Top Ten Most Inspirational Movies of All Time

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161Wreck-It Ralph

Isn't "ralph" another word for puke?!


Have a courage to see such movie

If u are not inspired by this movie than u are definitely not a man.

163Cast AwayV3 Comments
164Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The ultimate refreshing movie

165Chak de India

A former banned coach returns and led the team to win.

166Au Hasard Balthazar
167Modern Times
168Twelve Angry Men

This could be watch by every movie lover
as 12 angry men and their diff point of view in the case of child...a must watch movie..a real drama I must say

169The Ox-Bow Incident
170Local Hero
172The Astronaut Farmer

Will secretly get you right in the feels!


Being a former wrestler this movie made me want to get back on to the mat pick someone up and slam them to the ground. In this movie John Cena plays a washed up all american wrestler who is slumming but gets a second chance when his brother a first time high school wrestler asks his older brother to train him. - johnspera

174Saint Ralph
175American DreamzV1 Comment
176FrozenV1 Comment
177Kung Fu Panda 2

Why is Kung Fu Panda 2 on a list for most inspiration movies?

17816 Wishes
179Step Up

It's definitely one of the most inspirational movies of our generation. You can be what you dream of being, even if you are broke, live in a small town, you have no education, no family...It's very inspiring.

180The Hunger Games
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