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61 Bodies - Drowning Pool Bodies - Drowning Pool

The only bodies hitting the floor are people dying after listening to this god I hate this song

62 Pompeii - Bastille Pompeii - Bastille

I would've said this song was great back maybe in December or January but ever since this song was released in the U.S. it has been played nonstop by radio stations everywhere. Almost every station I turn to has that song playing every couple of minutes. Thhe beat and the lyrics get repetitive after a while when it's played on the radio, and everyone seems to still enjoy it but me. What's worse is that it is a really catchy song too! Granted there are other songs that are overplayed as much as or more than this one like Happy by Pharell, but I don't see an end to this song being overplayed.

63 All of Me - John Legend All of Me - John Legend V 1 Comment
64 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

Don't stop believin' is a great song, but when I was talking to one of my friends that said they really liked the song, I asked her what her favorite Journey song was, (Mine is "lights") she said "What is Journey? " If you love a song that much... YOU SHOULD FIND OUT WHO IT IS! (Also when people think it's a recent song ever though its from the 80s. )

65 Glad You Came - The Wanted Glad You Came - The Wanted
66 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Almost all the NIRVANA wannabe fans know nirvana by this ONE song and it's the reason nirvana is the most overrated band of all time and yet it's only 60th?

V 1 Comment
67 Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd V 1 Comment
68 E.T. - Katy Perry E.T. - Katy Perry

This song doesn't make a lick of sense. I mean really, ET of the movie characters to right a song about

69 Some Nights - Fun Some Nights - Fun

It's the same music from Simon and Garfunkel's Cecilia. If people really knew what this song was about, then maybe it wouldn't get played a thousand times a day.

Back when this was popular, it was played literally every ten minutes on the radio... - NicholasYellow

70 Bubbly - Colbie Caillat Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

I didn't like this song the first time I heard it. It sounds like a 13 year old wrote it. I hear this song at work all the time.

71 Cheap Thrills - Sia Cheap Thrills - Sia V 1 Comment
72 Sugar - Maroon 5 Sugar - Maroon 5

So sick and tired of every girl singing this song at school and at work.

73 7 Years - Lukas Graham 7 Years - Lukas Graham
74 U Smile - Justin Bieber U Smile - Justin Bieber

This moron is very overrated and annoying. Like, it should be illegal for him to sing.

Every time I hear him sing, I go insane. - NightmareIsHere_

75 Dearly Beloved - Yoko Shimomura

Love this song so much, I've played it over and over again, I never get tired of it. It's so beautiful, reminds me of a lullaby. - white_puma

76 Mirrors - Justin Timberlake Mirrors - Justin Timberlake

Another song my work overplays. If he's singing about a woman then how she be his mirror?

77 Wake Me Up - Avicii Wake Me Up - Avicii

I can't stand this song anymore. This has been overplay since last year nonstop!

Meant to be an anthem, instead makes me want to slash my wrists.

78 Dynamite - Taio Cruz Dynamite - Taio Cruz

This song used to be overplayed. I still hear it on the radio every now and then.

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79 Hey Ya - Outkast Hey Ya - Outkast
80 Battle Scars - Lupe Fiasco Battle Scars - Lupe Fiasco

How did this song get radio airplay?!?

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