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121Jyk - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
122Hope Estheim - Final Fantasy XIII
123Ushiwaka - Okami

A lot of people actually seem to like this guy but to me he is nothing more than a guy who serves no perpose than to annoy you at random points throughout the game but other than that he's completly pointless I mean come on, do you think that having someone to give you stupid riddles, steal the items you need to get to and defeat Orochi and pointlessly fight you is going to speed things up? I don't think so! Now that may not sound too bad but trust me, he is worse than you might think.

124King Dedede - Kirby SeriesKing Dedede is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.
125Luther - The Warriors
126Lester - Lester the Unlikely
127Waterwraith - Pikmin

This guy is terrifying, has scarred my gaming experience, makes an already annoying dungeon even more annoying, and runs away from you once you cripple it. Enough said. - DemonSpider253

128Steve - Minecraft

Steve should not be here he is so cool

129Geno - Super Mario

This list is terrible! You are adding awesome characters to this list too! Why the hell would you add Geno!? And he's higher than Peach too! This guy is braver, cooler (cuter), and calmer than Peach will ever be. Or what? You think Princess Peach is better than a doll possessed by a star that is able to use guns in his arms and fingers? And is absolutely powerful? Go get a life! - smrpg1996

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130Toon Link - Super Mario

TOON link is not a Mario character -

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131Kagura - Digimon World Data Squad
132Luvdisc - Pokemon

Other than heart scales this fish serves no purpose at all no evolution terrible stats not useful - ikerevievs

133Ghast - Minecraft
134The Pigs - Angry Birds

They shouldn't be on here they should be the best screw anyone who put these cute pigs on here - silverfish236

What kind of jerk put them on here that jerk is more evil than porky minch and jasper batt jr combined - bolbi9

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135Ness - Earthbound

Is this because he's a silent protagonist? I can think of way worse silent protagonists than Ness. I mean, Ness is awesome! - DemonSpider253

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136Spotty Bulbear - Pikmin 3

These things are annoying the always hunt you down in pikmin 2 they are very annoying -

137Jigglypuff - PokemonJigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Listen to her singing in Pokemon Snap. Can you say you truly hate her? Pikachu is the worst of Pokemon.

Another good character on this list!? What IS WRONG WITH THIS LIST!?

138King Boo - Super Mario
139Tomahawk Man - Mega Man 6
140Mega Man - Mega Man Series

Mega Man is a boring character of a boring franchise, but he shouldn't be on the list.

Because he is on Archie Comics & because of Sonic & Mega Man!

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