Most Likely Future NFL Hall of Famers


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The Top Ten

Peyton Manning
Peyton! You should have stayed with Colts! I don't like the Broncos. But Andrew Luck is going to be the future you. He threw his first pas for a TD like you did.


Did you see his Broncos Steelers game? He was amazing! He's making a comeback! He's taking the Broncos to the playoffs!


2nd best football player of all time! (Joe Montana is best)


2Tom Brady

3Drew Brees
My all time favorite player!


The best qb in the league
Drew is the MAN
More comments about Drew Brees

4Matthew Stafford

5Tony Romo

6Ray Lewis

7Calvin Johnson
He is the best player with the 2nd best catch

8Chad Johnson

9Randy Moss

10Aaron Rodgers

The Contenders

11Ray Lewis

12Clay Matthews III

13Eli Manning

14Brett Favre

15Herschel Walker

16Larry Fitzgerald

17Andre Johnson

18Rob Gronkowski

19Wes Welker

20Jimmy Graham

21Jonathan Vilma

22Ed Reed

23Troy Polamalu

24Charles Woodson

25Rob Bironas

26Ray Rice

27Cam Newton

28Lance Moore

29Marshawn Lynch

30Arian Foster

31Chris Johnson

32Andrew Luck

33Russell Wilson

34Robert Griffin III

35Trent Richardson

36Alex Smith

37Brandon Weeden

38Ryan Tannehill

39Stephen Gostkowski

40David Akers

41Blair Walsh

42Adrian Peterson

43Matt Ryan

44Tim Tebow

45Victor Cruz

46Stephan Ridley

47Shane Vereen

48Tony Gonzalez

49Roddy White

50Julio Jones

51Carson Palmer

52Darren McFadden

53Morris Claiborne

54Dez Bryant

55Kurt Warner

56A.J. Green

57BenJarvus Green-Ellis

58Andy Dalton

59Collin Kaepernick

60Joe Flacco

61Anquian Boldin

62Torrey Smith

63Michael Oher

64Garrett Hartley

65Ben Roethlisberger

66Rashard Mendenhall

67Antonio Brown

68Doug Martin

69Brandon Pettigrew

70Reggie Wayne

71T.Y. Hilton

72Dallas Clark

73Matt Hasselbeck

74Vince Young

75Ryan Fitzpatrick

76Dwayne Bowe

77Chris Hope

78Nate Washington

79Dont'a Hightower

80Frank Gore

81Anthony Dixon

82Reggie Nelson

83Michael Turner

84Jordy Nelson

85Randall Cobb

86Ryan Mathews

87Jerome Bettis

88LeSean McCoy

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