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21Sean Penn
Amazing intelligence informs all the roles he inhabits.
The very best there is. Totally underrated
I think he was fabulous in I am Sam, but after that I don't know where he went. He does a lot of work in Haiti, so I commend him for that. I hope that he gets a few really good roles in and that way he can draw more attention to his humanitarian efforts.
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22Leonardo DiCaprio
Same thing every movie, same expressions, same tone, same, same, same. So overrated. Looks only get you so far, unfortunately too far.
Overrated, really looks like he's trying too hard. The Gangs Of New York was overrated anyway but he made it worse with all the charisma of a digestive biscuit. And no chemistry with his leading lady.
Try closing your eyes and listening to his dialogue in Titanic. It is worse than a high school play. Truly overrated.
[Newest]He has literally played the same character in 2 dozen movies.

23Megan Fox
Terrible actress. She's hot, sure, but that doesn't change the fact that her acting in the Transformers movies varies from cringe-worthy to just plain embarrassing.
I agree, Personally, being a teenage boy, I am not attracted to her in any way, she looks too much like a Barbie doll
There are only 3 words that describe her - stupid, ugly, and talentless. I'm a boy but I don't understand why people think she is hot.
[Newest]She's the cold cuts at a high school lunch. Does anyone really need that?

24Will Ferrell
Plays the same character in a different situation every single movie. He gets lucky and has good writers, so a lot of his movies are really funny and very quotable (Anchorman is a good example) however his acting gets boring and repetitive. I find myself quoting him and then forgetting what movie it actually came from all too often.
The guy's movie career is entirely based on shouting a lot. Aside from playing George Bush, he doesn't really have a lot going for him. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I don't really want to spend 90 minutes watching him yell statements that no one would ever see the need to yell and act like a moron.
I agree that he is a bad actor for the most part. He is a decent comedian when a flick is well paced and scripted, but only when he has a good supporting cast which often reflects more on them in that case in my opinion. I have to say I do like quite a few of his movies, but a lot of the ones that depend on him to carry it are unwatchable for me.
[Newest]He's as funny as cancer.

25Vin Diesel
He's the best actor I've ever seen. I absolutely love and adore him
Not a good actor in any way, but if he sticks to tough guys roles so long as it isn't mindless Fast and Furious #? I can sometimes make it a guilty pleasure such as with Pitch Black and Riddick.
When is a sailor a piece wood?

When he is a-board (or when he is being portray by vin "i have been sniffing" diesel).

26Miley Cyrus
She Can't Act. She Is A Wannabe Bad Girl She Tries To Get Attention From Copying Lindsay And Britney. She Can't Act She Can't Sing She Can't Dance. She is famous for being famous. She Is copying Britney about how she doesn't about anyone and does whatever she wants like smoking at 18. At least Britney has changed the world with her music.
I see lots of other actors and actresses that are not as famous but way better at acting
Miley is one of the most overrated celebs of the 21s century simply by the fact that she is from that Cyrus familly who is known to have one hit and it's not even a decent one. And last that show of hers that my daughter watches its disgracing the whole disney franchise.
[Newest]She was Hannah Montana when Bush was president. Thanks Obama!

27Taylor Lautner
Yes you have a really nice body, but one nothing but another member of the cast from twilight who can't act.


How are Keanu Reeves, and Johnny Depp worse actors than
A guy who does nothing but take his shirt off?
Taylor Lautner should be number 1 period.
I have no idea why people like him. He plays the worst werewolf in the history of cinema.
[Newest]Honestly it's tragic watching him try!

28Beyonce Knowles
Even awful Paris Hilton is better actress than Knowles.
Beyonce sucks literally
Beyonce is way too overrated. She should be the first one one this list
Beyonce is pretensious and her horrible personality shows.
[Newest]Beyonce is to acting what drying paint is to excitement.

29Zack Efron
All Zac Efron does is take off his shirt and show abs. Why doesn't he just pose for playgirl magazine instead. He plays the same lover boy roles all the time and is pretty much like his own personality and even worst like Troy Bolton on Disney HSM. Totally overrated.
If you cover up his body, you'd think you were just looking at a chick. He can't act or sing, he's only popular because of teenage girls thinking he's 'hot' just because he's shirtless in almost every movie he's in.
What a horrible actor and show off! So overrated. please put your clothes on Zack and do something else with your life!
[Newest]Overrated as heck. He's just some guy for clueless teenage girls to fawn over.

30John Wayne
Not the greatest actor and comparatively limited in what he did but he had an aura and a screen presence not many could or can match. A legend!
He was a good actor and he was charismatic. Not like these lousy actors nowadays.
A textbook case of not so much "actor" as "movie star." you couldn't find a less versatile performer if your life depended on it!
[Newest]He was like the Laurence Olivier of constipated delivery

31Halle Berry
Never understood all the hoopla. Her acting is no better than any of my high school students', who are only doing it for some extra credit.
She's an ok actor but doesn't deserve the fame she's got right now.
Needs more serious acting roles. We already know you can be a drug addict, retarded cat, and a bikini clad spy
[Newest]Overrated in acting and beauty

