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181Sanae Kochiya - Touhou
182Mido - The Legend of Zelda


183Sea Bass - Animal Crossing

It's all you EVER catch!
"! Look at that BIG fish" catches sea bass. Release.

184Kapp'n - Animal Crossing
185Ninten - Mother
186King of Evil - The Denpa Men
187Dark Rust - Pokemon
188Enderman - Minecraft
189Sour Pinatas - Viva PiƱataV1 Comment
190Pichu - Super Smash Bros.
191Sub Zero - Mortal Kombat
192Shedinja - Pokemon
193Rattata - Pokemon

Don't let Joey know about this. He might give us a long speech about how special is his Rattata.

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194Viridi, Goddess of Nature - Kid Icarus Uprising

I hope Viridi never makes the Smash Bros. roster. That's how much I hate her.

Viridi should marry Hazama from Blazblue. Those two are the perfect couple (in a very bad way...).

Viridi is Nintendo's equivalent to BalzBlue's Hazama/Terumi! Why is she so low on the list!?

I kind of like viridi

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195Mephiles the Dark - Sonic 06

This may cause people to hate me but I need to get something out there. I like sonic 06. It is a buggy game but I find the glitches kinda funny but... I didn't like mephiles, he tried to be an evil doppleganger of shadow but he tried to hard to an incredibly dark character, dark as in you put pitto, kratos and shadow in a blender that amount of dark. But what redeems mephiles (I can never get that name spelled out properly) is that he has great design and overall the first character to ever kill sonic, for a few hours.

196Bashurverse - Minecraft
197Dimensio - Super Paper Mario

Come on I love dimensio he is just a clown type figure and he's funny sometimes

198Slender Man - Slender
199Master Belch - Earthbound
200Pigmask - Mother 3
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