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In India you have snowfall region, desert region, forest region, plain region, mountain, hill, river, sea, beach, Luxury city, very poor village, ancient culture, morden culture, billionaires, beggars, almost all religions of the world etc etc. In short India is a mini world. You need not go for world tour. Just go for India tour.
India has the one of the best food in the world. Wonderful buildings and the festivals are the best
No other country is like india, it has more than thousand languages and all the religion in the world today are practiced here, in spite of many differences and disputes between us we always have "UNITY IN DIVERSITY".
You can't even imagine a traditional place like india especially southern part.
[Newest]India... Here everyone is respected and treated as their family...
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2United States
The United States is famous for everything! We have the largest economy. We have a lot of technology, such as iPads, phones, laptops, and and so much more. We get lots of news every day, and the average citizen has much technology and freedom. I don't know how else to say more, but we have too much. I do not intend to brag, but all of this is true. U.S.A.
No matter how bad or good the US is, its the most famous country almost everyone know
Our culture is exported to the world. You are probably reading this using an American operating system, with an American CPU, with an American web browser, using the internet that American founded and still runs. You could be anywhere in the world (expect maybe Cuba, North Korea and Iran) and find American products quite easily, you couldn't say this about any other nation in the world. The same can be said with American fashion, music, films and television. They are popular throughout the world. When an American Presidential election happens, the whole world takes notice; this happens nowhere else in the world. How many people have drank Coke or Pepsi; or eaten at a McDonalds; or worn Nike shoes; or like an American cultural icon?

This doesn't even really get into the sheer size of the US economy or the military or our geopolitical reach or fact that we're still the world's only superpower.

There are many problems with the US but let's be honest; even then we're paid attention to like no either nation is with their problems. Why? Because we're #1.
[Newest]United States is because the Have interesting history.
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Philippines is by far, one of the best countries you can ever visit. With hall the enchanting tourist destinations and deliciously and professionally cooked food, you can never turn that down, right? Also the Filipinos there are very friendly and respectful. You will also be amuse on how they treasure their religious beliefs. Be ready also to be amaze on how hard they work. With their full- energy and happiness, you will never get tired. Magnificent hand works. Beautiful and ancient churches. Amazing tourist destinations. Delicious food. Tropical weather. Friendly Filipinos. You should really respect the Philippines. You can't always find such an amazing country like it. It may have rocky roads, dirty walls and small and smelly kind of transportation... It's still a country made by God. Respect it. Love it. IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!
Philippines is all you can imagine:
Philippines with its 7,100 beautiful tropical islands are one of the most enchanting tourist destinations in the world. Famous for its exceptional scenetic beauty, majestic rolling mountains, amazing volcano, world-class diving spots, enchanting waterfalls, pristine and solace white sand beaches, world class shopping centre and rich cultural heritage. Home of friendly people and stunning array of tropical, wild and exotic flora and fauna. (from: Banana TRAVELS)

You Can't Spell The Word AWESOME Without PHILIPPINES. :)) It Is The Most AMAZING Country Here In Asia. When It Comes In Culture, Tradition And The People Who Are Living Here, It Was All UNIQUE. There Are Many Beaches, And Beautiful Spots Where You Can Enjoy. I'm Sure, It Would Be All An Unforgettable Memories For You That You Can Surely Cherish. In Short, IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.
[Newest]It is so lovely lots of nice people lots of friends and it's just wonderful
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Most diverse country in the world, in terms of physical regions
Mountains and glaciers, deserts, plateaus, plains, fertile lands, sea, rivers, ice capped hills and some of the hottest places on earth
Pakistan has got everything
And of course in recent years it has gained a lot of strategic importance
Only islamic nuclear power
Long live Pakistan
Despite being a small country.. Pakistan has held its own pride..7th largest army in the world..6th most populated country.. It is truly amazing!
ASSALM-o-ALIKUM to every body o my land of beauty I love you so much you have all the climatic regions snow falling deserted EXTREME cold extreme hot and an amazing flower blossom in the start of summer your famous karachi is so praising that it has a tomb of our quaid who saves the muslims of indopak from cruel claws of hindus and british your lahore is so famous city on which hindus attacked in 1965 for their own sake to tease the muslims of your o my precious land no one gives you any importance but the americans hindus russians are all your enemies they want to defeat you because they know that you are that country which is richest in all kinds of ores minerals and your powers you are the single atomic power in the muslim world if you would not the atomic power than your neighbour would attacked on you hindus attacked on your kashmir and you are only the country in the world whose map shape is of MUHAMMAD (P.B.U. H) sacred name o my land of liberty you have the worlds 2nd and the worlds 9th highest peak K-2 and NANGA PARBAT respectively your cultures are amazing than bad hindus I know that your and indians are ill mannered but your people are much brilliant than hindus I pray to my ALLAH that you may live long (AMEEN) and I hate americans hindus british russians italians fancis and all other non muslim countries except china and japan love you PAKISTAN forever but I must say that the people should write your name at the top of the list PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.
[Newest]I love you my Pakistan... proud to be a Pakistani
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China is the best. It's food and art works are wonderful.
It is a epic,awesome country
China is great especially since they still keep tradition in their life as well as modern and even though other countries still do that China is the one I recognize the most

