Top 10 Most Inspirational Rappers of All Time


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81Yong Jun-hyung
84Black Thought
85Takbir Bashir
86DJ Cheapshot
87Lloyd Banks
88Mr. Porter
89Travie McCoy
90Hard Kaur
91AkonAliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, better known as Akon, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, record producer and actor.V1 Comment
92Honey Cocaine

Dope! Real as hell. He should be higher.

Smart educated and spiritual takes iit back to black with true black history is one of the coalition that are dead prez

95Sammy Adams

Samuel Adams Wiston was born- aug 14 in 1987. Known as Sammy Adams. Sammy is an U. S pop/hipop rapper. He started playing piano when he was 7. As well as he wrote short raps and made new musics and melodies himself through his school life. He did not started making music until college. His influences were not just rappers. But also rock, classical, blues, country too. In 2008 he started formal music. His famous singles are-Driving me crazy, blow up, only one, all night longer,L. A story. Hit mixtapes-Boston's opening day, party records, into the wild, ok cool (at his birthday in 2012). As featured artist he worked with G. Curtis-fly me high, Enrique Iglesias-finally found you and Taylor Swift-I knew you were trouble (remix).

96Joe Budden

Are you serious thus guy is a monster

97Bang Yong Guk

His from the hood. His like the next Pac. He knowns all the G of Comptaion.

His a real one!

99Jay Rock
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