Most Overrated Actors/Actresses


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101Eva Longoria Parker
Pretty face, emaciated body, and very little acting talent.
Can't type busy puking

102Glenn Close
Glenn should be in the top and also do I have to say there shouldn't be so much comparison between her and Meryl Streep in fact Meryl is boring... She could easily be replaced by any other average actress of her age category... But Glenn is special, unique!
I'm sure at some level, she's a talented actress... But she never appears in films that anyone wants to see, only films that people like to tell people that they've seen... Aka oscar trash...

Having her ( or Meryl hard to tell them apart ) in a movie is like eating in a restaurant next to the landfill... Just stinks up the place...

I suppose she gives unattractive women hope or something, like daytime television...

And in 20 years, it'll be the same for Julie Roberts/Sandra Bullock... 2 more that we've seen more than enough already...
One of the most underrated actresses ever are you kidding putting her on this list?

103Selena Gomez
I mean, what?
She's not even that good and the character she played on Wizard's of Waverly place was complete trash. I seriously don't get the hoopla about her.
The only reason I believe her career soared after her show was cancelled without an ending was because she started dating some lesbian named Justin (a). OH WELL, I just think she's really untalented.

104Keisha Castle-Hughes
She is not that great an actress, she just got lucky. Plus, her face looks like a dump truck ran into it.

105Michelle Pfeiffer
Good. Loved her in many movies. She recently was bold enough to do a movie with Paul Rudd called 'I could never by your woman' where she ADMITTED to being an aging actress! That's guts. Love her.
She's a goddess and an unbelievable actress. What kind of tasteless moron would put her on this list?
She puts the UNDER in underrated. She shouldn't be anywhere near this list for shame

106Salman Khan
He should be at the number 1 spot.
This terrorist uncle should kill himself
[Newest]Sweet, happy and bad...the best

107Jerry Lewis

108Leah Remini

109Freddie Prinze Jr.

110Kathy Bates
She's actually a good supporting actress. She's not overrated, but just right.
Not overrated in the least One of the best
Nobody cares because she isn't a model.

111Jenny McCarthy
I wish she had sucked mine that is for sure!
She has no talent. she must have sucked a lot of dicks to get where she is.

112Robert Downey Jr.
One of my favorite actors. See 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'. Great movie.
Very egotistical. His father was a film director. Nepotism strikes again.
The problem with Robert Downey is that now he has been typecast as a superhero. He has very good acting skills but his choice of lifestlyes and roles havenĀ't been good.

113Steve Martin
Terrible. I love two movies of his. 'The Jerk' and 'Planes, Trains and Autos'. John Candy carried him in that movie too. Awful actor.
Total prick in real life! He can't act and was really never funny. Don't get why they bother to put him in movies either. He tried do Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther remake - there is only one Inspector Clouseau and that was PETER SELLERS.
Worst Actor on planet earth... Or should I say universe. This White haired idiot can't act at all and is even funny NOT! At, BORING BORING STEVE MARTIN

114Mischa Barton

115Holly Hunter

116Alicia Silverstone
Hasn't had a hit in years. But she has been doing films that fall under the radar.


Not to mention she was in Batman ^^ Robin, one of the worst films ever made

117Patrick Warburton
I hate him! his on camera work is ok but he thinks he is such an epic voice actor even though all his characters (Wolf from Hoodwinked, Joe from Family Guy and that guy on Emperors new groove) all sound exactly the same


He is the same in everything!

118Juliette Binoche
She ruined "The English Patient". Can't believe she got best supporting actress for that, and Kristin Scott Thomas didn't win anything.

119Heath Ledger
His Joker was incredible. What talent. Too bad he was a drug addict.
This site worships him...

120Emma Stone
Good actress. She's very humble too. She acted rings around Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. She was amazing in The Help. Love her.
In too many movies and magazines as a "beauty". Her eyes are so large they bug. Seems like any new person gets so much publicity, overrated

121Rena Sofer
she is know for being a part of several shows right before they were canceled or in the case of The show "couples" it ended rather quickly. Now she only does tv movies on lifetime, USA, Hallmark and the such.


