Top Ten Most Legendary Supermodels


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The Top Ten

Gia Carangi
There will never be enough words said about her beauty. She really was one of the best models who ever lived, and she managed to attain that status in less than five years of working in the industry and despite having a, shall we say, dangerous way of living.
With all due respect to the Creator of this site Ms carangi should be at the top of your list... She set the standard for all the supermodels after her... The fashion industry's standard of what beauty and edginess is today...
I agree she should be at the top of this list she is a one of a kind unique beauty, she was the original the best and the trend setter for all models coming after her, she did everything with ease cause it all came naturally, so sad to of lost her so young I'm sure she would of been somewhere big in film if she had to still be with us, cause she wanted to do movies.
[Newest]Gia bring so much to her pictures and her look is timeless, a shame her life ended the way it did, anyone interested in her should read "Thing of Beauty', she led a fascinating life and her body of work is amazing especially considering she didn't want to be a model.
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2Cindy Crawford
Her Trade Mark is Mole above her lip.
Has been on the cover of more than 600 magazines worldwide, including "Vogue", "W", "People", "Harper's Bazaar", "ELLE" and "Allure".
First modern supermodel to pose for "Playboy".
Ranked #5 on "Playboy"'s list of the 100 Sexiest Stars of the Century.


This sexy chick is on top of the food chain on the top tens! As Quagmire say, "Giggity! "
Cindy used to be so gorgeous and that body... Wow.. Naomi, Gisele and Kate? No thanks.
[Newest]She is so beautiful and gifted

3Tyra Banks
she is owesome... juz let go what is going through herself even she had suffered from eating disorder b4(eat too much)... inspire other people... brave.. crazy in minded thinking but really gud.. strong enough.. and I love tyra now (out and inside)!
She's the best in the world! Her show "America's Next Top Model" just reached Cycle 18 and Tyra Banks Show is one of the best talk shows in the world. She's also more than a millionaire. Her black beauty is undefeated!
I watch America's Next Top Model ALL the time. And I just think she is the most beautiful person in the WHOLE UNIVERSE! I just wish I could be like her. She is the best!

4Naomi Campbell
First black female model on the cover of French Vogue, British Vogue, and Time Magazine. Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world.


You cannot beat Naomi. Her walk is legendary. Her personal life is legendary. She's been at the top of the game since the 80's. The Black Panther!
The perfect runway model! With her amazing confident and panther-like walk she is so striking. More that 20 years after her debut she puts to shame young models.

5Linda Evangelista
Was ranked #2 (after Cindy Crawford) on MTV's "House of Style" (1989) list of the top models of the 1990's.
Has changed her hair color a minimum of twelve times.
Was ranked #8 in Channel 5's "World's greatest supermodel".
Her Quote "I don't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day" was one of the best PR steps in history.


Face, Attitude, and Body. She is what supermodels strive to be! When ever you opened a fashion mag in the 80's and 90's she was in. She was on every runway show there was!
Linda should be #1. No other could be such a chameleon like she was and still is to this day. Absolutely stunning like no other
[Newest]She can change her looks as often as changing her hair color. who else ever did that?

6Kate Moss
One of the more controversial supermodels, primarily because of her unusually low weight during the early part of her career.
Although she is one of the world's top fashion models.


Ask anybody a name of a top model they would answer Kate Moss. Certainly one of the most controversial and famous model ever. And that face, she is so magnetic and mysterious!
Kate Moss for me is the Best... Nobody even compares to her.. Her zero figure was such a rage and can ever create the rage again

7Heidi Klum
Voted as #9 on the Top 100 Sexiest Women 2004 in FHM
In 2008, she earned $3,800,000 as a model/spokesperson for Victoria's Secret.
In 2008, Forbes reported her income from various interests at $14 million.
Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2001.



9Gisele Bundchen
Model of the millenium! Made Victoria Secret look fashionable. The body! Over a decade as the highest paid model! Come on! She¬'s it!
Simply the best
I ever envied her wonderful body! I love every top model in this list but I prefere Gisele! The greatest!
One of the best at all times...

10Claudia Schiffer
What? She isn't #1? By a long shot the most iconic, legendary and influential supermodel of the 90's!
Hot girl. If you don't know you better ask somebody. Top five in the 90s for sure.
She should be a the top! 500 magazine covers come on!
500 magazine covers? You should "update" your facts. She was on 1 MILLION magazine covers. This Absolute record is not beaten to date!


