Most Fun Thing to Do with Your Computer

July 29, 2015 - Not the thing you do the most with your computer, but what you LIKE doing the most with it! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Play Games
currently I am playing minecraft, but I know a bunch of other fun games that you can play WITHOUT PAYING! It's so addicting!
Do I really need to explain this, its games. Either they're actual video games that you have to pay for or they're those devilishly addicting flash games. It is the funnest thing to do on the computer.


I have a xbox 360 and it broke so I always play on the computer like for 20 hours
[Newest]Such a good game no down loads and free

2Surf the 'net
If you surf the net, you can find great games and play it?


You'll almost always come across something cool by doing this
games can't beat sites like youtube, hulu, and wikipedia


[Newest]Cause it's super fun to do in you free time

3Listen to Music
If you really love music this couldn't miss from your PC


I voted this because I love music so much. Try and top that.
I downloaded over 7,500 songs!.. Well my dad and my brother over killed it, my dad with his country back from the 70's, asnd my brother with all his rap music.. Therefore I don't listen to much music off my computer E. E


[Newest]I probably listen to music more than sleep :3

4Throw it out the window
"It seems you are trying to throw me out the window. Need some help? "


It would be hilarious if I could simply throw an old PC out a window, and not get in trouble. It would be the best...




[Newest]Providing it's a mac, go for it!

5Watch Movies/Video/TV
I know like 5 or 6 internet sites that let you watch T.V. watch movies listen to music and more!
I love gong on youtube and hulu! I could spend hours on those websites and neva get bored
Laugh out loud I guess watching porn would come under this and we all know this is the main use of the internet for the Male population of the world
[Newest]I watch Are you afraid of the dark al the time on my computer

6Go on YouTube
If you are bored YouTube is the perfect site to go onto and watch videos. You couldn't imagine the quality and quantity of the videos on this site. If you watched a very funny T.V. Show and you want to watch a particular part of it you most probably will be able to find it on YouTube.
I always go on YouTube and every time I do I watch smosh skate videos, and random things that I hope aren't screamers
I love YouTube I go on it everyday I am even going on it right now after I type this message
So I am glad I found this list to type my opinion here on this very web site so vote for go on YouTube gtg cya
[Newest]On YouTube you can pretty much watch any thing

No kidding, all the time!
I love chatting on the web withfriends and family
I can't go 2 min. Without talking to someone


8Download Stuff
I love downloading stuff! I get restless whe I don't have anything to download.


Oh yer totally right I love things like that I have already downloaded cool gadgets and lots of outher cool apps downloading is totally my thing
I'm always downloading new games or custom content for the sims.
[Newest]Good like do that

FB keeps me in touch with friends and family around the globe, actually, FB is everything I need, including a minute sports results around the globe!
Facebook is bad you know why you can die people can track you down and you might lose money or anything important or even as far as getting murdered but there is a way to counter that by not spreading any important information or intellegence at all and if you don't listen to this advice then don't come crying to me saying "I lost more than 1,000 dollars from my bank account" or don't blame me if you almost DIED
Facebook is so addictive it should be illegal!

Create Web Sites/Blogs, Program VB or Java, graphics, develop photo sites, anything that produces something creative.
I like creating things. Newspapers, Websites ^^ more! It really is fun! Typing personally I love!
I think that it gets you active and you could become famous

The Contenders

11Be On This Website
TheTopTens is awesome! Woo!


All the days I spent... and I have yet made an account because I'm lazy
Yup.. Pretty much how I spend my days


12Make Music
Probably one of the funnest things to do on a computer
This is the funnest thing ever to do on a computer!


As a musician, it's a blast.
[Newest]I love singing and music

13Vandalize Wikipedia
I know someone who told me they went on wikipedia and said that they changed the one page to say that Earth was created by the panda god, Panda-Tron! I love vandalizing it now!
Laugh out loud, I remember people vandalizing hurricane stats. 900 mph winds, seriously? I now love to make Justin Bieber look like a girl.
That's not very nice... Totally Hilarious though x3
[Newest]That's a good thing to do,

14Burn it at your local bonfire
I disagree with this
Did this once by my school. BIG FIRE WITH BIG SPARKS! Seriously, they shot up like 20 feet. Lotta fun. You should try burning a computer too!

15Dress It Up and Take It On a Walk
LIGHTBULB! This is a great idea, thanks mate! *puts collar on computer and drags it on a field* good Fido
Is it a dog you dress and walk

16Dust It
Is it you dust something

I like hacking- well the legal one, were you find new ways to to make something work better
Hacking is NOT = Hacking Myspace of yahoo, it's about complete knowledge of a system in an innovative way. It's about 'teaching yourself'.


I'm not a hacker. But I've read about hacking clubs where members compete by attempting to hack into each others systems and leave proof. Like net war games.


18Scaring people into thinking they have a virus
especially the deleting windows prank I really love that! and I always try to prank
Funny that happened to me before but it was just my friends geeky dad
All the way! Scares EVERYONE as long as you know a fake 'virus code'

19Send Viruses
Who the heck does this?
Do it all the time

20Make Videos to Put on YouTube
Greatest thing to do on either computers mac or pc other than making music


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