6United Kingdom
Great Britain is the country which has created the modern world with the most inventions out of all the countries in the world. Britain has also invented the most sports out of all the countries in the world from soccer, tennis, golf, rugby, boxing just to name a few. The Magna carter is considered to be the first written constitution between the people and their ruler and has been the template for most other country's constitutions including the USA's. The British parliament is considered the mother of all parliaments and is the template for many other parliaments worldwide from Australia and New Zealand to Canada and the USA. England/Britain gave birth to the USA which is now the most powerful country in the world. The British royals are without doubt the most famous royal family in the world and the whole world is always talking about them, especially their royal weddings. The English language is the worlds most widely used and universal languages. Many British music bands are considered to be the best of all time worldwide such as the Beatles, the Stones, led Zeppelin, iron maiden etc. English literature such as Shakespeare and dickens are considered worlds best.


They created the British Empire which was the largest empire in the world. It also created many inventions and helped other countries vastly, for example India. Also a lot of famous people came from United Kingdom, as well as very good music, films, and stories.
This country is the mother of all countries it the most succesful without it life has no meaning what so ever!
[Newest]The English empire at one point ruled the world without it the world's inventions, language and sport and history would be completely different

Japan is so interesting in so many ways, it would take forever to list them all! Here are some off the top of my head- Godzilla, manga, anime, samurai, home of karate, only country to be nuked, kamikazes, ramen, the list gos on and on...
It really is very beautiful and nice in japan because of their rich culture and traditions that impress people around the world... People also like the sakura trees in japan and be amazed in the japanese names because every name contains a meaning that will amaze you more...
Japan... Everything bout it is beautiful.
We cn find things that we can not find in any other area of the world.
Especially hokkaido. Just love the beauty of that area, full of nature.
Not to mention japan is also very popular because of akihabara which is an otaku site( for people who love animes)
[Newest]Awesome country... I like it mostly because of ANIMES!

Australia has a unique and diverse range of flora and fauna and some of the most spectacular places in the world. It has some of the best beaches and rainforest, deserts and mangroves. The people are generally kind and easygoing and multiculturalism is a big part of Australia, being the second most multicultural country in the world. It's also in the top 10 safest and best places to live and grow up and the top 10 places to visit. The cities are exciting and Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and one of the best educated countries. Also I think we have the perf. Weather most of the time and as a matter of fact, we do have snow! One downside in case you hadn't noticed, some of have big egos and talk to much but that's ok! Because we love our country(... Generally).
Its the best land
with beaches
Australia is Famous for fun, although the most dangerous and driest country on the Planet, we are still very fun, a the same time, we have the most liveable cities in the world and we have lots of theme parks and beaches and lakes perfect for any sport, not only do we have dry deserts, we have Extravagant Rain Forest that will put you in awe, the amount of amazing animals we have in Australia and only in Australia is Amazing. As well as the 12th best Economy in the World, we have Brisbane city, the city of Casinos, Lights and jobs, this city may not be fun, but you can get good jobs and opportunity's and Brisbane nearly funds everything in Australia, Brisbane is also famous for the Education it provides and in the north, there is the calm beach filled Sunshine Coast, and in the south, the Gold Coast, the most famous hot spot in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia is definitely the Best place to live
[Newest]Australia is the lucky country & the best place to live in & grow up there. It has great education, lots of tourist attractions & the most perfect weather we rarely have serious natural disasters

