Most Handsome Korean Idols

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The Top Ten

Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE)
He is so handsome and charming. I fell in love with him when I saw him on running man. He is getting more handsome everyday. LOVE HIM
I love yonghwa very much! He's such an excellent actor, singer, rapper and good in everything that he did!
His so handsome and a talented guy.. Love him.
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2Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
He is the one that got me into kpop. I saw him in Boys Over Flowers and thought that he was so handsome so I looked up who he was. I found out that his group SS501 sang one of the song in the show so I researched the band and fell in love with them. I now listen to a lot of kpop but no matter how many groups I see or members Kim hyun joong will always be my #1 and my bias. He should be number 1 though I'm glad he's in the top 5.
Most Handsome Person I've ever imagined of... He can act, dance, sing, entertain and most important of all respect his fans... Love Him like no one else...
Saranghae kim hyun joong... I will always love you..
I'm your number 1 fan... Just call me HYUNA, that's the combination of our name.. ;0 my name is ana maria...
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3Lee Min Ho
He was so gorgeous in Boys Over Flowers. With the curls or with straight hair, he is still handsome. And when he smiles, I'm sure the fan girls are all giddy.
You're just so gorgeous! You make me crazy, min ho!
Handsome in almost all aspects! Just merely looking at him makes him outstanding! Plus acting ability! He's really adorable
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4Kim Myung Soo (infinite)
One of the things that is so unique about Myungsoo is his prominent facial features. He is know to have a really sharp nose and a perfect side profile. His features are lovely to look at, his skin is really milky and his eyes are one of his most attractive features! His eyes vary from looking beautiful and soft to his intense cold stares. His lips were voted as number 1 most kissable lips in Korea. He is also known for his wonderful prominent jawline.

He is talented in infinite with his soft unique cartoon like voice, his talent in playing guitar both acoustic and electric and also known for sharp dance moves.
He is Perfect for me. He is good in dancing and in singing. He is handsome in every angle & in every way. He is really charming and adorable. He has very good qualities and attitude. He is so cool. He's my bias and he is the best! Fighting
He is everything... He can dance, sing, nunchaku skill and etc... He can act cute too... For me he is my everything.. And he should be on 1st place :D
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5Choi Minho
I don't go for look, I don't even care for personality. I chose choi Minho because if the songs although they may be a little hard to sing along, keys dancing are amazing, onew's imitation is just... Lets move on. The blonde dude in shinee, many people would say he has charisma so I'll just resist from breaking those pure dreams. And taemin, keep the work up on being a GROWN MAN😁
2nd kpop idol who just captivated me with his charismatic look (1st was cute Nichkhun). When I saw 2pm & Shinee together at Idol army, I really wished Nichkhun chose minho. He did. Omo! I should've wished something else at that time. Haha.. Well, honestly it made me really happy :-)
He such as cute guy sent from heaven. Really manly and strong. His lip makes me going crazy
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6Kang Min Hyuk (CN Blue)
He is so cute and his smile *__* he is so good at singing cause Yonghwa sings the most parts
He is very cut and his smile is very very cute he is play the drum very well I like him very much
He has a great personality, his smile is so dazzling and he has amazing talent.
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7T.O.P (BigBang)
He got this unique aura in him. Like how he dress, his voice, his looks and his sense of humour. I really really like him a lot. He should be the most handsome and manly. TOP JJANG!
What can I say about him.. He is top at everything ; his name explains why he should be the 1st amazing guy
Everyone say he is sexy and his manly voice can kill
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8Kim Soo Hyun (SunMoon / Man From the Star)
He deserves the top spot!

9Song Joong-ki
He so gorgeous and cute
Yu re my dream song joong love you
I love you Song Joong Ki!
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10Lee Jonghyun (CNBLUE)
All is perfect! His gaze, his dimples, his body...
But the best are his guitar skills and his voice!
He is handsome and cute and sexy. When he play guitar, he is very very handsom and sexy so much.
Love Lee Jong hyun ^^
He is amazing looks!
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The Contenders

11Kim Bum
He is so damn charming. Touchwood! (At least in "boys over flowers"
He so sweet, cute, and awesome actor ever! Love You LOtzz!

