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41Louie - Pikmin

After all the effort Olimar went through to recover his missing ships parts on the Pikmin planet only to come back and have it repossessed all because this idiot Louie lost his cargo and the company had to take out a huge loan all because of Louie. - egnomac

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42Princess Elise - Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Amy's higher than her? At least Amy didn't kiss a human and get kidnapped 3 times in one game. ONE GAME! Princess Peach, being kidnapped once a game in pretty much every Mario game is annoying, but being kidnapped 3 times in one game? And she cries over everything. She almost destroyed the world crying. I'm not sure why Sonic helped her. I would've let her stay kidnapped. The whole reason Sonic helps her at the beginning is probably because Eggman's there! Next time, Sega, don't do the damsel in distress plots. Make something original, like Shattered Crystal. Another puzzle game. And make Fire and Ice a good game that can hopefully bring Sonic back to fame. End of rant.

She is a complete idiot, I mean she is responsible for arguably the most disturbing moment in the sonic series so far I mean come on the game show a disturbing love relationship between a human princess and a hedgehog and when Sonic is killed by the game's main villain Elise litteraly kisses Sonic, and its not just the romance that is hateable about Elise, she is also a bigger damsel in distress than Amy and Princess Peach combined I mean they get kidnapped 1 to 2 time per game but Elise on the other hand is kidnapped not 3, not 4, but 5 times in the whole game!

She only appeared in the worst sonic game and she had the worst role in the game especially when she ruined it how she ruined it was when she kissed sonic she should be arrested

Elise and sonic are the worst couple. - awesomeriki

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43The beetle - Donkey Kong 64

By the time I beat DK64, I spent 203 hours on it. That game was so huge. I remember that the beetle was tough, but the racing rabbit was harder.

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44Li Mei - Mortal Kombat series

Why is she here? She isn't hated, she's one of the best and most underrated MK characters, she has cool design, moves and story.

45Helena Harper - Resident Evil
46Tingle - The Legend of Zelda series

In Four Swords Adventure, he steals from you.

He make you slip die in a hammer fight and burn every one and the screen zooms in but worst of all he just has balloons and fly away - s646463

He's hilarious. One of my favorite game theories involves Tingle being a psycho. In Windwaker, when you free him, you find a bunch of skulls in his room. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to free him.

He's horrible

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47Edmond Honda - Street Fighter
48Laverne - Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle
49Beldam - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
50Creeper - Minecraft

MY Minecraft STORY: Once upon a time, I was walking with stuff that took me a very long time to collect and then an ugly faced creeper blew me up and I lost all my stuff

The bane of your big mansion in Minecraft. Their's only one enemy worse than Creepers: Other Minecraft players.

I like the creeper, even though they're annoying they're cool and a very unique character.

Creepers are awesome! Haters gonna hate... - Pony

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51Count Veiger - Jak 3

This bastard isn't even in the top 20, how? He gets Jak banished for something he did, manipulates the council to get the power of the Precursors and mocks Jak after the death of Damas, and the worst part is, he's the only Jak villain who didn't die.

I hate that guy. He's got Jak banished in the first place, all for the sake of trying to attain the power of the Precursors, which unfortunately for him, turn out to be a race of super-intelligent Ottsels. - AlexTopTens

This sick bastard deserves at least the top ten. He's obsessed with light eco so much its disturbing and despises dark eco, therefore, wants to kill Jak due to his dark eco powers, but acts like such a jerk about it. His worst was when (SPOILER ALERT! )
Damas dies and Jak figures out he was his son, and Veger just mocks him. You don't even get to fight him, which sucks. At least he gets his commeuppance at the end.

52Cassandra Alexandra - Soul Calibur
53The Mom - Heart's Medicine
54Princess Peach Toadstool (Toadstool Tour Mario Series)

Oh god, how is Peach this low, now? Even Bowser, Daisy and Geno are higher than her! She can't even defend herself, her voice annoys me to no end and she doesn't really help out Mario when she does not get kidnapped (well she does in two or three games but that's beside the point). Hell, she's not even in the top 100! And at least Daisy and Geno can defend themselves when they need to! Peach would rather stand about and do NOTHING. - smrpg1996

I don't mind her, but she is the most hated video game character I have ever seen.

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55Vladimir Makarov - Modern Warfare Series

1. Responsible for detonating the nuke from the beginning of the first game, killing 30,000 soldiers and driving Shepherd to betray Delta Force!

2. Commits a mass-slaughter at a Russian airport and pins it on the United States, triggering World War III!

3. Attempts to assassinate the Russian president and kidnaps his daughter!

4. Kills many of the most awesome characters, including Soap and Yuri!

I bet his soul would give Ceberus indigestion!

5. Has a very, very, VERY unsatisfying and disappointing death.

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56Chicken Zombie - Plants vs. Zombies 2

These enemies are so fast and if they are summoned in a lane with no plants and a lawnmower, you'll die very fast. When Chicken Zombies are in a level, bring along some defensive plants and a Lightning Reed.

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57Dhalsim - Street Fighter
58Robert Ashley - Hidden Mysteries: Titanic
59Unown - Pokemon

A Magikarp is even better than all of them combined. A SINGLE Magikarp.

They look cool but I don't know much about them.

One time, and this is a true story, my mom bought me a Pokemon card pack. When I opened it, ALMOST EVERY CARD WAS UNOWN! The only card that wasn't Unown was a piloswine.

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60Moneybags - Spyro Series

Moneybags is the ultimate cheapskate even outclassing Tingle from the Legend of Zelda series, because Moneybags exists for no perpose other than endlessly striping you of your gems in the games he appears randomly to ask you for "a small fee" to open doors of to push a switch that triggers a bridge and so on, and the amount of gems you have to pay him is ranged from 300 to 1300 gems and if you don't pay him, you don't go any further in the game

Can't stand him... he makes you pay for just about EVERYTHING! The only thing I liked about him was how upset he would get if you said "no" other then that... I just want him to SHUT UP and go away!

This greedy nepotistic, jerk! The only character who I hate more is Redd White from ace attorney.

In spyro 3 he is only there to take your gems! Who's idea was it to put money bags in the games!

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