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It would be relaxing
Hawaii is the prettiest state I have ever seen
Never been but would love to see the volcanoes.
[Newest]Never been but sounds like a great place from what I've heard.

I love Florida, there's so much to do! And agreed, alligators are badass... But how did Indiana even get on the list? It's the most boring place ever, and that is a fact.
Disneyworld and loads of other parks like Seaworld and Universal Studios. Plus there is a ton of alligators there, and alligators are badass.
Beaches are close and almost every house has a pool in there backyard, and I should know I live there and I have one
[Newest]Florida is just plain out awesome

It is my home state and I think it is a great place for every one because there is a huge verity of many different activities for anyone
I love california! There are so many sights to see!
I love California because it has the most palm trees, the most beautiful and the highways. California is great like New York. New York City is large like Los Angeles.
[Newest]I would love to go some day. Sounds interesting.

It is where some of the famous presidents lived
There is so much American history in Virginia!


I love Texas! It's hot so pack some cool clothes and head down there as soon as you can! It is a great place to go and be! You would love the state fairs and all of the events! Go Texas!
Texas should at least be a little higher. There is so much to do here from water parks restaurants to even The nice people who live here.
What I love about Texas mostly is it's people; they are kind, friendly and very caring people. I have never seen these many charities (non-profit), community type, that help each others in so many ways, compare to other states. Love Texas, God bless TX and bless America
[Newest]I love it has the kindest people

Maryland, you can do it, I can stop Hawaii from being the most interesting state!
Maryland is the best.
Maryland rocks the most, and I want Maryland in 1st place, not Hawaii!
[Newest]Best as a world record!

Boston has everything! It's just plain nice there, so I would say Massachusetts is pretty good!
I live here, and I see new stuff legit everyday! Its especially amazing going on field trips, because they take you to some cool places (JFK library, Science Museum, Duck Tours, etc).


Knew someone from MA once. From what I knew, it was really interesting.


I live here and there is so much to do and to love in this wonderful state and all my friends that come and visit love this state!
I hope I like it I will be moving there soon! I have a? Do u usually see snake and big spiders
Arizona seems pretty sweet and relaxing... Now idea why

9New York
I've had the most fun there
New york is awesome
New York is boss
[Newest]I live in New York

10South Carolina
It's amazing here! I've grown up here and I'd say it's the place to be. From our great outdoors to just staying inside to enjoy some country cooking! I love South Carolina
It might be cool to see my cousins!
You can visit the slave plantations
[Newest]It would be amazing because of the beautiful natural life

The Contenders

There is a lake every square mile. There are more different fish species in Minnesota than any other state. People are very happy up here. We are used to the cold and can still go to work or school with a foot of snow without a problem. Very safe and the people are very friendly. We do not have very many big cities, which makes it a great place to come if you want to escape the concrete jungle for a while.
Minnesota should be at the top because of the cool sights!

The mall of america! Good jobs, and low crime!
People that like snow is the state for them!

There are so many attractions and so much historical sites in Alabama. The weather is great all year round and we love football!
People who say Alabama sucks. Have obviously never been to Alabama.
I love Gulf Shores! I absolutely love it! The beaach is to die for and is an amazing sight! There is so much to do and the whole family would love it! I totaly reccomened this as a future summer trip! If you can, I love jet skiing! You might get to see some dolphins!

Kentucky is very interesting. It has the largest cave in the world, good food, and some great attractions.
I love Kentucky especially Louisville! Beautiful!

Ga has the great ability of having major cities and then a couple hours away redneck country. It's awesome.
Coke is the best!
I would go to Georgia because my cousin lives there


16New Hampshire
Democrat one year. Republican the next year. Many independent voters irregardless of their party affiliation. Just over 1 million population and barely growing.


N. H, love it.39,000 troops sent in the civil war. I'm a New Hampshirese so I love it here. A lot of things to do here.



Honestly, how did Indiana make it on this list? I live in Indiana and let me tell ya, all we have is corn fields. No kidding. Indianapolis is pretty great I guess, but really!? Indiana is really nothing special.
Indiana is such a cool fun place I lived here for years love Indianapolis so many museums and tall buildings I love to go to the zoo and see the Dolphins due flips an cool stuff like that just a really interesting state
My Fathers Family lives there and I love going there for the Indy 500, plus it's a good place to lay down an' relax plus everything is locally grown!

Seven presidents came from Ohio, the Wright Brothers, Football Hall of Fame, Cedar Point: the number 1 Amusement Park in the world for 16 years in a row, Kellys Island, Kings Island and so much more! Vote Ohio!
Football hall of fame
Ohio is the best!

I live in here people think it's bad but it's good if you know how to live its good
Michigan is amazing and has many beautiful places, you just need to look.
Best place to be in the summer.

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