32Lindsey Lohan
Why does the corporate media keep pushing this washed up skank? She was never a good actress and has done nothing professionally or privately worth following. It's like when a talentless kid actress grows up, and refuses to accept the fact that she's a has-been. Can we all save our writing talents and concentrate on actors who actually work, and are talented? The constant pushing of this mediocre D-Lister proves that the corporate controllers of the movie and media industries want young girls to look up to and copy what filth like Lohan does. Let's all end this train-wreck now by ignoring her. Ignore the media accounts, boycott the blogs who talk about her, and boycott the products of any company that sponsors on any T.V. network that airs stories about her. STOP ENCOURAGING MEDIOCRE HACKS!
Oh Lindsay, how the mighty have fallen or rather the how the child idol has fallen. She might have some talent but her career has plummeted sharply off the cliff. I used to love her when I was younger (12-14 years of age), but I then realized that there were people who were so much better. While she is just getting back in the game, she is still overrated right now and some of her acting is not always that great. (E.G. saturday night live). Lindsay, if you want to get back on track, prove to us that you can still act more than just a good movie or two.
She's talented but also really stupid. She got caught up in the drug lifestyle and parties a lot. And I mean a lot. Her mother doesn't help and parties right along with her. Sad. I'm hoping she kicks her mother out of her life and gets back to making great movies like 'Mean Girls'.
[Newest]The only thing she's good at is failing rehab.

33Nicole Kidman
Love her. Good but not great. I can list many movies of her's I like. She awesome. So gorgeous. So hot. One of my favorite actresses ever. She acted rings around her husband in 'Eyes Wide Shut'. She turns me on so much. Would love to meet her.
Beautiful, marvelous multi talented and intelligent actress. Adore her.
Terribly self conscious actress! The only reason she made it in Hollywood was her marriage to Tom. So many flops. I don't watch movies with her ie Moulin Rouge (even though I think Ewan is great) and Australia. Gosh, it would be painful to have to watch her. Vain, self conscious and definitely not a great actor. Oh and she stuck a fake nose on and got a best supporting actress award. PLEASE!
[Newest]So wonderful and lovely to watch. Intelligence informs every role she so gracefully plays.

34Julia Roberts
She just plays herself in every movie.


People always put her in the "sexy woman" role, but she is ugly as a stick. But side roles, suit her well.
Can't stand her. Can't agree more that she is exactly the same in every movie, playing herself. And that face taking over smile of hers is so tired and insincere. In Larry Crowne she was so boring, and banking doe in lack-less and lazy acting on her part. Some one please get her of the screen already.


[Newest]She's truly a bottom feeder. Suction she'd be good at. Nothing more

35Adam Sandler
He just plain blows.. He's either VERY quiet and retarded sounding or he's yelling like a moron. He's such a light weight actor too.. He would NEVER be able to play a role that actually means something. Seriously who would ever miss a piece of trash actor like him.
This guy blows. Utterly stupid comedy. Can, t act and just plays goofy idiotic roles.
He's too shallow! I mean, none of his jokes make us laugh because he doesn't make humor a world of fun.

[Newest]How did this bozo ever get himself billed as a comedian? My guess is that he invoked the power of suggestion: he basically said he was a comedian, then sat back and let the world mistakenly assume that, with false advertising laws and whatnot, he couldn't do that unless he was indeed somehow funny. (talk about using a term loosely. )

36Charlize Theron
Good. Probably the hottest female actress on the planet. Love her most of her movies. My favorite movie of her's is 'The Cider House Rules'. She does take risks. She was good in 'Monster' and deserved her Oscar win. Very talented and also very smart. She recently admitted to breaking up with a guy solely because the only reason why she was with him was because she found him attractive. Very honest and sincere. Like her a lot.
Fabulous actress whose looks are as spellbinding as her delivery.
She's so hot, she sizzles!

37Blake Lively
Do you think she can act? No. She looked really ordinary.
I was horrified when I saw that this woman is considered beautiful by American standards. I find her so plain and ordinary. She isn't a very good or versatile actress either
I firmly don't think she is a beauty, although she deserves a sexy girl. She got too many gossip with many guys, which of them is Leo. The relationship with those guys were often breif.
[Newest]Her face is ugly. Bad Actress.

38Sarah Jessica Parker
One of the most talentless actresses in the past 10 years. All her rules are one - hers. I am amused that somebody paid her $30M for a movie. She should have kept in the silly girly sex and the city. Waste of big screen.
She's ugly and old-looking. Why is she still popular on the big screen though Jennfer Aniston is WAY better than her.

Absolutely the most overrated actress. Not that great of an actor. Not that pretty. Period.
[Newest]She was awesome in Flight of the Navigator. I've never really understood why people are always so mean to her just because you find her unattractive. Sarah Jessica never made any poor life choices, therefore there is no reason to be BIG BULLIES!


39Hilary Duff
So adorable with wonderful heart wrenching performances. Love, love, love her.
You'd be hard pressed to find anyone or anything cheesier.
She's a moron in "real" life as well.
Cute girl. Don't take her serious. She doesn't take risks.

40Channing Tatum
Definitely overrated... He thinks that he's the greatest just because he's considered attractive... No real good movies, really bad acting
He's an ugly male prostitute not an actor and his movies are horrible.
BUFFOON. I expect drool to run out of this retards mouth every time he appears on camera. What the HELL is wrong with this chode
[Newest]Okay he's really sexy, you guys are jealous
Considering we are girls, how can we be jealous? Should I want massive arms and a scruffy face? Should I want a huge female fan base lusting over my heterosexual ass too? GROW UP! Not every bad comment is based on envy, kiddo.

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