are all so handsome and they all have a wonderful voice. They are really talented and their music is amazing. I think I will never forget their songs even when I turn like 100.

This band is better than other bands out there! The whole thing is so good! Their musics, videos, looks and the best is their personalities! They're so kind to their fans I love them so much! I wish God will keep on guiding them on their journey :))

Very nice group! Brad's voice is just so amazing and HUSKY! My 3-year-old nephew and his 1 year old brother always wanted to listen there musics every morning. This band has a great future ahead. I like their personalities, so cool!

The Vamps are good.

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10Super Junior

When you are the most popular band in the most populated continent (Asia), you are obviously the most popular boy band in the world.

Definitely the most popular in the world if you count Asia

They aren't boys anymore, they are a grown up idol group. The oldest is 30 and the youngest is 24. You can't deny their powerful performance on stage. If you see their tour setlist, it won't be less than 35 songs. I'm sorry directioners, but your boys looks really awkward on stage. And... Their setlist? If I'm not mistaken they only sing 20 songs? WHY DON'T YOUR BOYS DO SOLO STAGE?

If you're an Asian it's impossible if you don't know super junior. At least you've heard its name

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The Newcomers

?The Fooo Conspiracy

I love this band a little more than the Jonas Brothers. that 2005-2015 girl was me but ya. I have already made like 2 wallpapers. and downloaded 5 wallpapers of them.

I absolutely adore The Fooo Conspiracy with all my heart and soul. Their music is catchy and upbeat, with the occasional balad. They sing, dance, parkour. They're funny, SWEDISH and I love them.

Personally I love them. Great vibe, and very loyal to their fans

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I never really knew B5 until I read a boy group list on a hip hop website, their absolutely amazing! and cute they have great gifts and need to continue to do their best please B5 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We love you!

The Contenders

115 Seconds of Summer

Well I'm in love with them and I truly think that they should be in the top 5 at least! They create their own music and play instruments and are also extremely good looking which is a bonus. they have toured with HOT CHELLE RAE and also ONE DIRECTION! All their songs are amazing and their are all truly spectacular. their songs such as 'she looks so perfect', 'don't stop', 'good girls' and so many more and indescribable. they put tons of effort and emotions in their songs like 'wherever you are' and 'beside you'. Never do they use auto tune either and are very grounded.

They are awesome I saw them in concert last year opening for One Direction they were amazing and full of so much energy they stay true to themselves and are completely amazing

They should be higher up that 17 of I'm completely honest there a truly talented group who don't use auto tuning and deserve a lot more credit for their claim to fame than they get right now.

They are the best boy band ever

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12Mindless Behavior

This Boy Band is so Awesome. They are great, inspirational, and they have great personalities! They are also really funny too!

Mindless behavior tops everyone they listed they should be in first place I love them with all my heart and mb is #1 to me no matter what they really inspirational so forget all those other bands!

I love them and princeton
I'm a big fan of mb I have the posters
Wallpaper and t-shirts

I used to love them.

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13N Sync

They were good for their generation.

For those of us 90s kid Nsync will always be the best boy band there was rivaling the backstreet boys and 5sos although I'm huge fans of all 3 I have to say that Nsync still tops them

What the heck is this. Really?!. One direction is the famous boy band ever?! And nsync Is number 10? NSYNC IS THE REAL BOY BAND! Because they singing while dancing! NSYNC SHOULD BE number 1!

Even a boy band can be original

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B.A. P is not just any typical Korean boy band that most non kpop fans know. Besides being talented and good looking people, their music is dynamic and meaningful. They create music that enlightens people's minds and create a new perspective or views on society. Their music not just talks about themselves but also focuses on things that are more important especially critical issues between people. They are group of young gorgeous men that has a passion for music and concern for other people. They are artists that involves themselves with social works. And as their fan, I am proud of them and I think they truly deserve to be acknowledged for the hard work that they are doing.
I love them very very very much!

B.A.P (Best. Absolute. Perfect) is a Korean Pop pretty boy band. They are very talented. They are amazing! Not to mention their looks. I love their songs, "One Shot" and "Coma". Trust me... I'm not into this kind of stuff and I am very selective in my music and B.A.P got be in the first song. I listened to their songs for 1 week straight. Just give them a chance.

B.A.P is a very strong and powerful group - in vocals, rap, dance, looks and presence onstage. They are one of the very few groups who managed to make me fall in love with talent itself, and not just looks. Way to go, B.A.P!

People don't even take time to see them I love bap so much

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15The Janoskians

The Janoskians are amazing guys :) They may be care-free, immature and sometimes ridiculous, but they are the most kind-hearted, sweet and funny boys ever!

Simply the best I love them so much

I love the janoskians there a group but I still love them

I love the song "Real girls eat cake".

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16Union J

Hello union j I really love you I think you are a really good band and you was amazing in Nottingham on sunday night I can't wait to see you again in December for another amazing performance from you josh and george and jj and jaymi I love you all guys such but josh is my favourite one of out four of you guys I love all of your amazing songs that you sang on Sunday in Nottingham I really loved the bit where they shown you a picture of all you four growing up I loved josh and george though the best and when we see you again my step mum and my dad might try and getting front row seats so we can hold there hands they have the best personalities and I seen them on sunday in Nottingham and you sang your heart out and yu have the best voices and you are all cute as well I love you union j #iloveyouunionjx

Union J is the most talented boy band I have EVER seen! Please the people who are reading this and doesn't believe me, go to YouTube and choose a song from Union J & just listen to it... LIVE! Trust me they can really sing beautifully! Each & every one of them has the BEST personality. you might say they are not that famous but I GUARENTEE they will stand on the top of the list one day because of the wonderful voices! Xxx

All of Union J are hot I love George Shelley and Josh Cuthbert.

Union j is the best boy band ever. I don't know where I would be if I didn't listen to them.

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I think R5 is the number one boy/girl band and I should not even be calling them a boy band because their not I'm not just saying that because their is a girl but I think real bands play instruments and right their own songs not just sing like one direction but play with real instruments like 5sos so that's why I think R5 is the number one band

They inspire me, they're the best band ever they are awesome, and I will always be their #1 fan forever

This is the most amazing band ever

I used to like them but when 2015 came they have changed and now I hate Ross now

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Emblem3 is 100% perfect! They are literally perfect! I don't know one more band that is as perfect as them! I love them so much! They are not a boy band, they are a trio! So get it right! They are flawless! Keaton js personally my favorite... My sister likes Drew... My cousin likes Wesley! So it is perfect no matter what!

They aren't exactly a boyband... But I love ten
So much and they have an amazing unique sound and should be higher

I like your voice and your every song! I think think this chart is misguiding every 1. The bands which should be placed above is placed below! Union J and emblem3 you really rock! 🙌💯

I love the 3000 miles away song

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19Boyz II Men

Hi guys. You're the best boys band ever, love yeh lots

A league of their own. The best group to grace the music world.

I love them. Their songs are so GOOD

Want 2 see your summer collection 2015

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Most adorable looking guys in the world and each has their own talent, making their group one of the most famous Boy gorups in the whole asia and lots of other countries too.

I've been jamming to these boys since, what...? 2008 I believe? Ha! Every time they come out with something new they just get better! Suju is up there but Shinee has never failed a release. There have been ups and downs and some not so great songs like with any group or singer, but these boys are ALWAYS topping charts like they were born to do it. View... That song kills me. (In a very good way) ❤️❤️✨ Shine on boys, shine on ✨

They are all hot and talented! Taemin and Key are really cute!

They're the bomb...

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