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God is the most important thing ever! He created all the things on this list if you think about it.
That is true.
God is the only person who loves for real.
Satan can't defeat god.
[Newest]God is the best thing ever
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Love towards your family, friends and everybody else. Love, that can turn to stone the anger in a traffic jam, get you through annoyances and pain inflicted by others. It is what motivates you and shows you the best of all ways to follow through any situation, however simple that feeling may be. You work to take advantage of the wonderful working opportunities that the world has to offer (and living conditions), accomplish yourself and give a goal to your life, but doing more than the minimum there is just a bonus... For you could spend a whole life with love to give and receive and only that, and still be happy.
Love. Print it all over your life. Simple as that.


Love and music were a tough choice. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace" Jimi Hendrix.
Why is God above love? I mean, I'm not an atheist at all, I believe that there could be something out there, but seriously, Loving one another is more important than loving a God that might not even exist; and if God does exist, God will accept you for your love to others.
Love makes the world go round! (not literally, aha).


Because love is from God. God is love, the ultimate and greatest example of love. Humans love because He first loved us.
[Newest]It's important because it brings people together and make them happy most of the time and sometimes they even might go even farther than they think
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I think family is really the only thing you actually have and I believe they are the most important and I really adore my family
They are persons who will be there to listen and love...
Family are the people that you can go to whenever you have problems, or you need to share something they will always be there to listen to you. I love my family so much
[Newest]Love your family because you don't want then to die with you're last words being I hate you or something
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It brings the world together in so many ways.


Doesn't matter whether you like bieber (who sounds like a 4 year old on helium) or a band like disturbed or breaking benjamin (which are like lap dances to your ears). Music has always united and it'll damn sure stay that way.


Everyone love at least one genre! That's why I love listing to it
[Newest]Music is my life. I am so glad that someone invented music.
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This is about the most important after God, what can you do without good health? Nothing!
Health is definitely more important than music! Without good health, life isn't fun! If you're healthy you have every opportunity to do whatever you like!
It should be obvious that the most important thing is health. Health enables you to meaningfully do, give, or experience every other thing on the list. Saying other things are more important is like saying self-actualization should precede physiological needs on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
[Newest]How useful is everything else on this list whrn you're a lump of flesh who can't do anything?
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Second to god this is the most important item on the list (in my opinion). Too many people believe that "friends come and go," but I know what real friendship is. Friends can become your family. And true friends are lifelong. They'll be with you forever and ever, but only if you want them to. The amazing thing about friendship is the fact that two or more people, who come from alternate cultures, places, and families, began to cherish each other. I believe the number one reson friendship has lost it's meaning is because the word itself is so misused (expecaly in the USA), it isn't that people chose bad friends really it's that we chose bad people to call friends, there's a boundary between acquantnce and friend, and people need to learn it. What about family some would ask? Really when it comes to family vs (true) friendship, I prefer friendship, but other people have preferences. I say that they should generally be seen equal in priority, but the choice of the one that means the most is up to you.
You couldn't possibly live without friends because without friends you wouldn't have anyone to share a joke with or a beer
Who put money on the list? If anything that makes life worse because of all the crime and wars it causes.
[Newest]It's very possible to live without friends. Ask Adolf Hitler.
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7Foods and Drinks
Without them, you would die of dehydration and starvation. Without drinks, you would cough and be sick infinitely.
We would die without them, it's more important than friends and that's a fact. How could friends be above it? People are idiots.
We would die to starvation like every child that is homeless happens
[Newest]Should be #1 because without love, u would at least not die
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This means I am the source of my own happiness whether it's about what I am doing, what I like to have, because if I am happy about myself then it usually shared to someone else. When I am finished a project I like, it makes me happy and I would probably treat myself a nice vacation trip, shopping, taking family trip, making other people happy buy using their services and having great times with family and loved ones.
I would have to agree with the philosopher Aristotle. who stated that happiness, or what he called eudaimonia, is the most important thing in life. True happiness is the one true end in life, everything else is a means used to achieve true happiness. For example, if you're healthy, you're happy. Love leads to happiness. For many people knowledge brings them happiness. many people may even say that God makes them happy. Happiness is the one true goal in life, if we use our innate sense of rationality we can figure this out for ourselves. To conclude, without happiness, life would be dull and not worth living. In order to live a productive and successful life you must be happy in yourself, your work and your hobbies. Therefore, happiness must be the most important thing in life. All the empirical facts point towards it. So before voting for God or love or even family, stop and think about what you actually want from life. I'm sure most of you will want to be happy.
The meaning of life... True and sole
[Newest]Life isn't all about misery. God gives you Hardships in your First 10 years of life. If you be good in those first 10 years, you will have a happy life.
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Knowledge is what gets you through life. Without it, you are doomed.
Knowledge shld come before friends because that will help you choose the good from the bad
Without knowledge, you are nothing. A monkey cannot reflect on it's actions and the values of life. Loving with no knowledge is like living without knowing you are living. Fools.
[Newest]I'm naturally smart not to brag I just ask a lot of questions so everyone ask questions and you will be smart (remember not to brag)
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Parents help you the most throughout life and they produce us with money and food and keep us in a safe environment
They gave birth to us, this should be second
[Newest]Parent are the most important thing of life as they are like angel to us
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Without music we can still live because we can still breathe and get access to food and water.
Without air we will all just die
Which is more important?
WE need air to breath so you'd think it's a number one.
Air is overrated. Number 1 should be walruses.
[Newest]This should be number 2 with God as number 1. Without air this world would be nothing, Not even animals or anything over what God has created.
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you can't live without money...
Please solve this problem. Hypothetically speaking what if Bill Gates, the richest man on the PLANET, dies of cancer. His money what not have been able to save him there therefore health is by the far the most important thing on this list.


