Most Famous Indian Muslims

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The Top Ten

Zakir Naik
I wonder how this name skipped the list. Single most popular persona across the country well respected by most of all communities.
One of the best Islamic scholar in the world.
Excellent knowledge of islam and other religious.
[Newest]He is the legendary... Naik

2A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
I think that you should not see the caste and religion of great peoples...
A P J do for our nation-INDIA, not for only muslims... I see the option Afzal Khan below it. What is the reason to chose this option? I don't Know... Afzal Khan was as equal as... No more than Laden
He is one of the greatest persons I have ever seen
Number One is A.P.J. abdul kalam
[Newest]He is second father of Nation

3Aamir Khan
Aamir khan he is 1 of the great actors he is such a good human being
I've seen so many pictures of him and his mother in mecca and only Muslims are allowed to go there. definitely
He is such a good human being first... He atcually is 1 of the great actors and thinks and desires for a better society. Salute and love to him
[Newest]Great person and actor

4Salman Khan
Salman khan is always ready to help poor children in India by various types. He donate lots of funds in NGO for better future of of Indian child, Being human is own charitable trust, he sends a great massage by his recent film JAI HO! SAY NO TO THANKS JUST HELP 3 People & MAKE A CHAIN FOR A BETTER India.
Salman is the best
The Best! One and only of its kind!
[Newest]Salman khan is demigod...

5Asaduddin Owaisi
I totally believe that the one who follows the laws of the religion will never ever go astray. I believe he fights for justice and I will always vote him.
Hyderabad Politician and Muslim Supporter
He is the only leader who always try to protect the rights of minorities who are being surppressed by others over the years and trying to protect constitutional rights of minorities
He always stand behalf of minorities in parliament
[Newest]He is real hero and iron man of India

I totally believe that the one who follows the laws of the religion will never ever go astray. I believe he fights for justice and I will always vote him.

6A.R. Rahman
A R Rahman is one of the most famous Muslim in India. Not only India he is worldwide famous Muslim also.
A great peace ambassador to world from India.
World best music director
[Newest]Great musician in world

7Mohammad Azharuddin
In every field Muslim don't have rats Muslim only have one tiger in every field allah hu akbar
You are right and tiger you commented on is a currupt and match fixer but yeah you guys do have tigers in terrorism lolz

8Shahrukh Khan
He is a good actor as well as a Muslim but it does not seem that he is a Muslim because he never ever take participation in religious activities...
He should be in second position
He is just like king. He is old but yet he seems to be young
[Newest]He is the best actor and I proud of him because he is a Muslim

9Irfan Habib
Iron man of India

10Dilip Kumar
He is the best actor of Indian cinema.

The Contenders

11Zaheer Khan

12Akbaruddin Owaisi
Politician and Muslim Supporter
The bravest person in world
[Newest]He is the truth lover

13Prince Moazzam Beg
Moazzam Mirza (Prince Moazzam Baig, Born 18 Nov 1991) he is an Indian Famous Muslim Singer and Famous Naat, Humd, Nazam writer. He was born in Ahmedabad.
Short Prince Moazzam Family Tree:
Prince Abdul Sattar Beg (the prince of khanpur) > Prince Mehmood Beg (the prince of sonal) > Prince Moazzam Beg (the continue his father prince of sonal).
Moazzam Mirza (Prince Moazzam Beg; b. 18 Nov 1991) he is an Famous Indian Muslim Singer.


14Afzal Khan
Pathan Afzal Khan (Born 10 Aug 1991) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.

15Katrina Kaif
Her dad is a Muslim
Suddenly, I was pleased when I knew that katrina kaif is a Muslim. Please any one send message to katrina kaif "in the world no human is worst and no one is perfect, may even a small virtue or kindness may be enough to please ALLAH"
She is a British Indian actress

16Shahid Kapoor
His mother was beloved to Muslim orthodox

17Javed Akhtar

18Asif Khan
Pathan Asif Khan (Born 09 Sept 1991) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.

19Naseeruddin Shah
The best actor of my age
A classic and matured actor

20Akhtar Raza Khan
Feeling pleasure to seeing Akhtar raza saab in between top most personalities of India..
Really, I am so glad...

21Mohammad Hamid Ansari

22Rohit Sharma Khan

23Ashraf Khan
Pathan Ashraf Khan (Born 11 Oct 1990) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.

24Saif Ali Khan
He is a very good actor and a very decry guy

25Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (Bareilyi)
He is the greatest person and great scholar in the word!
Really a Great Man,

26Akram Khan
Pathan Akram Khan (Born 14 Now 1990) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.

27Adeel Khan
Pathan Adeel Khan (Born 01 Apr 1995) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.

28Arbaz Khan
Pathan Arbaz Khan (Born 03 Jun 1996) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.