1. USA
2. England
3. China
4. Russia
5. Japan
6. Germany
7. India
8. Italy
9. Canada
10. Australia
England is great! It has amazing sites including Big Ben and London eye, The football/Soccer is amazing here! Games going on every day and the education is Super! Great place for tourists and if it wasn't for England, America wouldn't have been discovered for a couple hundred years. Also we wouldn't have T.V. or cuddly teddy bears if it wasn't for England! I <3 my country and I'm proud to be British!
The maker of this list did an injustice to England by not putting England in the top 5, let alone top 10. We are all speaking English and as earlier commentators have stated, we all use British inventions mostly in the modern world and England hasn't even been put in the top 10? No this list needs to be restructured with England at LEAST in the top 5.
[Newest]It think Las Vegas

Amazing country, simply beautiful, very open minded. Don't listen to the stereotypes, all my encounters with French people were always really pleasant, I mean you'll have the equivalent of American rednecks everywhere, France too, but I've never met any.
France is the most visiting country on earth, a lot of variety for landscape, the best food ever and the french way of life is very famous
France is just awesome, apparently they're unpopular in the internet caused by dumb american prejudices (not saying America is dumb, they're even more awesome! )
[Newest]Paris is the best

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It has changed the world in both good ways and bad. But its defiantly changed history more than once. Protestantism, the highway, the first anti smoking campaign, The first missile weapon the v2 rockets and Good space technology The world would be less interesting without Germany.
Germany is good at heavy industry. Germany gots many famous brand. Many people use German language. Many people live in Germany. I love Germany.
Germany is good country
[Newest]Germany is CLEARLY the best country in the world

The first man in space, ingenious art, intelligent, educated people, the brilliant scientists. I know that Russia was born from the ashes in 2000 and Russia continue to develop. For 12 years, look what has become Russia, Russia is regaining the status of super power and will not stop. I admire Russia. I wish you good luck and prosperity to Russia. (from Germany with love)
Only in Russia happened many things that never happened to world. I think it will be weird if someone didn't heard about Russia.
Russia is a nice country but the people are getting ruder and ruder, something like 70% of the people use swear words EVERY DAY, the other 30% use swear words once every 2 days, I used to like Russia, their president is nice but he starts insulting other countries, also he said they could win the world war without any help from other countries, and the people, they just keep shouting: Russia IS THE BEST, ALL OTHER NATIONS ARE STUPID, BO, see, that's why I don't really like the people.
[Newest]Russia stinks! America will always be number 1!

13South Korea
.. I think South Korea is the BEST! Because of their culture.. And today they have K-pop that has a good musics, k-dramas that has so many great actors and good plot of drama's too. South Korean people's are so good.. They are so beautiful and also a rich country.. :) South Korea Fighting!
.. I agree. I do really love south korea, this is my favorite country.. South Korea Fighting!
South Korea is really a great country. Although it isn't all about Gangnam Style and Gentleman, it also has lots of countries. And people thinking that we make up a history about South Korea just to make it seem cool. It is not.
[Newest]I love their culture, food and everything about it. Love from Russia.

Singapore is almost the safest country to live in. It has the second lowest crime rate in the world. Also, it has high standards of living, and has good alliance to other countries. Singapore may be small, but much efforts are made to beautify the country. Finally, Singapore is a multi racial country with lots of tourist. Therefore the tourists can easily get help, as I guess there are people that speaks different languages. Singapore feels like a mixed country of British, America, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and many different countries.
Singapore is the best country! Multi-religious, Awesome Singlish! Singlish is made out of many languages combined! Singapore also have Universal Studios and Singapore Flyer. The fact that peace is really peaceful down here, although we are related to one of the most emotionless countries
Singapore is a very nice country
[Newest]Singapore has a low crime rate. It is safe and beautiful.

