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1Mickey Mouse

He's always made me feel young.. And when in a bad mood, just watch a Mickey cartoon and all is better

No other cartoon can give you the same feelings of a good old Mickey Mouse short. I saw almost everything animated born between 1910 and 2000, and Mickey Mouse tops any character out there. He may not be the funniest or craziest in terms of hard laughs, but as Walt himself said, he's SO human that you can't not love him. His facial and body expression are unmatched in the whole cartoon history: that's why is funny to see his laid back, humanly heroic, sometimes forgetful, but always committed actions and adventures. He may seems a simple character, but he's one of the most unique cartoon personality of all time: as I said, no other cartoon can give you the same feelings of a good old Mickey Mouse short. Simple as that.

I reckon everyone knows who he is, and that he is a star over all of the world

He is my favorite Disney character of this list mickey mouse is the Disney mouse walt Disney has ever created in all of walt Disney studios

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2Donald Duck

A duck that has more personality than any other Disney character combined. He's the fella that we can relate to in his adventures. He's the one that has faced the war than any other cartoon character. And he has a one of a kind voice that we have adored for so many years. So as you can see, this is what made him a legend.

Donald is just the coolest and cutest Disney character in the whole Disney world. He is so funny, friendly, unique and has a way to act in all kind of personalities so that everybody loves him! Also in Kingdom Hearts he was great! I loved having him as my ally cause he's my favourite and after I saw that he is a wizard in the game, I loved him even more (I love magic staff and spells)!

The funniest duck in the world with the coolest voice

Donald is so funny watching him fail makes me feel better about my mistakes

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Now that's a Disney character! He is so funny

Why in the name of everything holy is ' Stitch above this guy?

He is so funny!

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Who does not like the amazing, funny, cute, fluffy, awesome stitch? He makes me laugh every time I watch his movies. He is definitely the best disney character of all time. Vote for stitch because he should be number one. Don't you agree?

I totally agree Stitch is the best he always is funny, loyal and determined. Vote team Stitch.

Stich is beautifully thought-out with such an adorable yet unconventional design and a personality to make your heart melt. He's not old enough to be called a classic but he was one of the last characters to be created with the "Original Disney" vibe. - biancataguiang

Stitch is so cute and full of drama in the movies

I think stitch us cute

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5Minnie Mouse

minnie is awesomee! I think she's adorable! (:

I love Minnie she is amazing and friendly she made my dreams come true when I went to Disney world. She makes me feel better when I'm sad. She is so cute

I LOVE her and so does my granddaughter. We both have stuffed Minnie Mouse. And I got her a blanket with Minnie all over it. I have a 1930's book of all Disney character. Sure looked different then.

She is so pretty!

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It's because I do believe in fairies;I do, I do

Tinkerbell is so awesome shes always so sweet and kind plus I love her outfits in all of the movies

Tinkerbell is an amazing Disney character. I loved those Disney shorts on Disney Channel, and I love her movies. She teaches young kids that it's okay to be different and have different talents.

She's cool now but was just terrible in the original Peter Pan movie. Why did they have to make her such a envious prick in that movie? - Mcgillacuddy

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It's Micky's dog! If you do not like Pluto... You do not like Disney!

He is the cutest Disney character ever created! Plus he is the sweetest/ smartest dog! He has many my top 1 favorite since I was a child

Pluto the best character by far! He's loyal, adventurous, funny, and Mickey's best friend.

Pluto is awesome!

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8Winnie the Pooh

He became the unofficial face of Disney in the 90s, along with several other characters from his sub-franchise.

He's got this charm that makes you feel all flowery and nostalgic.

He is so cute and funny and sweet. Just looks like a pot bellied bear. Always excited and helpful in nature. Just love his dressing style. Winnie the Pooh rocks!

I Love Winnie the Pooh!

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9Snow White

She is my favorite disney character hate how she doesn't get enough credit at all she is the first disney character a child should ever see and she was the first full animated disney movie ever!

Snow White is BY FAR! My most favorite princess of just about ALL time! She needs to be placed way better than 9th place! (She doesn't get enough credit! )

Snow white is one of the best princesses in the world so if you don't like snow white 'wait a moment every one should like snow white

She is lovable and sweet she should at least be in the top five

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Baymax was the one thing that made big hero 6 even better. Some characters are funny, but he made me cry with laughter the first time I saw him. Plus he has a selfless side. All he cares about in the film is his friends. He was willing to sacrifice himself for hiro and a stranger! That proves how selfless he is! To conclude, baymax is a caring, loveable, funny character. GO TEAM BAYMAX!

If you don't love Baymax, then who do you? Baymax is great. He teaches kids about their bodies and he has a great love able and not to mention huggable design

Adorable helpful cute amazing friendly and everything good even make him do different things he's the best I mean come on!