122John Cusack
Is there a more annoying actor out there? Always plays the same whiny, nasal character. Always has the same facial expression. His voice is tedious. Gaah!

123Gary Sinise
Terrible. Wouldn't even use the term actor

124John Heder
He was in Napoleon Dynamite and just because it became popular, he picked up toons of acting jobs... but, he cannot act. He is probably the worst I've seen in a while.


125Sienna Miller
Wow, What a tramp. But I guess that's how a lot of these people get work.

126Ashton Kutcher
Worst actor ever. I know stone walls with more personality than him.
He's as boring as staring at a wall for 10 hours. Can't act to save his life.
Oh my God is he awful. Women cream themselves over him though. He's not bad at playing the dumb mimbo.

127Victoria Justice
She plays herself in every single T.V. show she is in and the directors of victorious want to to be an amazing singer when really Cat and Jade are 40000% better
Gorgeous girl. Hasn't really done much except television I haven't seen.
Annoying. Simply an annoying little bitch. No talent, cannot sing and insults other people. She ruined Victorious throughly, without her, that show would've been the next big thing.

128Frances McDormand
Does she even have to do anything to prepare for her roles? I don't see much "acting" going on with her. Yeah... She had a Midwestern accent in Fargo and scored an Oscar for it. I fail to see any real talent here. Wildly overrated.
Incredible actress. One of my favorites. Almost Famous, Fargo, Laurel Canyon, she's so awesome. I can watch her in anything.
Now this lady is damn fine actress and not given enough credit for her abilities.
I am sure being married to a Coen brother (s) is not an easy role given their collective brilliance

129Elisha Cuthbert


131Gerard Butler
I don't think there is any part Gerry can't handle. I put him up there with the likes of Christian bale.

132Jay Chou

133Katharine Hepburn
The greatest actress of all time. Period
That awful barking voice and haughty manner. Why does Hollywood so like what they think of as "feisty" women?

134Martin Freeman
Uninspired and run of the mill. He has one character - Martin Freedman- if he is playing a summer work undergraduate or a Hobitt. Whoever thought to cast him in hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy? Where was the real anger and frustration? And it's not enough to look a bit like a Hobitt to be a Hobitt. He must have serious professional connections to have been offered such major roles.
I ThinK Jack Was Better COHICE fOR tHE HOBBIT

135Jude Law
Similarly to Orlando Bloom, I think this guy has gotten by on his perceived good looks rather than acting talent.

136Daniel Day-Lewis
Not a great actor at all, he just is a weirdo trying to give a hyped pompous interpretation, thinking himself the greatest/ Falls into the same category as Marlon Brando, Johnny Depp, George Clooney and those others that aren't really actors, just disgusting individuals who believe they're the greatest thing on Earth.
Great actor BUT not greatest
Possibly the greatest actor of our times without a doubt.

137Jaden Smith
After Earth was cringe-worthy.

138Elizabeth Taylor
I'm watching Suddenly Last Summer on TCM & it is PAINFUL to watch--and listen to--Ms. Taylor over-emote. She shouts most of her lines (as did one of her many spouses--Richard Burton) & they are all over-enunciated, with awkward pauses meant to sound dramatic and deep. Now she's screaming--and again, it's overbearing and way overacted. Lizzy should have stayed with Lassie least there was a nice Collie to look at. (Now she's screaming about "jagged tin can" between sobs, gasps and heaves--my God, is there no end to this truly crappy performance?! )
She want a very good actress and she was one of the biggest weirdos of all time. What was she doing hanging around with that freak Michael jackson. And she is still a weirdo because she had herself buried near that freak
She wasnt a good actress and she was one of the biggest weirdos of all time. She was married 8 times and she hung around with that freak Michael jackson. She even had herself buried next to him. She should be buried next to richard burton.
'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' Wow!