Its beautiful, snow laden trees in winter, green and crispy summer, colourful fall we have it all in Canada. Its safe, secure and healthy Country. Its welcoming to immigrants from allover the world. Just visit Canada and it will feel like home.
Canada's nature and people is perfect for anyone. The fresh winter snow, the beautiful flowers, the hot summer and the winds of autumn will make you want to stay. To homeland Canada, eh?
Canada is very wonderful! I just moved to Canada from Europe and all I can say is " I love Canada! I am proud to be canadian! " Canada is much better than Europe. First of all, Canadians are richer, Canada has so many beautiful nature and there is no war or disasters. We are safe in Canada. It is the third best country out of all other countries in the world.
[Newest]I love this country!

The most wonderful, interesting and amazing country in the world...! I love It very much in spite of I'm not Italian...!


Italy has the best food fashion, art, monuments, vatican, nature, etc etc...
It is the best you would ever want to go in this wild world. even if I didn't go but I'm pretty sure it is the best. many education stuff r there to see from the history so take your kids
[Newest]Its beautiful and its cars are good nice streets too


Egypt is a leading country and civilization. No one in the world has not know about, heard or been to Egypt. Egypt is the first country in Africa and Middle East historically reflected. Egypt also hosts science, Technology, Engineering and literature. From political point of view, Egypt is among effective countries over the world.
Laugh out loud, Egypt is the most known country ever..
No body on earth doesn't know about Egypt
Egypt the first civilization on earth was in that beautiful land.
I'm not Egyptian, but I believe that Egypt is one of the best countries ever and I literally love it.
Its EGYPT! The oldest civilization on Earth! No One has not heard about Egypt. It should be at least in top 3!
[Newest]There is no one who has never heard of Egypt.

I went all around Indonesia once because it was recommended by my friend. There are so many cultires and all of them are amazing, and their history is fascinating too. My favorites are the beaches and the food. I ended up living in Indonesia.
You'll also need to know, Barrack Obama (US President) was grown up here, In INDONESIA!
Have a lot of beautiful place


[Newest]The islands are so beautiful.

19United Arab Emirates
I been to Dubai, it so beautiful place and this is a place I want to live in when I grow up
Its such a beautiful country I had such a great time there.
Had the most amazing holiday there
[Newest]The UAE is amazingly Awesome you must come and visit UAE's famous city Dubai you will great adventures

Many delicious foods and drinks
Malaysia is the most perfect country. Have it all. Open-minded and welcome anyone to share our uniqueness.
Malaysia is so unique, we don't need go to China to celebrate CNY, n we also don't need to go to India to celebrate Deepavali, lat but not least, we don't need to go to Middle East to celebrate Aidilfitri!
[Newest]Malaysia is the best

21New Zealand
Most beautiful place on the earth, untouched
New zealand is the best country ever in the world and I will be set my life in this best country in2013 or 2014 I like it very much safest and reliable
Lord of the Rings anyone?
[Newest]New Zealand should be #1!

Ireland is beautiful I think it is the third.
It is a great country, because of its hospitality, landscape and the equality in the country.
It should be in top 5 because on st. Paddys day everyone wants to be irish
[Newest]Everyone knows Ireland should be number 1💚⚪️

I think Brazil deserve better than this rank they have beautiful places mostly is beaches and resorts, have big globalized economy, and I thinks it's a place where people are united and people are great at sports and mostly participated in the world cup
Brazil is the country you want to go for the beaches relaxation fun country life to explore and have a great life! I'd you haven't been you Brazil your dumb because it's a wonder place that you should go to!
Brazil have the most famous soccer in the world!
[Newest]Brazil is by far the most popular Latin America country!

Nothing better than the mediterranean food, beaches and culture.
I love Spain; I am from Los Angeles and I've been there 4 times more o less; there's sun and good food I LOVE SPAIN
It rules for its ladies and food
[Newest]Spain has a lot of cow. And Spain's milk is awesome

Greece is one of the FIRST nations and countries which appear in history. Findings show that our civilization exists for over 10.000 years.

