Top 10 Most Gruesome Saw Deaths


These are deaths from the saw movies that made you cringe the most. This is not how cool the trap was its who died in the worst possible way. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

The Angel Trap - Saw 3, Kerry's Death
The most painful part is certainly having the ribs ripped open. It might not have looked so bad if it had been a finger or something but having the ribcage (which seems like one of the stiffest bones in the body) just sounds nasty.
Ribs ripped open AND hand burned to a crisp! That is an insanely horrible way to go! Imagine how scared she felt when she realized that the trap was inescapable!
yes, it was really gruesome plus I liked Kerry very much. This franchise sucked after she left


2The Pendulum Trap - Saw 5, Seth's Death
Did I mention he had to crush his hands.


Sliced in half by pendulum blade.


Wow now that is deadly

3The Rack - Saw 3, Timothy's Death
Classic death trap will be remembered for a long time, as the legendary Saw trap, that twist's people and it also leaves a message it saying the people are twisted


You know when you feel as if that's happening to you and just get goosebumps and sudden shiver... Yeah. That's how I found it. Most gruesome death and very hard to forget/get over the image for weeks
Really? A slow death where your arms are slowly torn off using twisting? This at least deserves the number 2 spot.

4The Reverse Bear Trap - Saw 7, Jill's Death
This scene was awesome. It was nice to actually see what the reverse bear trap looked like in action on an actual person, as weird as that sounds...
I really find this trap disturbing and hard to watch. But I still don't get how that kills her.


It was awesome I loved that they decided to bring that trap back the scene
When her jaw ripped open was pretty cool

5The Lawn Mowers - Saw 7, Alex's Death
OMG! That's the most gruesome Saw Trap EVAH! I saw Saw 7, and when I saw that trap, I said WOW. I haven't unseen that trap. My brother putted me a prank with that trap and well, I punched him. He was inconscious. I don't recommend that trap. Really.
Blended and shredded to bits.


6The Body Chains - Saw 3, Troy's Death
I cringed so hard when it showed the chains hooked into not only his skin and haw, but his Achilles tendons. I couldn't watch anymore after that
Blown to bits by a bomb while ripping chains out of his skin.



7The Venus Fly Trap - Saw 2, Michael's Death
Stabbed several times in the face and head while stabbing his eye out for key.


Well you have got to amit digging through your eye is just horrible

8The Knife Chair - Saw 4, Cecil Adam's Death
A man on a chair with blades piercing his arms and legs, has to escape by pushing his face through a bunch of knives to press a button. The chair breaks, he tries to stab Jigsaw, but falls into razor wire... Game over

9The Pound of Flesh - Saw 6, Eddie's Death
He was cutting open his stomach and dropping chunks of fat onto a scale until Simone severed her arm, making the scale in her favor, piercing Eddies skull.
Imagine cutting your own flesh off. Scary, gruesome
Skull pierced by two gears while cutting off pieces of flesh.


10The Garage Trap - Saw 7, Kara's Death
Head crushed and body ripped to shreds by a moving car.


It was so gross and when her boyfriends back got ripped

The Contenders

11The Acid Trap - Saw 6, William's Death
tht wuz so gruesome bloody and creepy I didn't unsee tht for a few weeks

12The Public Execution Trap - Saw 7, Dina's Death
Sliced in half by buzz saw.


Ouch! Cut in half by buzz saw...

13The Silence Circle - Saw 7, Nina's Death
Throat impaled by four spikes while having a key pulled from her stomach on a fish hook, tearing up her esophagus.


I started gagging while watching this gross

14The Brazen Bull Oven - Saw 7, Joyce's Death
Used ever since the Dark Ages if I remember correctly. Plus the elaborate process of it setting itself up looked awesome. This is one to do research on.
Cooked and burnt in a giant brazen bull oven.


15The Hair Trap - Saw 4, Brenda's Death
Brenda is tied to a chair and her hair trapped in gears. A man beside her has to figure out the mechanism so that he can get her hair out before it is ripped off and she is scalped.

16The Jars - Saw 5, Charles's Death
Blown to bits by several bombs.


17The Glass Coffin - Saw 5, Strahm's Death
Wow! I think this is the worst Dead EVER! Some traps of saw 5 are so cool, and cruel
Crushed between two walls.


18The Impalement Wheel - Saw 7, Suzanne's Death
Jesus this needs to be higher! Having your eyes and mouth impaled slowly by three metal rods is just nasty!
The brutal anticipation of your eyeballs slowly getting pieced is just horrifically moving
Blargh, I can't watch it!

19The Bedroom Trap - Saw 4, Ivan's Death
Limbs ripped off while gauging his eyes out.


20The Shotgun Collar - Saw 3, Lynn's Death
The trap is great especially when it goes off. Enough to make you vomit
Face and head blown off by several shotgun shells.


Total destruction head, voucher to nothing recpect in the life. John Kramer and Amanda lose fate?

21The Breathing Room - Saw 6, Hank's Death
Chest crushed by two vices while holding his breath.


22The Ice Block Trap - Saw 4, Eric's Death
Head crushed between two ice blocks.


23The Steam Room - Saw 6, Debbie's Death
Brain pierced by a spear while being steamed in a maze.


24The Collars - Saw 5, Ashley's Death
Head sliced off by razors mounted on the wall.


25The Bathroom Trap - Saw 3d, Hoffman's Death
Bathroom trap. Hoffman didn't die because of the "trap" he got locked in there and died of starvation.
Do I really need to say why this is awesome. DR. GORDON IS BACK AND HOFFMAN FINALY DIES.

26The Garage Trap - Saw 7, Jake's Death
Hit and pulverized by a moving car.


27The Garage Trap - Saw 7, Dan's Death
Arms and jaw ripped off by a moving car.


Sheesh they use this trap like 3 times. All of them very disgusting

28The Furnace Trap - Saw 2, Obi's Death

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