139Marian Rivera

140Ariana Grande
This girl has not got a great acting bone in her body. That nauseating, vomit inducting, high pitch voice she puts on just makes my stomach wrench in agony as I weep for humanity.
The only real reason people like her is because teenage girls propel this people into the media.
Extremely hot. But she isn't an actress.
She has very little acting ability.
Also does she annoy anyone else that she gets PAYED to 'act' STUPID!?


141Kathryn Bernardo
She's a very boring actress. people look past her bland acting skills because she's pretty and paired up with a heartthrob. she always uses the same facial expressions and same tone of voice. I never get into the movie and shows she's in because of her poor acting.

142Nina Dobrev
Just a pretty face. No real acting ability. Wants to break in to a film career. Probably will stay in T.V. shows for the rest of her career.

143David Tennant
I have no idea why he is even anywhere on this list. He portrays emotions so clearly and outlines the joys and depressions of the characters wonderfully an clearly.

144Kristin Cavallari

Over-rated, just like his father-in-law

146Ginnifer Goodwin

147Regine Velasquez

148Bill Paxton
Never thought this guy was a good actor.

149Samuel L. Jackson

150James McAvoy

151Hugh Jackman
A laughable joke who can't act period.

152Dwayne Johnson
Not talented... his body is the only thing he's got going for him. Very good looking but he's acting sucks. Needs to stay in wrestling where his acting doesn't matter... he's a meat head

153Toni Gonzaga

154John Malkovich
He's always John Malkovich. Sure you can say this about a lot of actors. And some, like John Wayne usually played the same character or caracature of himself, but Malkovich's performances come across as merely him reading a script. When he does act out an emotion, it rarely comes off realistic. When he was a new actor, this style seemed unique, but it's now same ol' same ol', stale.

155Heather Graham
Drier than plain burnt toast. Completely deadpan and flatlined performances - sounds like she is struggling to read lines without actually comprehending them.

156Christian Bale
Excellent actor since childhood. there is no part he can't handle. For instance quite a few heavies have played batman, Bale is the all time best. If you ever have seen the machinist one of the most dramatic transformation for a movie role I've ever seen or maybe I'll ever see.
He is hot and I love him and yes I am a guy. He is one of the best looking men in show business. I would love to meet him.
Uhhh... Did you ever see American Psycho? Or The Machinist (great B-Movie) or Rescue Dawn? This guy has so much artistic integrity and dedication it's ridiculous and as far as Batman... ? BEST BATMAN EVER hands down. He is the Batman we've all been waiting for. At least those who know talent who wanted the perfect man for the part. There is no better cut-out for that role and I dare anyone to suggest better so I can laugh at their choice.

157Ingrid Bergman

158Emilio Estevez

159Aaron Eckhart

160Sela Ward
People seem to fawn all over her but she is terrible actress, I just don't see it.
Decent actress for T.V.. HUBBA HUBBA!

161Sophia Bush

162MIchelle Rodriguez

163Liv Tyler
While she isn't the most overrated actress out there she is still overrated nevertheless. The only reason she was so popular is because of her dad Steven Tyler. She wouldve never gotten that role in Armageddon if it wasn't for her dad

164Jean Dujardin

165Steve Carell
Love the guy. Can't figure out his role choices (Dinner for Schmucks? The Ron Burgandy franchise? ) but think he's a terrific actor. I'd like to write a good movie for him.

166Danny Trejo

167Bella Thorne

168Amanda Bynes
She is crazy now!

169Naomi Watts
She has no idea of acting. Just performs and does it badly. Her nude scenes confirm she can't act as a distractor.

170Julia Perez

171Camilla Belle

172Olivia Wilde

173Charlton Heston
Charlton Heston may have received an Academy Award, but he was a terrible actor. His performances were incredibly wooden, and he had a repertoire of approximately one emotional state - one of fake, over-the-top emotional intensity. He is a pain to watch and it baffles me that he ever got so much credit.

174Jeremy Irons
Overrated over-actor. Like a thinner Brian Blessed.

175Kate Beckinsale

176Charlie Sheen
What can we say about Charlie? I watched his movies Platoon, Hot Shots, Wall Street and Major league, he was absolutely amazing in all of them.

