Top Ten Most Inspirational Songs of All Time


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401Payphone - Maroon 5
402The Beast - Tech N9ne
403Fire Fly - Childish Gambino

It's about how he never thought as a child that in a million years he would become this great rapper and it compares his life then and now which shows that no matter who you are, you can make something if yourself.

404Only U Can Be You - Cymphonique Miller
405Never Surrender - Corey Hart

One of the all time classic inspirational songs. Definitely top 10

406Saviour - Black Veil Brides

As we life in a generation where self harm is seen as okay and a good way to help problems, this song is so inspirational, don't cut, your not alone

407Go the Distance - Michael Bolton
408Terrible Things
409Perfectly Flawed - Otep
410Do It or Die - Atlanta Rhythm Section
411The Final Countdown - Europe

You feel like a badass whenever you listen to this, as the kind of badass in which this moment is your moment and you may die if you don't live in this moment.

412Little Me - Little Mix

Powerful stuff its good

413It's Time - Imagine Dragons

This song always makes me happy!

414People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson

This is my favorite song! It shows nobody is normal, we can all be great and no matter what happens we can stand tall.

Kelly makes masterpieces which are very inspirational

This song makes me feel like I can be anything

Kelly clarkson is a miracle I love her

415It's Your Life - Francesca Battistelli
416Run the World - Beyonce

Inspires girl power and their true strengths

417Written In the Stars - Tinie Tempah

It's a damn inspiring song. I listen it everyday, I assure that you will like it.

418Beautiful People - Chris Browm

There are only few songs which you'll like when you hear them only once this is of the same kind. It definitely deserves a place in top 10. It is very inspiring and taught me to see the "beautiness inside the people.

419Brave - Sara Bareilles
420Coincidental Racist - Rucka Rucka Ali

This parody of Same Love by Macklemore is actually so good. Hilarious and surprisingly inspirational.

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