Top Ten Most Famous People With The Name Michael


My name is Michael so I decided to make a list of the famous people with my name. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson, Will Always Be The Most Famous MICHAEL Of All Time. Regardless If You Knew Him Or Not. That's Obviously Besides The Point Here. When ever You Hear.. Michael 9 Times Out 10 You Think Of The Worlds Greatest Entertainer Of All Time Michael J. Jackson. When He Died, He Died ^^ Lived As The Greatest Entertainer All American Time/history. Lbvs. Talking About Him Hurts Because Whatever We Say Or Do Isn't Going To Bring Him Back. But At Least He Knows He'll Be Missed. There's Not A Day That Goes By Where I Don't Get Sad Or Don't Think Of Him :)..R.I. P MICHAEL JOSPEH JACKSON. YOU'RE MISSED EVERYDAY! August 29,1958- June 25,2009
Michael owns unparallel talent not only in music/dance but also in painting and composing and inspiration to all new artists and people over the world being a better person. His unselfish and unconditional love to the children, the underprivileged people and animals. He paid his greatest effort on the environment protection and against war. All of these made him so well-known in every corner of our world.
[Newest]The best of all time!

2Michael Jordan
How can Michael Jordan get only 6% of the vote? He's probably the biggest household name besides Michael Jackson... Who's Michael kitchen?
Michael Jordan is the most legendary basketball player. He should be number 2 and Michael jackson stays at 1.
Michael Jackson was last famous in 2009. Ever since he has been a figment in the back of our minds.
[Newest]His is So good with basketball

3Michael J. Fox
Let's see he went back to the future three times was teen wolf lived life as a talking mouse in the Stuart little trilogy, spin city, voiced another animal in two homeward bound movies and so many more! Now he bravely exposes himself while enduring this terrible disease to try and find a cure for it. This is definitely using your fame and money in a positive way! Love this guy!
Ha! #4! Let's see if we can get him any higher on this list, shall we?


Awesome should be number one

4Michael Schumacher
I'm his Biggest fan in the whole world! Michael, Even if you lose every single race, you are still the greatest driver in the History of F1. RESPECT!

Ms is best sportsmen I ever seen.
He is from europe, he is real athlete, not american pop-porn star likeall other americans sportsman
Greates F1 driver of all time! 7th time world champion wi

5Michael Phelps
He is also one of who deserving for top 5.
I'm a swimmer, Michael's my name and he's awesome
I had some Michael phelps kush it was bomb cha!

6Michael Vick
Don't forget Dr. Martin (Michael, before name change) Luther King, Jr.

7Michael Crawford
Best phantom of the opera ever. An incredible voice and great stage presence.

8Mike Kitchen
Best singer/basketball player called Michael ever.

9Mike Tyson
One of the best boxers of all time.
Mike Tyson is easily more famous and recognisable than Michael Phelps! You could also argue that Tyson is more famous than Michael Schumacher.
Higher than michael phelps

10Michael Douglas
My full name is Michael DOUGLAS also.

The Contenders

11Michael Buble
Michael bubble is everything. She makes every girl in the world insane! And his songs are so heart touching and enjoyable! Should be on top 3!

12Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger
I wish the new generation would know how this guy created music.
Blah blah blah I love potatoes

13Michael Moore
He produced The highest grossing documentary film ever made. Over 100 million at the box office. Never been done before... I'm Michael MAROY from W.

14Saint Michael
The commander of the army of Heaven
Prince of the Heavenly Hosts.
Kick ass arc angel!

15Michael Kors

16Michael Keaton
Well, Keaton was the best 'Batman' ever! He was the FIRST, he's (the first best after Adam West). He was also very awesome in 'Multiplicity'. I think that he's a great actor and also a great comedian as a person even when he is not acting, (that last part is made up, but I bet he's pretty cool
). Where is he now? Where have all our superheroes gone?
Thanks for the list. I really don't at the moment have another entry for you, but, there are so much more!
I meet a Mike almost every second day, it doesn't mean that they can join the cool club.
We Have So Much Energy To Spend, Let's Do It In The Right Way!
P.S. I miss M.J. fox from 'Family Ties'

17Michael Caine

18Mike Shinoda

19Michael Richards
Actor most famouse of his Seinfeld Character Kramer

20Michael McIntyre

21Michael Morpurgo
Michael Morpurgo is the best book ever when I read his books I actually felt like it was real and when there was a sad moment I actually cried
Best story teller in whole entire universe he is so awesome at writing books he has written so many
How is morpurgo don at 22?

22Michael Faraday
I never knew that there are so many famous people named Michael
Definitely will remain famous for all eternity

23Michael Copon

24Michael Spitz

25Michael Cera

26Michael Clifford

27Michael Bolton

28Mike Myers

29Michael Johns

30Michael Shanks

31Michael E. DeBakey
Heart by-pass surgery pioneer

32Michael James "Mikey" Way
My Chemical Romance wouldn't be the same without Mikey!

33Mikhail Gorbachev
Russian variation to the name

34Michael Bloomberg

35Michael Buffer
How would you ever forget this line 'ladies and gentlemen' using his unique manly and tremending voice.

36Michael Vey

37Michael Myers

38Michael Bay
Producer of the (Tranformers movies)

39Michael Spinks
Boxing HeavyweightChampion of the World

40Mike Schmidt
Hall of fame Baseball Player - Phila Phillies

41Michael Owen
English Football (soccer) player.

42Michael Carrick
English and Manchester United Midfielder.

43Michael D Higgins

44Michael Schenker

45Michael Anthony

46Michael Jones

47Michael Cole
Worst wrestler ever in WWE

48Michael Goosen

49Michael Kiske

50Michael Mouse
Friends call him Mickey

51Michael Del Zotto

52Mike Bison

53Michael Ironside

54Michael Giacchino

55Michael Pena

56Michael Penn

57Michael Bell

58Michael Fassbender

59Mike Richter
One of the best Ranger's goalies


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