Top 10 Most Ghetto Names


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Sha Nay Nay
where shane dawson got his ghetto name....
I'm thinkin' bout Martin
Is this Va jay jay's brother?
[Newest]Leah sha nay nay butler

2Bon Qui Qui
My hamster that killed her sister was named that... Awkward
I'm in school looking at these names and I'm like the hell. That's how you now people are black someone finna get smacked if y'all talking bout these names. This isn't ghetto at all Jk being sarcastic
Someone in my school was making up names and that was one of them.
[Newest]I like this better

I'm black and my name is jeremy I can't complain meow
That Is The Most Crazies Name Ever But Cool LIke I don't know What Though
It's his reel name
[Newest]I am gonna use that on my Facebook

That is not a ghetto name.
HOW IS THIS A GHETTO NAME?!? Is still is though all my friends that are super ghetto are named Courtney. Is really funny.
Most ghetto name ever. I would no is my name. They only way it could be more ghetto is if it was spelt Courtnay. Shank you very much
[Newest]That Is not a ghetto name so get it straight that is my sister name and a lot of people name their child that 😉😒

My friend is named that!
Who ever name her child that needs therapy. PRONTO
That is ghetto haha what about starkeisha

This is just like Bon Qui Qui
When that child grow up she is going to beat her mom ass
Ghetto laugh out loud

I guess someone wanted to name their child after President Obama
That is so ghetto and made up 100%
Funny laugh out loud
[Newest]Sounds like a deadly disease!

I can't even PRONOUNCE that
So funny laugh out loud

Doctors need to let the drugs wear off before the patient gives the child a name
lol what kind of name is that


Bloody hell what sort of name is that?
[Newest]Whoa Lord have mercy

I think it's a pretty name. No ghetto about it.
That's my cousin name

The Contenders


I love it that is going to be my daughters name when I give birth to her
It sounds cute. It's exotic, I don't know why its "ghetto".
Shaniqua is the best name :L
[Newest]П"this my sisters name... And she's White

13Bee Bee
Hey that's my best friend

Most swag name ever sharmane all the way

Ghetto all the way ;-)
Teekeisha is gon be my new name because there are too many katelyns at my school
My name is Shinae, but it pronounced Twerkeisha.
[Newest]That is an amazing name

My friend's name is livia. She's white
My name is livia whats wrong with honey boo


Livia is female warrior name, werry sound. In the serial Xena, Livia is daughter to Ares and Xena, Livia is girl, great power, werry speed and good to kicks and job the zord.

17Qa Qa Nero

My husband is named that...


Sounds like someone from Boston was trying to name his baby walker
These names are ratchet

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