12Jinyoung (B1A4)
He has soft features and approachable image. Like the kind do brother you would love to have.
No comment.. Just handsome I mean :D
Angelic smile jinyoung make me dead
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13Park Jung Min (SS501)

I love park jung min 100%.
You are handsome.
Killer eyes

14Lee Donghae
The guy is the most tender, funny and handsome in the world.
He is honestly the sweetest guy you will ever meet. His personality is bubbly and he's beyond handsome, yet he doesn't brag about it.
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15Jaejoong (JYJ)
He was officially choosen as the most handsome asian man already so any result of this won't change the fact that Kim Jae Joong is the champion ^_^
Jae joong should stands on fist place
People don't call him prince for nothing
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16Cho Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun's very handsome. He is also smart and good in singing. He have most talented.
Cho kyuhyun is the best^^
He is so handsome, smart and funny
He also good in singing
Love you my love...
Please be mine...
U r the most talented of them all...
All hail "evil magnae"!...
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17Doojoon (Beast/B2st)
Seriously, this guy is SO handsome, not to mention his amazing personality that makes him even more attractive!
Just watch Iris 2 of google his photos. You will know..!
He not just handsome but he also has funny character.
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He's so damn hot and handsome! He's almost perfect! Whatever he does is extremely awesome! He shouldn't just be on 11th rank! You can identify if a guy is handsome if he still looks gorgeuos whatever hairstyle or whatever you do to his face. This guy explain that indeed!
The most talented man on composing music that always sent his music on the top chart. Always got perfect all kill on his music. He has the brain. He has the attitude for loving his fans. He respect people & always bowing formally. He loves his family. It's more than just meet the eyes... Kwon Jiyong is the most wanted bachelor! VIPs love you!
Every time, I watch his interviews, and him describing how he takes care of his special someone makes me think, this is the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. He's very caring and sensitive to the needs of his partner.
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19Lee Joon Ki

20Lee Sung Yeol (infinite)
His handsome and naughty.
He is very handsome when he smiles. His voice is unique, He is a very funny person and a choding with makes him cute and handsome haha, He is my bias in infinite hehe

21Jang Keun-suk
The best actor, singer, dancer... No words are sufficient to praise his talents... Totally Great!
He is everything... Amazing voice... Killer smile ;-)
I love him a lot.. He has a many qualties who is perfect in everything..
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22Choi Siwon (Super Junior)
Sexy and beautiful dimples! When he sticks out his tongue with his cheeky smile can kill instantaneously! He possesses all the qualities of a superstar!
Love the way he smile, he's very kind person too... And of course 'HANDSOME'!
Natural beauty we love him a lot ♥

23Dongjun (ZE:A)

24G.O. (MBLAQ)

25Changmin (TVXQ)
He's so damn hot. His face becomes more sexy every single day

26Lee Joon (Mblaq)
He's the most handsome korean idol I've ever seen, he has a really hot body and a beautiful face, his personality makes him look even more handsome!
I love everything in him. He's so handsome, funny personality, and he's so kind to his fans. He's so sexy and have nice jawline
He's cute while being sexy and cool!
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27No Min Woo
He's really multi-talented, and smoking hot..

28Luhan (EXO)
He is so cute and handsome.I just love him very much!
He's just so cute & adorable~ his sparkly deer eyes, cute nose, nice smile~ and dorky personality
He should be at the top spot cause he is super manly!
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29Bae Soo Bin

30Song Seung Hyun

31Lee Jung Shin
He's so tall and beautiful, especially his eyes.
Es tan lindo.. :3
I love all his!!!❤

32TaeYang (Big Bang)
He is so handsome! Your heart will melt.

33Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island)
He's very handsome and deserves a higher rank in this list! He's such a great singer too; his voice can melt everyone's hearts!
HongKi FIGHTING! I love you handsome ^-^

34Yoo Ah In

35Daehyun (B.A.P)
Oh come on, he is like the best vocal with the best visual out there!

36Park Yoo Chun (JYJ)
He's so perfect in his way. By staring at him, I can keep falls in love again and again even in 1 minute..
He is nothing but perfect and pure face..titally charming and adorable..
He's really really cute! I love the way he acts and I really like his lips and his voice also. muah muah!

