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81 Changjo
82 Hansol V 1 Comment
83 Shindong
84 Nam Woo Hyun V 3 Comments
85 Park Ji-min

He has such a nice personality and is very attractive. BTS would definitely not be the same without Jimin. (As well as the other members)

He is the sexiest boy in the group

V 3 Comments
86 Jang Hyun-seung

Yahhh! 75?! He's not supposed to be here! :<
For me, he should be the face of the group for BEAST. He's so cute! No, I mean he's so handsome! He's great in singing specially in dancing! Wah. So charismatic! ^^

1-Hyunsueng 2-Gi Kwang 3-Yoseob 4-Dongwoo 5-Jun Hyung 6-Doo Joon

87 Kim Dong Jun
88 Lee Junho
89 Hwang Chansung V 1 Comment
90 Hongbin (VIXX)

Hongbin has dimples and his charisma is overflowing through his visual

One word to describe him-"Artwork"

Hongbin really is the most handsome idol. He's got the height, physique, voice and looks beyond what words can describe! He looks good all the time, woth or without makeup. Now those are true looks! It's so unfair for him to be waay at the bottom. He deserves to be number 1!

I love hongbin becouse he has sweet smile cute face and beatiuful voice. He is really perfect.

V 3 Comments
91 Lee Minhyuk
92 Rap Monster - BTS

Because HE IS a good leader of a group..BTS

V 4 Comments
93 Chen (Exo)

He's just so hot but so cute at the same time.

V 2 Comments
94 Doojoon
95 Niel (Teen Top)
96 Lim Hyunsik V 1 Comment
97 Lee Kiseop
98 Daesung

Oh... Come on.. Why you guys put him here... Poor my Daesung oppa.

99 Ricky (Teen Top)
100 Eli Kim

Yeah, he's the best rapper!

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