Most Handsome Football Players


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The Top Ten

Cristiano Ronaldo
I want to marry CR7...!
I wanto kiss ronaldo.

2Ricardo Kakaá
He suppose to be placed first
You are the most handsome player that have ever lived

3Neymar da Silva
Neymar is the best

4Robin Van Persie
I have a crush on you

5David Beckham
The most handsome football player in the world. he creates fashion all over the world!

6Andriy Arshavin
Most cute player ever

7Roman Pavlyuchenko

8Iker Casillas

9David Villa
Really really handsome ohh god love him

10Cesc Fabregas
Yup handsome player ever

The Contenders

11Fernando Torres

12Manuel Neuer

13Lionel Messi

14Ashkan Dejagah

15Mario Mandzukic

16Niko Kranjcar
Without doubt the cutest player PERIOD... Just look at him
No competition... Should be number one...

17Bambang Pamungkas

18Mourad Meghni

19Cristian Tello

20Younès Belhanda

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