Most Memorable 80s Songs by a Female Singer


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1Like a Prayer - Madonna

5 million copies sold


Compared to the ok song - wanna dance with somebody

One of the greatest song ever. Madonna showed a very decent performance - Irina2932

Unbelievable song, and powerful!

Best 80's girl song period. Well, Madonna's the best period.

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2Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler

It was Billboard's #1 song of the year for 1983 and even nowadays this track is very popular - Irina2932

I cringe whenever I hear this song. Tyler's screaming is like finger nails on a chalkboard. It is my sincere wish is to never ever have to hear this song again. If you are paying to have this song piped in to any store please know that whenever I hear this song in a store I leave immediately.

One of the best overall songs of the 1980s.

Great song still love it

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3Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics
4I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) - Whitney Houston

Brilliant Dance/Pop track - one of the biggest hits of the 80's - Irina2932

In my opinion Whitney Houston is and was best singer of all time..

I love this song. I want to dance with anybody when I hear this song!

I think she's got talent

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5Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

I'm turning 14 in a few months and I heard this song when I was young so obviously I know at least one verse of the song but this is one of the greatest songs of the 80s and one of my favourite songs EVER! I want to listen to this song until I grow old. I hope this will be more famous than the songs now

Cyndi Lauper is the one of the greatest singer in 80s and she have many song that hits in all over the world like girls just want to have fun, time after time, true colors and many more

I just love this song, and Cyndi is the best singer in the 80's although I was not born during this generation. But its my mom's favorite song and artist.

Always Loved her voice.

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6If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher

Cher is in a class all of her own

7Flashdance... What a Feeling - Irene Cara

This is like a premiere song of the 1980s it should be much closer to very top within the top 5

8Like a Virgin - Madonna
9Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar
10Heaven Is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle

Beautiful and really memorable track from the 80's - Irina2932

Love this song and Belinda Carlisle is a great singer.

Yes we love her and miss her is she still playing in the us?

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?You Know What to Do - Carly Simon
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11Nasty - Janet Jackson

Love Janet and her music!

12Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush

The greatest English rose in history of rock and pop a unique talent. This song is an epic by a true genius if you haven't heard her or of her you haven't yet lived

The whole album (The Hounds Of Love) was a master piece and the title track was even better than this, one of Kate's finest moments.

13I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross

I love this song has a really good tune

14Physical - Olivia Newton-John

Didn't they have to ban the video? But anyway it is super catchy

Hands down this song was the biggest of the 80s

This song started the 80's of strong!

An angel on lone to us

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159 to 5 - Dolly Parton

Just phenomenal lady and performer

Listening to this wonderful song I started loving my job - Irina2932

16What's Love Got to Do with It - Tina Turner
17(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena - Sandra

Legendary superhit from Sandra that topped more than 20 countries - Irina2932

18Cruel Summer - Bananarama
19La Isla Bonita - Madonna

Not just memorable but also legendary hit from Madonna - Irina2932

Oh yeah this was the jams at the dances

20Crazy For You - Madonna

Another wonderfully beautiful ballad from Madonna - Irina2932

First love type song

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1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics
2. Like a Virgin - Madonna
3. Heartbreaker - Pat Benatar
1. Like a Prayer - Madonna
2. Heaven Is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle
3. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler



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