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21Katie Holmes

Lovely and very authentic actress. Wonderful to watch.

Such an exciting and challenge seeking actress and human being. Love her so much

She's such an amazing and wonderful actress that never fails to deliver

Lovely actress. Natural and bright. The last comment reveals clearly someone who don't speak well

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22George Clooney

Drop dead gorgeous and oozing charisma. Love to watch him. He was amazing in "The Descendants"

Charming and intelligent as all get out. What a cool guy. The most handsome actor that ever was

He would love for people to think he's connected to the CIA. The truth is he is heavily linked to Jews and the Jews who are actively working to pull Christianity up from the root. But remember. Everyone is jacked up-like goose stepping mimics. And second rates are pushing other second rates. When he's given intelligent sentences in a script, his eyes glass over and he becomes visibly disconnected from the words.

You can't tear me away from any movie he's in. Superbly professional and graceful and elegant

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23Adam Sandler

He just plain blows.. He's either VERY quiet and retarded sounding or he's yelling like a moron. He's such a light weight actor too.. He would NEVER be able to play a role that actually means something. Seriously who would ever miss a piece of trash actor like him.

This guy blows. Utterly stupid comedy. Can, t act and just plays goofy idiotic roles.

This guy is such a professional entertainer. He also uses same actors in multiple movies which makes me assume he is surrounded by friends in this typically back stabbing business. I actually knew someone who's brother was close friends with him and said he was genuine, sincere and a great friend.

Just watching Wedding Singer. What a funny and poignant movie. Great lyricist as we'll. he's the best

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24Megan Fox

Terrible actress. She's hot, sure, but that doesn't change the fact that her acting in the Transformers movies varies from cringe-worthy to just plain embarrassing.

I agree, Personally, being a teenage boy, I am not attracted to her in any way, she looks too much like a Barbie doll

There are only 3 words that describe her - stupid, ugly, and talentless. I'm a boy but I don't understand why people think she is hot.

Her fake baby voice kills me. Try watching Ninja Turtles and not feel like you're watching bad 70's porn your grandpa wouldn't watch. She used to be hot, but now she looks like a plastic surgery wreck neck up. So sad.

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25Halle Berry

Never understood all the hoopla. Her acting is no better than any of my high school students', who are only doing it for some extra credit.

She's an ok actor but doesn't deserve the fame she's got right now.

Needs more serious acting roles. We already know you can be a drug addict, retarded cat, and a bikini clad spy

First African-American woman to win best actress. Gorgeous and unbelievably talented. One of the best actresses around.

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26Beyonce Knowles

Even awful Paris Hilton is better actress than Knowles.
Beyonce sucks literally

Beyonce is way too overrated. She should be the first one one this list

Beyonce is pretensious and her horrible personality shows.

So this singer is an overrated actress?

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27Vin Diesel

He's the best actor I've ever seen. I absolutely love and adore him

Not a good actor in any way, but if he sticks to tough guys roles so long as it isn't mindless Fast and Furious #? I can sometimes make it a guilty pleasure such as with Pitch Black and Riddick.

When is a sailor a piece wood?

When he is a-board (or when he is being portray by vin "i have been sniffing" diesel).

He's like a kid still learning the rules to heads up thumbs up

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28Nicole Kidman

Love her. Good but not great. I can list many movies of her's I like. She awesome. So gorgeous. So hot. One of my favorite actresses ever. She acted rings around her husband in 'Eyes Wide Shut'. She turns me on so much. Would love to meet her.

Why do people think she's sexy? She's hideous. Only half decent film she's in was Practical Magic, where she was totally outshone by Sandra Bullock. I walked out of Eyes Wide Shut half way through.

Terribly self conscious actress! The only reason she made it in Hollywood was her marriage to Tom. So many flops. I don't watch movies with her ie Moulin Rouge (even though I think Ewan is great) and Australia. Gosh, it would be painful to have to watch her. Vain, self conscious and definitely not a great actor. Oh and she stuck a fake nose on and got a best supporting actress award. PLEASE!

So wonderful and lovely to watch. Intelligence informs every role she so gracefully plays.

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29Miley Cyrus

She Can't Act. She Is A Wannabe Bad Girl She Tries To Get Attention From Copying Lindsay And Britney. She Can't Act She Can't Sing She Can't Dance. She is famous for being famous. She Is copying Britney about how she doesn't about anyone and does whatever she wants like smoking at 18. At least Britney has changed the world with her music.

I see lots of other actors and actresses that are not as famous but way better at acting

Miley is one of the most overrated celebs of the 21s century simply by the fact that she is from that Cyrus familly who is known to have one hit and it's not even a decent one. And last that show of hers that my daughter watches its disgracing the whole disney franchise.

The ones who changed the world with their music Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Who, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, The Kinks, and many others, BUT CERTAINLY NOT Britney spears or Miley Cyrus. That's the same crap as Madonna, Justin Bieber and all others not worth to mention.

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30Sean Penn

Amazing intelligence informs all the roles he inhabits.

The very best there is. Totally underrated

Not overrated at all, in fact I don't think most great actor surveys put him high enough.

So amazing to watch and such a pioneer in acting

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31Taylor Lautner

Yes you have a really nice body, but one nothing but another member of the cast from twilight who can't act. - LavenderMusic

How are Keanu Reeves, and Johnny Depp worse actors than
A guy who does nothing but take his shirt off?
Taylor Lautner should be number 1 period.

I have no idea why people like him. He plays the worst werewolf in the history of cinema.

People Hate Him Just Because Of Twilight(I Think It Sucks)

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32Zack Efron

I find him real and endearing. Absolutely adore him.