The money makes our life move...


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13Life Itself
Without life you can't think of anything important. Say you die, the best thing that can happen is go to heaven, but you can't choose when your dead! God is important, but life is important to believe God is. Money isn't important as much as the quality of life. Although money makes people happy, imagine the homeless who don't own any! Everything else, family, friends, especially love, you need to be alive to have these things. Life should be important, no murder and no assault on anyone's quality of life.
With life every thing comes love music family water Knowledge friends sex Top Ten Lists earth and almost every thing if there is no life then there is almost nothing
No one has ever thought of life it self what a surprise without life it self most of these things were totally use less
[Newest]Who ever put this your smart (feel good about yourself )😃
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He died for our sins, and he loves each and everyone of his children very very much. After all, he is the Son of God. Jesus and God are by far the two most important things in life.
Nothing on earth has been so well documented as the live of Jesus, the son of god. He released mankind from the inherited sin of falling into the hell together with lucifer. Jesus avakened mankind from the spiritual death, so from then on we can reach our former place in heaven again.
Jesus sacrifice for you and for me on the cross.
[Newest]John 14:6-" I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the Father but by me"
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15Prophet Muhammad
He was the greatest prophet ever lived, he was close to GOD, he was friend of GOD, this world was made for him, he was the man of peace, power and purity, shown unshakable resolution in the face of adversity, he was as bold as hawk, not to be wind shaken. No doubt he is invincible glorious and an eternal personality ever lived.
If you was talking about THE SON OF GOD, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST I agree. Jesus is greatest person ever live, NO ONE LOVE ME LIKE JESUS, any other man is a sinner, Jesus was pure love, he was sinless & died for the whole world to save us all.
One of the greatest person ever. Ranked number one in the book listing 100 most influential persons of all time.
NO doubt cause he is the greatest one of whom ever lived on earth every human should respect him no matter even if you are a cristian or a jew cause almost every relegion of the world was fortold about Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him as a great Leader of humanity and perfect life
[Newest]Sometimes, there are so many thoughts going through my brain, it is impossible to choose one to say. So for now, all I will say is that he was indeed great.
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You know it's true. Girls are friends, lovers, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters... It fits every category.
I really don't understand why most boys hate us girls. They don't realise that without women, this world would be nothing. Without women, marriages would not take place and children would not be born. And if children are not born, then humans would be extinct soon, yet everyone gives boys the focus. Goku, Sonic the hedgehog, Mario, Michael Jackson, these are some boys we all focus on. Why can't there be famous girls in this world, even if it's from a video game?


What are you talking about? I've never met or heard about a single boy who hates girls. 99.9% of boys definitely do not hate girls. There are plenty of famous girls. Are you crazy?


I not doing a downside about girls but they are important like some of them are heroes like mother Teresa but boys are important as well because without either of them the world would be nothing. I know stuff like God is a male and same with Neil Armstrong and they are important but why are most of the boys heroes on video games? Why aren't girls as well?
[Newest]Hey everyone, there is a list called top ten reasons to hate girls. Go check that out and you will see that it's very offensive and should not exist.
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Home oh yeah it is one of the sweetest place in the world
That's why everyone called it as sweet
It is the only place where you can sleep well. Even in hotels, you'd be worrying about the bill.


Science at 21?!?! Seriously?!?! Without it, would we exist? No. And if we could not understand it, where would we be? In caves, working out how to catch our lunch.


How would we exist without this, we do science everyday. Like making observations, if you see it's snowing you know it's cold so you wear a thick coat, how is this at 23 on the list, without it how would have we discovered half the things on this list, think about that.
Yeah, actual facts and evidence instead of unproven religion. Get this to the top 5.


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That's kind of an obvious on but yes, it is.
What? Well, it is important.
I love how this is so far down the line in important-ness. This is ESSENTIAL. Maybe more so than God.


[Newest]Definitely more important than God...
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