Most Famous Dogs

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The Top Ten

Brian, Family Guy



4Beethoven from Beethoven
saint bernards are my favorite big dogs

5Snoopy from Peanuts
Snoopy is awesome. In fact SO awesome that you just cannot explain it.




9The Queen's Corgis
What can I say? HRH loves her corgis!

10Odie from Garfield

The Contenders


12Toto from The Wizard of Oz

13Marley from Marley & Me
Marley is known as the world's worst dog,
But we will always remember him as the dog who made us scowl, laugh and (Everyone)has to admit it) cry.


15Blue from Blue's Clues

16Spike from Rugrats


18Zelda Van Gutters from Nick Magazine

19Bullseye, the Target dog

20Magenta from Blue's Clues


22Santa's Little Helper from The Simpsons

23Fala, FDR's dog

24Kermit and Marbles

25Andrex Puppy

First dog in space! Come on, people!

27Inspector Rex

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