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1Sha Nay Nay

where shane dawson got his ghetto name....

I mean it's not even a cute nickname why be a name.

People want their children name to stand out from the rest. but sha nay nay is not it

Hey that's my friends name lol

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2Bon Qui Qui

I'm in school looking at these names and I'm like the hell. That's how you now people are black someone finna get smacked if y'all talking bout these names. This isn't ghetto at all Jk being sarcastic

My hamster that killed her sister was named that... Awkward

Someone in my school was making up names and that was one of them.

That's my baby name which yawl ratchet ass

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I'm black and my name is jeremy I can't complain meow

That Is The Most Crazies Name Ever But Cool LIke I don't know What Though

I am gonna use that on my Facebook

I don't hate it

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Who ever name her child that needs therapy. PRONTO

Ghetto black people name their kids these it's so hilariously ignorant.

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HOW IS THIS A GHETTO NAME?!? Is still is though all my friends that are super ghetto are named Courtney. Is really funny.

Most ghetto name ever. I would no is my name. They only way it could be more ghetto is if it was spelt Courtnay. Shank you very much

How is this a ghetto name, maybe the person named Courtney could be ghetto, but the name itself is not ghetto...

I've met 6 Courtney's over my life, and all have been white suburban WASP types.

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When that child grow up she is going to beat her mom ass

Whoever has this name will end up riding a pole.

This is my new best friend name she got a law suit

I have a friend with this name

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Can't even pronounce that name either

Deoshenique is an inspiring name and I will name my daughter this when I have one unless this is a name for the males

Awesome name I am going to name my first born this

Sounds like the name for a deodorant company! - NicholasYellow

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I guess someone wanted to name their child after President Obama

Vote barackeisha obamaneisha for president

I named my child this and I just love this name, my child instantly turned ghetto straight outta the womb

Naming my first child this.

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Doctors need to let the drugs wear off before the patient gives the child a name

Bloody hell what sort of name is that?

... the woman was obviously unconscious and the the dad was the only one barely awake after watching his child come to the world. The doctor could barely hear the man, obviously. Now you have the consequences: the child will hate them forever.

How can this be a name if it was mine is wouldn't even try to spell it

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I think it's a pretty name. No ghetto about it.

I love this name it's my cousins name in my opinion it should NOT be a ghetto name

It's not ghetto plenty of people have this name

It's pronounced A-sigh-uh

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This is the greatest basic ghetto name ever to be honest

I love it that is going to be my daughters name when I give birth to her

This is an incredibly stupid name. As ghetto as it gets. Please don't name your kid this.

Ain't this the name of that pink alien from Backyardigans

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Teekeisha is gon be my new name because there are too many katelyns at my school

Job Interview Time
Boss: Alright, you're hired. What's your name again?
Applicant: Twerkeisha.
You can't tell me that this isn't priceless. - bishop.moore07

It's just simply beautiful, it's so beautiful that I'm actually crying real tears from laughing too hard.

Miley Cyrus: Hood Edition

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Did someone mow their lawn before giving birth? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Moe and trishtan were arguing about the name you know the rest

14Bee Bee

And Cee-Cee, Gee-Gee, Kee-Kee, Nai-nai

Here comes Bee Bee coming to buzz buzz on your man. Hide your kids, she's coming to sting yo' ass up. BIATCHES - McQuenched

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Most swag name ever sharmane all the way

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My friend's name is livia. She's white

My name is livia whats wrong with honey boo - Livia_LovesNon

Not ghetto at all very nice name

So...basically lava

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17Qa Qa Nero

Is that after Qa Qa Quan and zero?!

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When you were planning for a son but you get a daughter

My name is james but its pronounced Gordoniqua

If I can't even pronounce this it should not be a name

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So your literally calling your child trash!

The word trash is in this. Doesn't get more ghetto than that.

Well that one family named their son: Som Ting Wong

So ghetto- the apostrophe says it all

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Sounds like someone from Boston was trying to name his baby walker

The ghetto way of saying walker

What your seriously giving a child that name

Sounds like a name for a Star Wars character - Mcgillacuddy

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