Most Gruesome Saw Tortures

The most gruesome and painful ways someone had to escape from a saw trap.

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1The Game Room - Saw 6

Cut off pounds of your own flesh. - lukestheman4

2The Horsepower Trap - Saw 7

Rip the skin off your back and arms from a glued car seat. - lukestheman4

3The Classroom Trap - Saw 3

Rip chains out of your skin and lower jaw. - lukestheman4

4The Silence Circle - Saw 7

Pull a key on a fish hook from your stomach. - lukestheman4

5The Pendulum Trap - Saw 5

Crush your hands to dust. - lukestheman4

6The Bedroom Trap - Saw 4

Gauge out both of your eyes. - lukestheman4

7The Blade Table - Saw 5

Slice your hand in half on a buzz saw blade to let blood flow. - lukestheman4

That one made me nauseous just watching it.

8The Venus Fly Trap - Saw 2

I could never bring myself to cut my eye out. Ugh, it's way too gruesome.

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9The Knife Chair - Saw 4

Push your face through knives. - lukestheman4

10The Angel Trap - Saw 3

Grab a key out of a jar of acid. - lukestheman4

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