He is a big marshmallow how can you not love him!

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Cinderella is a classic. You can not deny that.

Cinderella reflects the truth of what is happening in today's society. Stepmothers, people who is always envious and try to put you down, I give Cinderella a full 100 percent top cartoon. This warns people out there especially itchy old men to think of their kids instead of thinking of other women to scratch their itchiness.

Cinderella's iconic: the princess, the prince, the fairy godmother, the glass slipper. Who HASN'T heard of her>

Cinderella is my favorite

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Go team Ariel! If you are hating on my comment I will destroy you why would Ariel not be one of the most popular Disney Characters? I mean the girl has the best hair out of all the Disney princesses, she has a stronger personality than most of them, she is definitely the most stubborn not sure if this is a good thing , and she has a large belief of true love and how it will always conquer evil like when she and Eric defeated Ursula even though the odds were way against them . Another thing is that Ariel is probably the only princess who wears six outfits and pulls all of them off magnificently, the firstly outfit is her tail and clam shells and I don't know about you but she looks glorious whether she is above or under water, next is her blue present dress now what I love about this one is that she actually wears an accessorize with it, next is her pink ballgown which she wears to dinner with Eric she also wears pearl earrings which help with the fact that she's from the sea, also ...more

Ariel is like my favorite Disney princess and the little mermaid is one of my most favorite movies. Its just so adorable...her and Eric! I think she should be higher on the list!

She is so pretty and gorgeous, I want her hair and everything, shes amazing and I love her, shes my idol even though shes not a real person. And when people do punk edits on her, she still looks amazing.

I like it it shows people that mermaids exist

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She is my favorite character of the most famous Disney characters list I like Mulan that lady can fight do karate like shes some body new I mean I vote Mulan as the best character on this list all the Disney characters rules

She is brave, powerful and saved China. Mulan can inspire other people to be brave and be true to your duty in your heart.

I love Mulan she's a strong, independent and determined female character who is one of my role models even though she may not actually exist

She is the best Disney character of all time she rocks Disney I am going to vote for her mulan you are the best one on this list

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14Mike Wazowski

Mike wazowski is quite possibly the greatest Disney creation ever. Mickey Mouse doesn't deserve to stand next to the mike wazowski. He's probably the most powerful character in the world the presidents aren't even equal to the Michael wazowski. My only problem is that sully isn't on here. Where is the phrase you're GREEN WITH IT I'm really mad that sully isn't on here and I might even sue the top tens list. I think it's just a serious case of fascism and everything else. Mike and sully are classic American heros they should be number one. This is a horrible world cause I'm seriously mad, where is SULLY where is he! I'll sue ya.

He is one of the funniest characters I have seen in movies overall! He is a great character!

Its absolute genius, a green ball with one eye, classic

Awesome and Funny

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15Captain Jack Sparrow

Can you ever measure the amount of swag he's got? Not to mention constantly succeeding despite the fact the he comes off as a complete idiot.

I love captain jack sparrow he is best the acting of johnny depp is amazing he is perfect for captain jack sparrow

When his movies became popular, they just had to add him to the ride, because he was the one that made it so popular

He should be number 1

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As far as I know, she's the only Disney protagonist on top of my head, who has the amazing powers of a villain, a good heart of a hero, the complexity of an anti-hero, and the striking beauty, elegance and poise of a Goddess. Even as new as she is, the lovely Snow Queen is quickly becoming one of my Disney icons, up there with Donald Duck and Mickey.

Elsa is probably the greatest female character of all time. She's expertly animated, well thought out, and amazingly powerful.

Elsa is not a bad sister she is very good sister elsa is very beautiful and adorable she is the best Disney princess she is so cute and sweet and she loves her sister anna she is a real queen of the most important place Disneyland

Go Elsa girl power

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"Can your Friends do this? Can your Friends do that? " You know it, this movie is great to watch with your friends! Genie can make you laugh at any scene he is in! I Love You GENIE!

I agree! He makes you feel so so so so... careless. and that in a good way - MattCutler226

Genie is one of the funniest Disney characters! I makes me laugh every single time I watch the movie. No matter how many times I watch Aladdin, I will always laugh at Genie!

Who DOESN'T love the Genie! Comedy gold, heart of gold! Thank you Robin.

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18Chip 'n' Dale

They're great characters and they're also very famous by the fans who watched the shorts or Rescue Rangers. Those two chipmunks needs more love and should get more votes. - Nectaria

I love Chip and Dale cause they are just hilarious

They always make me laugh! They are so cute

They are so adorable and funny!

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Daisy is a cute duck. I think daisy gonna marry donald

She is an iconic Disney Character she should be in top 10!

20Hiro Hamada

He's a genius boy with a heart for sweet, huggable Baymax. You gotta love him.

He is a genius and he can do ehat he wants if he has enough power for it!

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