Such a capable and authentic actor. One of the best

If you cover up his body, you'd think you were just looking at a chick. He can't act or sing, he's only popular because of teenage girls thinking he's 'hot' just because he's shirtless in almost every movie he's in.

What did Gregory Peck ever do to you?

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33Lindsey Lohan

Why does the corporate media keep pushing this washed up skank? She was never a good actress and has done nothing professionally or privately worth following. It's like when a talentless kid actress grows up, and refuses to accept the fact that she's a has-been. Can we all save our writing talents and concentrate on actors who actually work, and are talented? The constant pushing of this mediocre D-Lister proves that the corporate controllers of the movie and media industries want young girls to look up to and copy what filth like Lohan does. Let's all end this train-wreck now by ignoring her. Ignore the media accounts, boycott the blogs who talk about her, and boycott the products of any company that sponsors on any T.V. network that airs stories about her. STOP ENCOURAGING MEDIOCRE HACKS!

Oh Lindsay, how the mighty have fallen or rather the how the child idol has fallen. She might have some talent but her career has plummeted sharply off the cliff. I used to love her when I was younger (12-14 years of age), but I then realized that there were people who were so much better. While she is just getting back in the game, she is still overrated right now and some of her acting is not always that great. (E.G. saturday night live). Lindsay, if you want to get back on track, prove to us that you can still act more than just a good movie or two.

I actually think she's a great actress. Not a great personal life but an intelligent thoughtful actress who informs her roles with authenticity and heart.

An original and highly intelligent performer

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34Charlize Theron

Good. Probably the hottest female actress on the planet. Love her most of her movies. My favorite movie of her's is 'The Cider House Rules'. She does take risks. She was good in 'Monster' and deserved her Oscar win. Very talented and also very smart. She recently admitted to breaking up with a guy solely because the only reason why she was with him was because she found him attractive. Very honest and sincere. Like her a lot.

Fabulous actress whose looks are as spellbinding as her delivery.

She's so hot, she sizzles!

She's good 40% of the time.

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35Julia Roberts

She just plays herself in every movie. - CraZee

People always put her in the "sexy woman" role, but she is ugly as a stick. But side roles, suit her well.

Can't stand her. Can't agree more that she is exactly the same in every movie, playing herself. And that face taking over smile of hers is so tired and insincere. In Larry Crowne she was so boring, and banking doe in lack-less and lazy acting on her part. Some one please get her of the screen already. - Pitstop325

I refuse to watch any more movies with her in it if she is even in any movies anymore

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36Hilary Duff

So adorable with wonderful heart wrenching performances. Love, love, love her.

Intelligent and warm actress. You can't help but to see her kindness as it always shines through

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone or anything cheesier.
She's a moron in "real" life as well.

Cute girl. Don't take her serious. She doesn't take risks.

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37Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors of all time. What the hell is he doing on this list. Don't believe me? Watch The GodfatherP Pt. 2, Goodfellas, Heat, Silver Linings Playbook, Casino, Frankenstein (even though it wasnt the greatest movie, De Niro was amazing like in all of his movies)
This list has no credibility whatsoever

Probably the best actor of his generation. And he takes risks. I'm always AMAZED at the risky roles he takes too. The comedies parts he's tried even though he's not really good at least he tries. Guy has NO FEAR. True actor.

I think De Niro is a great a actor, and he does his thing really good, but yes.. He is certainly overrated, because he doesn't have a lot of variations within his acting, you can always see that it's De Niro.

Anybody who thinks Robert De Niro is a bad or overrated actor is out of their minds and automatically has no credibility

He was amazing in the 70's and in Raging Bull, since then he's become a shadow of a great actor-who only works for the money.

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38Bruce Willis

I will say that Mickey Rourke is the budget Bruce Willis in many ways. However I do like them both. I will admit that Bruce is one of those actors who is basically the same person in everything. After all there are many types of acting styles. Method actors, Character actors, typecasts etc... but The thing is is that Bruce is himself in everything but he's awesome and very entertaining and does have good range. He might not be able to play Willy Wonka well but many couldn't fit such a role. There is a good reason why he is in so many great movies. Props to Bruce and to hell with the haters.

Here is one of the most hit and miss actors for me on this list. Often just plain lazy, but he has quite a few movies that are on my favorites list and still has the potential to pull one off unlike some actors like DeNiro who checked out years ago. That said, I'm not sure I will find it when it comes out since he will agree to sign onto anything that pays regardless of quality.

Probably my favorite actor of the last 25 years. Very under-rated too because most people think of him as a total goof or action hero. He's extremely good as a serious actor. I can name a dozen of his movies I love. Great great actor.

Seems to me he's an actor that's only in for the money. Another Hollywood mistake.

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39John Wayne

Not the greatest actor and comparatively limited in what he did but he had an aura and a screen presence not many could or can match. A legend!

He was a good actor and he was charismatic. Not like these lousy actors nowadays.

A textbook case of not so much "actor" as "movie star." you couldn't find a less versatile performer if your life depended on it!

He was like the Laurence Olivier of constipated delivery

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40Blake Lively

Do you think she can act? No. She looked really ordinary.

I was horrified when I saw that this woman is considered beautiful by American standards. I find her so plain and ordinary. She isn't a very good or versatile actress either

I firmly don't think she is a beauty, although she deserves a sexy girl. She got too many gossip with many guys, which of them is Leo. The relationship with those guys were often breif.

She isn't a bad actress, but she isn't astonishingly good, She's pretty, but she's no Diane Kruger

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