Most Memorable 90s Songs by a Female Singer


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21Fantasy - Mariah Carey

The remix to this song changed music forever! There would be no 'favorite rapper on your favorite pop singers song' without that remix!

It changed music that's's why there are a lot of FEATURED artists!

Come on, how do. Ya'll not know this song!

#1 HIT for long time

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22Man! I Feel Like a Woman! - Shania Twain

Really memorable hit with memorable lyrics - Irina2932

I'm not a country fan and I loved this song - Szonana

Shania slayed in the mid to late 90s

23If You Had My Love - Jennifer Lopez

I Always Have A Crush Jeninifer You Will Always Be Number One To Me

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24Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez
25Cambino Dolor - Natalia Oreiro

Combino Dolor is music of serial wild angel. Natalia Oreiro is part wild girl style to fighter boy. Natalia Oreiro is good part to beautiful girl Milagros.
Good music!

26I'm Your Baby Tonight - Whitney Houston

Love this song reminds me of WHEN I was younger. #Good Times

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27Sometimes - Britney Spears

Sometimes I Wish Britney Didn't Change Just By Looking At Her I Was 19 At The Time And I Always Had A Crush On Her She Is Amazing

28Criminal - Fiona AppleV2 Comments
29Crush - Jennifer Paige
30Come to My Window - Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Knows How To Write A Love Story In A Song

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31Angel - Sarah McLachlan
32Soda Pop - Britney Spears

It was such a fun song.

33Bitch - Meredith Brookes

Catchy upbeat and true great song.

34Take a Bow - Madonna

Madonna Has Always Been Favorite She Could Be The Next Marlin Monro

35It's All Coming Back to Me Now - Celine Dion

This is one of celine's many GREATEST songs! Her vocal ability is just breath-taking

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36My Love Is Your Love - Whitney HoustonV1 Comment
37You're Makin Me High - Toni Braxton
38Waiting For Tonight - Jennifer Lopez

I Was 19 Years Old When This Came Out I Really Loved Your Performance

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39From the Bottom of My Broken Heart - Britney Spears
40Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion

This Will Always Be One Of My Favorite Songs Of All Time

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