Most Likely Future NFL Hall of Famers


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1Peyton Manning

Peyton! You should have stayed with Colts! I don't like the Broncos. But Andrew Luck is going to be the future you. He threw his first pas for a TD like you did. - Alpha101

Did you see his Broncos Steelers game? He was amazing! He's making a comeback! He's taking the Broncos to the playoffs! - Alpha101

2nd best football player of all time! (Joe Montana is best) - Alpha101

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2Tom Brady
3Drew Brees

My all time favorite player! - Alpha101

The best qb in the league

4Matthew Stafford

Joe Flacco's better than him - Danmarino4

5Tony Romo
6Ray Lewis
7Calvin Johnson

He is the best player with the 2nd best catch

8Chad Johnson
9Randy Moss
10Aaron Rodgers

The Contenders

11Marshawn Lynch

Is he better than Adrian Peterson. NO. So how is he on the list - Danmarino4

12Eli Manning
13Ray Lewis
14Clay Matthews III
15Tim Tebow
16Brett Favre
17Herschel Walker
18Larry Fitzgerald
19Andre Johnson
20Rob Gronkowski
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1. Peyton Manning
2. Tom Brady
3. Drew Brees



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