Top 10 Most Mellow Linkin Park Songs


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21Somewhere I Belong

This song rocks but is hard to decide what number this group has so many bad ass songs

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22What We Don't Know

Can't think what Linkin park sings about

23Pushing Me Away

Compared to the other Hybrid Theory songs, this is pretty mellow, mostly lyric wise. - lukestheman4

24No Roads Left

How is this not included? No Roads Left might have some rock parts, but at least be in this!

25Empty Spaces

It's a 18 second interlude...


Barely Even a Song

27Cure for the Itch
28Rolling In the Deep
29Not Alone

You guys are kidding me right, this was made for the Haiti disaster, how is this not in the top 5

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30Across the Line
31Pretend to Be
32One Step Closer

This is a good song but its anything but mellow

Some one tell me why this isn't number 1

33Lost In the Echo

My song about finally kicking my drug habit. Don't think that's what it is about but that's what it reminds me of


Well the beginning isn't mellow at all, but the end part is extremely mellow and this should be at least in the top 5

36FalloutV1 Comment

In my opinion the best song ever, also the first Linkin Park song I've heard

38I'll Be Gone
39SessionV1 Comment
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