Charlie Sheen is one of the few actors in Hollywood who can speak fast without making a single mistake (and that's a gift)

His disadvantages: He always gets into trouble and leads himself to disasters like the way he was fired from the CBS Sitcom Two And A Half Men (Which was the best back then). 2- He could lose his temper easily.
He's become a better actor over time. Watch "Wall Street" and you'll see that he never really closes his mouth, as if a deviated septum forced him to breath thru his mouth. It was irritating. Now he's a much better actor with experience that shows through
He sucks. he only made it because his father is martin sheen.

177Jonah Hill Feldstein
Jonah Hill is a naturally funny person who reflects it very well in his movies. The guy is Hilarious and I will watch him in almost anything. As far as his dramatic acting, he is better than I thought he would be in fact he is pretty darn good at it.
Fat ugly untalented jerk. The only reason he's in movies is because he became friends with dustin hoffmans kids and dustin hoffman gave him a part in one of his films. Nepotism strikes again.
He was friends with dustin hoffmans kids and their father for some strange reason gave him a part in one of his movies. Nepotism strikes again

178Amy Adams
Not very attractive and not very talented. I don't know why she gets so much attention.

179Jamie Foxx
Jamie Fox has done one of the best Roles Portraying a Musician. He studied Ray Charles and perfected his mannerisms! Also, the guy can sing. In addition to that he is a very funny actor. Some must not like his sense of humor if they don't like him.
He's ugly and he's one of the worst actors I have ever seen

Undoubtedly the most over-rated actor in Asia, probably the world!

181Dylan McDermott
This is another hot man that I love. I think that he is so handsome and yes I am a guy.
He is hot and I love his work and yes I am a guy.
You people are homophobes. do you only allow women to call men hot?

182Melissa McCarthy
His grandfather was director michadl gordon. Nepotism strikes again.

183Dustin Hoffman

184Gwyneth Paltrow
The worst actress ever. Worse than Lindsey Lohan!

185Dulquer Salmaan
Just an average actor who is overrated because he is the son ofa super star... totally dumb actor

186Lupita Nyong'o
Overrated in talent and looks. She hardly has 3 movies in her career and she has an Oscar for appearing 20 minutes on-screen. If Jennifer Lawrence is considered overrated, Lupita definitely kicked her ass.

187Ricky Gervais
Igly untalented idiot. How the hell did he ever make it?

188Bob Saget
I don't know why this man is on here... he is a decent actor... many good movies & did a decent job in them... I can think of plent of others that would he above jackson

189Queen Latifah
I don't know why this man is on here... he is a decent actor... many good movies & did a decent job in them... I can think of plent of others that would he above jackson

190Danny Glover
I don't know why this man is on here... he is a decent actor... many good movies & did a decent job in them... I can think of plent of others that would he above jackson

191Tori Spelling
I don't know why this man is on here... he is a decent actor... many good movies & did a decent job in them... I can think of plent of others that would he above jackson

192Tyler Perry
His movies are very funny but he is not... he can't act worth a d*m. Very lame. Samer personality in every movie unless he's madea

193Mary-Kate Olsen
Mary kate & ashley olsen were good back in the day... better as a child because when they couldn't act back then it was cute... now al grown up & all that experience in acting and $till don't have a clue what their doing... bad acting all-around

194Benedict Cumberbatch

195Audrey Hepburn

196William Holden
One if not the best actor ever. If you watch carefully in all his roles the man is never acting. It once gave me goose bumps noticing his talent for becoming whoever in his roles.

197Ansel Elgort
I like his movies, but he is so egotistical.
Send me a link of him being mildly humble, oh that's right you can't. Why does he always try to be poetic.

198Richard Steven Horvitz
He's pretty much a perfect example of a voice actor who recycles a character's voice over and over again (In this case, Zim). I do not hate this guy, but I think he's quite lacking in terms of voice acting talent.


199Leighton Meester
She can't act very well. Worse than Tina Fey
I hate that idiot girl. Bad actress.

200Ryzza Mae Dizon

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