Top philosophers were born in Greece. Modern Greece has done some mistakes, but never harmed anyone. Learning our History until now days, shows the heroic spirit of our people and our nation
I think they are known because of the peoples warm personalities and their ancient history, which is heard in school and influences a lot of movies in hollywood
Gorgeous islands, antiquity, and so much things to do there. The people are also great, been going there for years!
[Newest]With out Greece all these other countries wouldn't have democracy

Nigeria well is a great country, you see and learn many traditions and cultures, seventh largest population, known to be the giant of Africa, 500 languages, delicious mouth-watering food and amazing people. Proud to be Nigeria
Wise people, deep tradition, great history... Future world power
Our culture is great, we treat everyone like family. In terms of fame we produce the most English movies in the world (Nollywood makes more than Hollywood) and our music and dances are famous throughout Africa and even beyond.
[Newest]It is the most populated Africa country

The fifth cradle of world civilization, the heart of Asia and the mineral country.
A country with various kinds of nations unfortunately facing crisis of discrimination among, but again having the best solidarity against foreign people, People who defeating super powers of century 19th and 20th ( G. Britain) more than 3 times and Soviet Union once.
A country facing war & battle for three centuries started from the emperorship of Ahmad Shah who dedicated the kingdom to a specific nation ( pashtoon).
Beautiful country with amazing people
We are good We never fight but

Mexico is rich in culture food and in history. It has some of the most well know beaches and cities. It is one of the countries with the most amazing food and has one of the most beautiful flags worldwide. Although its government isn't that good and there has been a lot of violence for more of a decade, it is an amazing and beautiful countries.
MEXICO is known in all the world for it food, landscapes, beaches and culture... :D
Mexico has the best language. You will have no one in usa who could talk mexican better than a mexican
[Newest]Everybody knows tacos and hot girls

The heart of Europe, best beers of the world, french fries, chocolate and the city of Bruges is too beautiful.
Most open minded country in the world! Little country but full of treasures!
Best beer in the world

30Saudi Arabia
Makkah city (Saudi city) is the most important city in the Islamic world (that is mean it is most important city for 1900 million people)
Its a muslim country its amazing!
Awesome place to live in.
[Newest]Mecca is the place I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go to

Finland is a pretty place and there food is amazing this is a place that I might want to live in when I grow up
I live in Finland so I love it OFC :D

Sweden is popular. Big forest. Hot girls. Right now many countries are listening to Swedish songs. 'Swedish House Mafia, Zara Larrson, AKI, Loreen and more!
It has so many famous singers and it is awesome. Also so many YouTubers are from Sweden!

Has the most kinds of birds per square meter. It has the best chocolate I ever tasted. The Ecuador cloud forest is one of the most beautiful in the world. And finally the food is extremely exquisite and divers.
What a beautiful country. It so small and yet it has everything! The Galapagos Islands, the cost, the mountains, and the jungle. The food is exquisite and the weather perfect. #1 Recommended place to visit!
The beautiful Galapagos islands, the Andes mountains, beautiful women and beaches, ranked number 1 in bananas and best place to retire, great weather, the amazon rain forest, and also apparently largest measured average penis size in the world.
[Newest]Ecuador is number one

One of the richest countries in the world, and the best to live in after years of voting! After the Netherlands, Norwegian children has the best childhood world wide! Not poolside country as the small asian countries!
That country is just awesome!
Modern, little and big at once

Nepal is a country which is surrounded by mountains and it is famous for tea. Nepal is a really beautiful country.
Nepal must be one of the most diverse countries in the world. Within the area length of not more than 80 km our altitude varies more than 8000 meters. It has eight of the worlds highest mountains and it is also the birthplace of Lord Buddha (The Light of Asia). We have second most diverse ethnic groups per population standing just below Papua New Guinea.
Nepal Is really Beautiful Country in the World
[Newest]I vote Nepal I love Nepal

36South Africa
Are you kidding me. We have to be more famous than nigeria come on! Nelson mandela anyone?
South Africa has Table Mountain and one of the most beautiful places in the world
I LOVE South Africa <3
People focus on the bad things about this economic, beautiful and culturaly rich country. Yes we were the most racist country during apartheid and yes we do have crime but the US, UK, and Mexico have more racism now, more crime now but they don't get discriminated much about it. Focus on what makes South Africa a good place, think about Nelson Mandela; if it wasn't for him the world would've been a worse place, there would've been more racism. South Africa deserves more popularity than biased countries like America and England.
[Newest]South Africa is One of the best countries in the world... We deserve to be in the top 10

I think Turkey is the best country in world to visit. Because it has 5 things which attract people to come!
1- Historical Buildings and Mosques.
2-National sees and mountains.
4-Restaurants, Coffee, Tea, and Sweets.
Turkey is awesome because it has the greatest shopping malls
Turkey is the best country to visit. People are extremely friendly and even though they might do not understand you because of your language, they still will try to help you. Turkish culture? Turkish food? Turkish dance?
I'm gonna go and eat a Kebapp!
[Newest]Turkey have the best hospitality

Very nice country. Great food. you can get great houses there.

