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61Young PyromasterV1 Comment
62Birthing Pod
63Lava AxeV1 Comment
64Jeskai Ascendancy
65Ancient Silverback

Knock away at your opponents creatures with a 6/5 that regenerates until they all die.

66Knowledge Pool
67Dragonlord Dromoka

Opponents can't cast cards on your turn, 5/7 flying life link, can't be countered green/white

68Kalonian Hydra

Doubles its power every attack and on it's first attack it is 8/8. Best of all, it only costs 5 mana.

69Nevinyrral's Disk

This card is overpowered to some the only down side to it being able to destroy all artifacts, creatures, and enchantments is that it doesn't limit itself to all but you it destroys your artifacts, creatures, and enchantments as well. It only leaves you lands I have this card am and always worried about using it any ideas how I can protect my own creatures etc. And still destroy everyone else

Kaleb Stillwell

70Skysnare Spider

A 6/6 creature with both viligance and reach has got to be on this list

71Scoria Elemental

Totally overpowered! It's only five mana, and you get a six one with nothing! That's like, a automatic win! So OP.

72Garruk, Caller of Beasts

Really amazing card, can summon even the most expensive creatures like worldspine wurm pronto.

73Glistener Elf

Sure it cost 9 mana but when things get out of hand and you need a bailout. Exile all permanent, all hands, all graveyards, everyone's life to 1. It's just a race to get just 1 point of damage on someone.

It's actually good, because if you have an Instant or Sorcery that deals 1 or more damage, and cannot be blocked, then you win the game.

76Bearer of the Heavens

10/10 and when it dies so does everything els. OP

This card is a lie... I see no bears in the art!

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