29Shahnawaz Khan
Pathan Shahnawaz Khan (Born 05 Feb 1988) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.

30Irfan Allana
The chairman of allanasons No meat exporter and 2nd largest foreign currency holder in India.
I admire the gentleman for his generosity and support to the less priveledge people of the society in general


32Faisal Khan
Pathan Faisal Khan (Born 05 Apr 1994) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.
Thank you for become good Muslim actor and as we are Muslims we will suport you for ever

33Prince Moazzam Mirza
Prince Moazzam Mirza [Moazzam Mirza; born 18 November 1991] his a Indian Famous Muslim Singer and Naat, Humd, Nazam writer. He was Born in Ahmedabad.


34US Moinuddin
Indian Author, Educationist, Motivational Speaker, Environmentalist. Born and brought up in Bangalore, he inspires people with his powerful thoughts. He promotes the message of love and universal brotherhood and wants people to live as a single unified human race.
Born and brought up in Bangalore, US Moinuddin is a popular Indian Author, Educationist, Motivational Speaker, and Environmentalist. He continues to motivate people with his inspiring words, progressive and secular ideas.

35Shabana Azmi
Great actress of bolly wood

36Khalid Khan
Pathan Khalid Khan (Born 10 Mar 1992) he was Born in Ahmedabad. He is Brother of Prince Moazzam.

37Salman Khurshid

38Nawab Kokab Hamid
Has been the MLA of Baghpat for 6 terms. Been instrumental in maintaining the image of a secular baghpat.
A Muslim politician and Nawab of baghpat, UP

39Hafiz Shah Alam
Imam Of Bukhari masjid Kalyan

40Kamal Haasan

41Mohd Ali Rafath, IAS
A. P Cadre IAS, and a strong Muslim who fights the law from both hands as a IAS and as a Muslim.. But his activities are invisible.
Yeah heard about him...

42Zainab Shakil Khan
Educating Muslim women towards Art & craft of India, Member Welfare party of India

43Azam Khan
Over all can say good man

44Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi

45Mahesh Bhatt
He is prominent dirctor Of India

46Azim Premji

47Rahat Indori
One of the great poet

48Irrfan Khan
Most talent actor of bollywood & hollywood
I like of his acting so much. He is doing real and perfect. Some of his film (m0vies that he acting in it ) earn international award for example Slumdog Millionaire that catch Oscar award.

49Mohammad Ali
Mohammed Ali is good actor of Andhra Pradesh
And he is great human Being...
He help poor people's and children's

50Ziyan Shirazi

51Haji Mastan

52Sania Mirza
She is very good sports person and human being

53Yusuf Pathan

54Mohammad Kaif

55Dulquer Salmaan

56Asif Ali


58K. P. Ummer




62Ansiba Hassan

63Suhaib Ilyasi
Famous Television anchor of India's Most Wanted. The pioneer of crime related T.V. programs in India.

64Shakil Ahmad
Leader, Welfare party of india

65P.M. Sayed
38 years in the law making body of India (LS) Lakshadweep Constituency never alleged with Single Rupee, (A politician free from corruption) Born on 10th day of may 1941 passed away on 18th day of December 2005

66Dr. Asif Sahito

67Shahmeem Miah
Founder of oil company Shell the biggest oil giant in history.

68Ameen Mian Qaudri

69Mohammed Zaid
Mohd zaid he was (born 1996) in up
He is a body builder in Mumbai

70Mujahid Quraishi
He is awsom guys

71Mubarik Khan
He is an famous architect.

72Ustad Zakir Hussain

73Mohd Wasiq
When we talk about wasiq that the thing we mind only of their acting, fame and style.
He is Good person and helping in Healthcare and Education

74P. K. Abdul Aziz
Merine scientist ex voice chancelor of cochin university of science and technology;Kochi (CUSAT) and aligarh Muslim university;Aligarh (AMU)

75Resul Pookutty

76Irfan Pathan

77Wasim Jaffer

78Syed Nabi

79C M Ibrahim

80Feroz Nuruddin Saith

81Maulana Arifuddin
Sabika Imam of Bukhari Masjid kalyan

82M. M, Akbar

83A P Aboobakar Musliyar
Social activist in kerala
Actualy he was the great Muslim persanality in India. He king of Muslims in India

84Master MD Elias Ali

85Fahadh Faasil

86Tulip Siddiq

87Farhan Fazil

88Maqbool Salmaan

89Anwar Rasheed

90Prem Nazir

91Ajmal Ameer

92Mahmoud Abbas

93Gamal Abdel Nasser

94Aashiq Abu


96Rafeeq Ahammed

97Salim Ahamed

98Shamna Kasim

99Nadhiya Moidu


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