Its a beautiful country
It was awesome country. It has ice on the land. So it was named Iceland!

Just so sound and adore the accents :) Blessed with such a beautiful landscape.
Most inventions (definitely not England). If it wasnt for Scotland the British empire wouldn't have been half the size. Also scottish contribution in the American civil war.
Scotland is a awesome place
[Newest]Its just the best place to be

Awesome! I have been there once and it was so fun!

I am Asif Iqbal from gorakhpur India. Syria is most beuteful and one of the strongest country of the world and also history 54 number in population it is the most history cal place because it is the capitals of world largest empire in history and also my best country is Syria

Number 55? I believe should be among best 5. I've been all around the world, and this little country has everything packed. Food, entertainment, people, scenery, night life, you mention it and This wonderful country has it. I believe whoever put this list down, definitely got no clue.
Lebanon is small but check out their population
Lebanon could be number 1

Kuwait one of the rich country

Jamaica has beautiful beaches, forest rivers, music, culture and people. It is definitely one of the happiest countries in the world. I think Jamaica is the best bombo claat country in the would... To the WORLD!
I think Jamaica is awesome and I know this because I live here and I have travel all around the world and I say Jamaica is the best especially in Ocho Rios
Jamaica is epic it has wonderful food, beaches and more. Most of my family come from Jamaica so I know what it is like. I find that it is the best country. It is also very hot. They have lovely fruits as well
[Newest]Jamaica is the best country EVER it is the home of the world fastest man and woman in history a and also

46Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is the most beautiful island. I love it's places. It's really an amazzing place. I wish I could visit it again. I just loved the place a lot. The country is really natural and there is a lot to see. Sri Lanka is the best place I visited.
Most beautiful island in the world. I love Sri Lanka.
I really love my county... it is the only most educated country in the south Asia, it gives us all most than all the countries in the world... sure, the successfully have got most powefull victory again the young terrorist group than whole world... it got multi cultural country...

In other ways Srilanka got very beautiful beaches, water falls, rivers, reservoirs and beatifull rain forest with most range of endemic plants, birds, lizards, mammals etc... we can't refuse that and all you must agree with my opinion, that the very amazing and most of tourist have visited every year...

And famous for free education, free medicine..

And world number 1 tea and rubber and average of most srilankan scientists works in NASA,...
[Newest]Only thing that needs to be said... Adams Peak

Ranks as top 20 in the most visited countries in the world list so I guess it's famous enough to be here
Beautiful country,1000 islands, good food, good at sport... Many famous historic objects...
It should be on the top. It's islands are as beautifull as Hawaii

Thailand, Land of great beaches and various tourist attraction.
Thai people have much of smile and hospitality.
Thailand have many traditional culture and delicious food.

"Thailand, The great of country"
This country is amazing
Thailand! Land of Smile!
[Newest]Thailand is very beautiful people r nice, good food and is the best place for every age of people

Iraq served the whole world with science. In iraq writing and reading were invented. And so many other stuff like math, algorithms, watches, the wheel.
Iraq is a great country with big tradition and friendly people. Iraq has been known to the west by the Greek toponym 'Mesopotamia' (Land between the rivers) and has been home to continuous successive civilizations since the 6th millennium.
Iraq has done his part as a country by the researches that were done by its great scientists such as Ibn al-Haytham who discovered Theory of Vision

Israel is an amazing place where happiness, love, and generosity prosper. It is also the place where the flash drive was invented. Israel! Israel! GO... Israel, 😊! 😊!
A country full of love, religion, food, entertainment, beauty, nature, and peace. Israel truly should be #1.
Great weather, very hot in summer, cold in winter. Nice people, Holy places, Holy country.