37Key (Shinee)
He deserves number 1

38Kim Jonghyun (SHINee)
He had the best voice out of all the other idols... Hansome, friendly, funny... Proud to b a fan of jonghyun :D
Kim jonghyun is sincerely charismatic (irrespective of what some bitches say... No offense... I'm a die hard fan)

39Kai (Exo)
KAI is perfect - His character is unique and he is a spirit dancer

40Sehun (Exo-K)
He is cute, adorable and handsome..The best maknae in the whole universe...and have the best color of the hair especially the rainbow one...he should be top 1 in this list...Oh sehun we love you
He is so charming and handsome. I really like when he is in rainbow hair :) <3 kyaa sharanghaeyo~

41Lee Byung Hun (Teen Top)
L. Joe is hot, cute, sexy, cool n a great rapper...
i love you L. Joe!
please vote for L. Joe...
L Joe is perfect man & he has cute upper lips.
I love that.

42Suho (Exo)
The second choi siwon and the perfect leader
He's just perfect I mean. His angle smile and angle voice. I love him

43Jung Haewon (X-5)

Love you
Heat you

44Jang Wooyoung (2PM)
Sexy, cute, funny, handsome... He's perfect
He is the most perfect for me I love him so much
He cam dance, sing..
Has a lot of aegyo... But most importantly.. He is such a perfect human being! He has a babyface that can look cute and handsome at the same time

45Yunho (TVXQ)
Yunho is the handsome Korean idols I ever seen. He is more charming than the other members in his group. I rather call him prince if I met him. Yunho is a great leader. I want him to always be with his group and sing together so I can enjoy their mv at least. For examples, Summer Dream. Anyway, Go Go Yunho.
Definitely have to say Yunho Hyung. There is literally nothing bad about this man's face. He's beautiful yet masculine. It's unrivaled no homo.
Prince Yunho is the best with great dance skill and manly looks (bad boy image)

Love him at the first sight

47Nichkhun (2PM)
He is SUPER Handsome and cute.
So cute and gentleman
Pabo because of his cutest and his handsome

48Ghun (X-5)

You are hot smile.
Killer smile.

49Nam Woohyun (Infinite)

50Lee Chan Hee (Teen Top)
CHUNJI oppa, you are wonderful and handsome everyone will know that you are handsome and beautiful if they lok teen top music video sincerely.
Power voice chunji is very talented, cute, funny n so much more...
Oh you are so hot

51Kevin (U-Kiss)
I think you guys have forgot about U-Kiss
This handsome angel make me die
Kevin is a special person
He give me a luck and inspiration
U-kiss fighting

I love you JB fighting!

53Kris (Exo)
Kris is very handsome! I love him!

54Jo Kwang Min (Boyfriend)
Jo Kwang Min is handsome. He is rapper with Min Woo :) he is cute and he have a twin name Jo Young Min. Jo Kwang Min 17 years old but he is have a tallent.

55Do Kyungsoo (EXO)
You're very handsome and I love your naughtiness in the show when the chickens and eagles you're just running pointlessly in circles
You are so quiet and it is so handsome
He is very Handsome..
I love him..

56Thunder (MBLAQ)
His face is like a cartoon character that come to life... Long lean features small head broad shoulders that you only see in manga...

57Tao (Exo)
Tao, He is really Cute, Handsome, Have a good rap HE IS PERFECT! EXOTIC REALLY LOVE HIM! Please Vote for him! My lovely SHower Romantic AB Kungfu Panda!
I prefer tao because of his bad boy look.
Panda eyes. hot. sexy. cute. maknae exom. childish. panda. boyish. panda.

58Sungmin (Super Junior)
He is most Handsome Korean Idol

59Lee Seung Gi
He is so hansome

He is really handsome! Also, He is good at singing, dancing, raping, acting! He is just excellent

61Lee Min Ki

62L. Joe (Teen Top)

63N (VIXX)

64Chen (EXO)

65Jin (BTS)
He's so handsome and a have a lot of aegyo he is the oldest member but he looks like the same age of group's maknae

66Jungkook (BTS)
He is really handsome, he's only 16 and he is the golden maknae because he is the main vocal, main dancer, rapper and he and jin is the visual

67YoungJae (B.A.P)
His shoulders is so sexy!

68Byun Baekhyun
He's So Handsome ^___^

69Junho (2PM)
He is verrry veeryyy handsome and my oppa chowahe

70Jung Ilhoon (BtoB)

71Kim Heechul (Super Junior)

I like you
I need you

72Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

He is the most handsome and talented in my eyes.

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