Most Memorable James Bond Girls


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1Ursula Andress - Dr. No

The first Bond girl always will be the most impressive and memorable - Irina2932

2Kim Basinger - Never Say Never Again

Definitely memorable. This film helped Kim to become a huge superstar and sex symbol of the 80's - Irina2932

3Tanya Roberts - A View to a Kill

One of the most beautiful Bond girls - Irina2932

4Lois Chiles - Moonraker

To be honest, she's my favorite Bond girl. She's smart, very beautiful, hot and strong. - Irina2932

5Olga Kurylenko - Quantum of Solace

The movie itself, was a bit disappointing but Olga looked powerful and beautiful. I loved her - Irina2932

6Jane Seymour - Live and Let Die

Her Solitaire was impressive and charming. Jane was brilliant in this film - Irina2932

7Sophie Marceau - The World Is Not Enough

Her Elektra King is one of the most memorable (and beautiful) Bond girls - Irina2932

8Maud Adams - Octopussy

She was smart and powerful - Irina2932

9Claudine Auger - Thunderball

She's my favorite Bond girl of the 60's. Real Beauty! - Irina2932

10Famke Janssen - GoldenEye

This list would be empty without this beautiful, hot but so dangerous villainess. She played Xenia Onatopp - Irina2932

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