Beautiful beaches and great resorts. <3 plus there is great food and beautiful culture. Pho is really amazing, and it is a noodle and you can go jet sking and for to vihn pearl which is an amusement park. Plus I'm from Vietnam so
In Vietnam people ride motorcycles and its warm and exotic #i'm from Vietnam
Vietnam is really great and has an amazing cuisine
[Newest]Vietnam has the biggest cave in the world!

They have great clothes and wooden shoes that are strange
Very nice country. Love the people and the cities!
The Netherlands is a balanced country. Very open society. definitely needs a top 10 place

53Vatican City
It is the smallest country in the world
It was amazing I've been there
I think Indonesia is number 1 not number15, Indonesia have bali and dragon island, that was amzazing

Heart of Europe. Great place for investment
Poland is the best!
Everyone heard about Poland thanks to WW2.

Argentina is the country of POPE FRANCIS I, Borges, Messi, Maradona, Mascherano, Ginobilli, the Queen Maxima of Netherlands. Argentina, the country of the End of the World, the country of the South Cone, the richest land but the worst politicians, the lovelly people but the violence in the streets, the most human Pope but the city of nazi's escape, the liberator of America San Martin but the guerrilla Che Guevara, with the best and the worst, there is a feeling, an atrocious charm of being ARGENTINE!
I'm a Jamaican and I love Argentina because it's the home of the BEST player in the world Lionel MESSI
Who ever comes in front of Messi tackles him just like Argentina going to do

Somalia is one hell of country. I LOVE SOMALIA MORE THAN ANYTHING. THANK YOU. SEE YOU.
Somalia Is country that will expect to capture all over the world it is also prosper in the future and locate stragegic with the longest cost in Africa
Is the best place for freedom

It has the best soccer player playing for portugal C. Ronaldo, and it has the most nicest and friendly people and it has almost every thing you need. It just is a small country and many people don't now about it.
We discovered the world a country of pioneers of discovery, pisses me off that spain england and france get all of the fame. We were the pioneers they just followed like sheep.
Heroes of The Seas, We Gave New Worlds To The World.
[Newest]Portugal 1 in age. Discovery. That's a fact

I'm an Australian child and this is my favourite country before Bolivia and Canada. yet I have no heritage from there

Bangladesh has many beauties. It has the world's largest Mangrove Forest in the world called Sundarban. Sundarban has the rare Royal Bengal Tiger which is the national animal of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh has many nice places, such as the beaches. It has many shopping malls, and very nice clothes. I went there, and it is the best place, EVER!
I recently went there with my husband and it's true it's amazing and I'm from Portugal. Even I think it's more amazing than my own country!
[Newest]Bangladesh is the best

How about best cheese and famous chocolates
I really want to SKI in Switzerland

61El Salvador
I guess El salvador is an simple country but their are a special thing can't see in the present its on secret way, we can figure it out!

Austria rocks! It's the country where Arnold Schwarzenegger (also known as the Terminator) m Mizart and Red Bull come from! If that ain't nice I don't know anything.

63Bosnia and Herzegovina
It's great country with big tradition, and great natural places for tourists. There was a lot of wars but now Bosnia is repairing.
Bosnia is just best!

Colombia is an excelent country with huge biodiversity, great food, good music, wonderful people, nice whether, beatiful women and many positive things you would not find toguether in one country

It's a beautiful country, so beautiful that millions of people visit this amazing country. With over three quarters of the year filled with sunshine and white sand beaches with on an average of 25 degree warm India Ocean waters its easy to see the appeal to many visitors and locals. Not to forget the amazing wildlife and forests. This is Kenya, an amazing African country, full of contrasts. Stunning landscapes set the scene, from Kakamega's rain-forests to Indian Ocean beaches by way of Mt Kenya National Park; the rolling grasslands of the Masai Mara to searing deserts on the shores of the Jade Sea; with The Rift Valley, home to Hell's Gate National Park, cleaving a massive gash through it all. Kenya is perfect for wildlife safaris,
Trekking on Mount Kenya or discovering new people.
I love this country because it has welcoming people when you visit, clean environment, beautiful and amazing landscape, friendly weather and not to forget it wild life

Great country with great people! Home to the happiest people on earth!