The Contenders

11Suzy Parker

12Christy Turlington
Appeared in the nude for a PETA poster stating, "I'd rather go naked than wear fur".
On of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People.
Has been on the cover of nearly 1, 000 magazines since 1987 including Vouge, Allure, Harper's Bazaar, Esquire, and Elle.


Yep, she's does look sexy in those panties from the Calvin Klein's company! I might just wanna make out with her right now!
Damn, she looks sexy in her panties when I was browsing Google looking up on Christy! :D
[Newest]Member of the trinity with Naomi and Linda. For me she is one of the most beautiful model ever.


Before Cindy, Naomi, Gia, Linda and any of those other wonderful models were even born, there was VERUSHUKA.

She is one of a kind even among her contemporaries like Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton, etc. Verushuka approached each job like an artist and didn't just model and look beautiful, but became the image of beauty to fit every photo.

She is alive and creating to this day and is an inspiration for all the models of today. That's why she should be number one. Not because she is hot, or looks cute in her panties, or had a lot of P.R. people working hard to give her popularity in the media. But because she set the standard of what a model is. Going beyond just being a pretty face. Many of you have never heard of her and do not know the history of the modeling world, so please go to Google Images and write the name VERUSHUKA and look and see what a true Super model is all about.
She started it all! Verushuka is number one!
Absolutely eye catching beauty.

15Christie Brinkley

16Paulina Porizkova
She is beautiful. Great eyes. Great features. Perfect symmetry and bone structure. She is striking. Any fool could see that.
Dear master porizkova. Your alien eyes have turned me into a square faced alien like you. You are not from earth and you and I will alienate the world
She has hypnotized me into being her slave. All hail master porizkova you have seduced me.
[Newest]Master we meet again. My face is now square like yours

17Elle Macpherson
One of the world's top fashion models.


18Cheryl Tiegs

19Jean Shrimpton
I think that is was and still is beautiful she has the most stunning eyes and mouth and she made everything she wore look twice as good as any other model and she never compromised her morals by posing half nude. she didn't need to do that, she had class and probably still does

20Jerry Hall

21Laetitia Casta
She has appeared on over 100 covers of fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour, as well as doing commercials for the cosmetics company L'Oreal.
Has a brown belt in judo.
Laetitia made her feature film debut in Asterix & Obelix vs. Caesar(1999), the most expensive French film ever made and a smash hit in Europe.
Laetitia is good actress too.


The word glamour itself is French, so it's entirely appropriate that the most legendary model should be French herself.


22Carol Alt

23Janice Dickinson
Even if you do not agree with her being the "first-supermodel in the world" you have to understand what she means by it---she was the one that first started the increase of fees paid to supermodels. Aside from that if you see her pictures throughout her career she was so utterly gorgeous. She had to make herself noticed and accepted in a blonde-dominated industry paving the way for other beautiful girls like Gia & Cindy.

24Patti Hansen

Dovima was one of the most Iconic Models who ever lived, none of these models would be where they were if not for Models of the 1950's. Just insane or obviously not well informed. I mean she was Avedons muse! And where is Carmen dell'Orefice in all this.

26Adriana Lima
She's the best... And the most beautiful!
Oh my god, Adriana Lima is incredible beauiful! She's a stunner!

27Eva Herzigova
One of the world's top fashion models.
Was ranked #15 in Channel 5's "World's greatest supermodel".


28Milla Jovovich

29Kate Upton

30Kim Alexis

31Helena Christensen

32Marilyn Monroe

33Miranda Kerr

34Stephanie Seymour
Most beautiful woman ever!

35Lucy Pinder

36Rachel Williams

37Alessandra Ambrosio

38Nancy Donahue

39Irina Shayk

40Mariacarla Boscono

41Candice Swanepoel
She is by far the most beautiful woman in the world right now. Everything about her is perfect, her hair, her eyes, her body... Everything! Look out Gisele...!
She is insanely hot. I fap to her photos every day. I have nude pictures of her surrounding my bed and my dad approves of them.
She is the best model in the world right now. Look out Gis because here come Candice looking fierce and beautiful. I absolutely love her!

42Jordan Carver

43Doutzen Kroes

44Cara Delevingne

45Shalom Harlow

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