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221I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack
222Boom Boom Boom Boom! - Vengaboys
223The Winner Takes It All - ABBA

One the most powerful and emotional lyrics ever. One can feel that it was directly taken from their actual lives at the time. Gets me every time I hear it.

Why is this so low!? This song tells the sadness of a divorce. It's natural and emotional! - ivylee

224Blowin' in the Wind - Bob Dylan

When people asks themselves, 'what is my purpose or why am I born in this world', Bob Dylan says: 'the answer my friend is blowing in the wind'..Lots of interpretations about this song, but from what I gather, I feel Bob Dylan is telling us to not worry about such things and live in the present. That's why I feel he says' Blowing in the wind'. The wind only blows while we are present in the time. That's my interpretation.

Blowin in the wind is obviously a great song with purpose, but I find rolling stones to be his deepest

225What Sarah Said - Death Cab for CutieV1 Comment
226Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
227Question - The Moody Blues
228Survivor - Destiny's Child
229Schrei Nach Liebe - Die Arzte
230It Was A Good Day - Ice Cube
231Holes In the Floor of Heaven - Steve Wariner
232Hero - Superchick
233The Dead Can't Testify - Billy Talent
234I Found You - The Wanted

Just a great song, love it!

235Drive - Incubus
236Like a Knife - Secondhand Serenade

This just really touches the heart

237Jumper - Third Eye Blind

I loved this song from the first time I heard it sung by Jim Carrey in the movie "Yes". This song is so meaningful because it sends a hopeful message to those with depression about to commit suicide. Amazing song. Amazing lyrics.

Here is a beutifully written song about someone who was thinking of commiting suicide. This song just really gets to me. It is and slightly intense song, as this helps get the message across. Hope you guys listen to it :).

238Beat On the Brat - The Ramones
239I Don't Wanna Grow Up - The Ramones
240Commando - The Ramones
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