I love Cuba. I have just came back from pakistan to do research some gangsters tried to rob me. At least I am home. Cuba rocks!
Cuba is the best, great view in some places, awesome beaches and great coffee

68North Korea
Apoerantly North Korea is the most corrupt country in the world
Best Korea is strongest and greatest country in world
North Korea is best Korea.

Albania has rich history and many famous people Regis Philbin. Beautiful landscapes
I think Albania is so cool also they never back down
Albania is a cool country there also very Nice beachs they have nice history and Albania is Very brave

Yeah this is an awesome place you guys should check out this cool awesome place. The capital is taipe. Totally check this out some time.
Is a very democratic country, I Reckon" But pretty friendly and beautiful.
Taiwan is the most beautiful place for me, Taiwan can touch your heart

I Have visited Oman once in summer.. My uncle and aunt and cousins live there.. Its a wonderful country.. Although summers are really very hot but in this era it doesn't matter much... Its a peaceful country with a lot of shopping centers and exhibitions.. Amusements parks are rare... Islam is a majority religion here... Law and order situation is good.. There are a lot of cars.. But other vehicles are rarely seen.. Especially no motorbikes at all... I wish to visit it again.. And I surely will
Is a beautiful country and it surrounded by a lots of mountains it's good to spend the summer over their
Oman sound like old man.
[Newest]Oman is great for farms

It is very great to live in Ghana and it is the very peaceful country to live in
The best Africa country, thank you
Philippines is the best not gana its too boring there and dirty place got it

Armenia is great, it's truly amazing, it's truly famous, it's truly the best! Visit Armenia, visit the land of ancient history, extraordinary culture, and don't forget it's the first country that recognized Christianity as official religion in 301 AD (Rome did the same in 381 AD).
The best country of the world.
Armenia best on the world.. Vist Armenia you'll never forget it...

Good at football, hair colors there has the darkest or lightest& pretty good country!

Its a really nice place... The culture, there music, food, people... Incredible.
I love Algeria, its great!

Guatamala is the best there culture is awesome and there food is delicious.

77Czech Republic
They drink 161 liters of beer per capita every year!

78Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic is AWESOME Because I Love their culture and food, Also My Step-Dad is Dominican and My little Brother as Well.


80Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad is the best place to be trust me!
It is so beautiful! And I love carnival...



Paradise island and best tourist destination


You know Madagascar the movie, right?


This country has amazing animals

You don't have sudan

Qatar is my second home
I love Qatar... Because its has given every citizens a chance to prove and earn here... Very warm welcome here in Qatar... Qatari people's are very nicely talks with everyone.. Exteme hot and extremely cool... People's are enjoying their each day here...
Country is the fatest growing and developing in the Worldd and it counts as the wealthiest country in the world

A great place! Rich culture despite what they've had opposing them. It's a pity that this county's not as well known as others. And don't forget--Ice hockey!

Nauru is the greatest. There's lots of love and of happiness. I love my island home.

ITS Hungary!


Ancient orthodox Christian nation in the world...

Haiti is were my mom was born it has beautiful beaches and good frists
Beautiful beaches and girls
Pearl of the Carribean

He country is beautiful and ranked among the top 10 African tourism destinaions with affordable transport fares beginning from $99 to $399, come see, enjoy and visit the starting point of the nile from its source lake victoria. in Uganda, they offer hospitality such as riding horses at entebbe horse training centre and trust me they have the best lodges in the whole of east Africa. the early bird catches the best ticket, come one come all
It is very beautifull and comes in top 10 most growing countries by population in the world

95Democratic Republic of the Congo

Great country I don't even know how itlooks

"The only Monarchy country in the World" Its history tells it all

Latvia is a famous country because you get to explore new things and enjoy the bimming sun in summer, in summer it is over 30 degrees all the people love it. I know it seems like a small country but who cares I still supprot it and I support France, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, New York and miami. Please don't think I'm being afencive to other countrys I'm just saying what I think thatnk you for reading as I said I'm not being affencive or mean I just said I just like them countrys and support them. Latvia also has many big buildings and there are many people who love it.

99South Sudan

Beautiful country ever!
The beauty of Tunisia is a fine mix of European and Middle Eastern culture with its rich history and scenic views

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