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Scarlett Johansson


Shes not a good actress and shes not that hot
shes hot but shes not the hottest and who says shes the hottest ; is fake scarlett hired him to say that so this why I hate her.


She is definitely NOT HOT guys. Her eyes are far apart, her lips are just thick but absolutely has no shape to it. She's thick, short and she's fat. Dear Hollywood, please stop giving her the "it girl" roles, she is destroying the standards of beauty and real pretty girls are being under appreciated. Every time I see her on screen, I feel like I'm looking at a tree stump with makeup and a blonde wig.
It doesn't seem like there is a lot going on in her head for each role I've seen her take. She has become one dimensional eye candy and unfortunately the public is catching on the the fact that she has no dramatic depth. We bought a Zoo was the last straw for me. It was also very poorly put together/ directed which is heartbreaking to see Matt Damon in such a cheesy sell out kids flick.
She has one expression on her face; much like that twit Kristen Stewart. She cannot to any accent but her own, so let her stop trying. She cannot act. So stiff when delivering lines. She is just a pretty face with a great body. That's why she is so popular. She ruins most movies for me when I see her in the cast.
Absolutely no range. Has the same voice/tone, the same expressions, or lack thereof, in every role she plays. I'm not above enjoying her for her body, which I happen to think was pretty nice, but now that she's deflated her breasts there's not even that.
Her face looks like a upside-down pear with silicone lips, the only reason people think she is hot is she slept with half of the population in hollywood (including old men eww)

And I know kindergarteners who can act better than she does.
She's never really taken risks in her parts - I think she's okay - but not near as good as her name. I do love a few movies she's in. 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' is one of my favorite movies. But most of the movies she's in are terrible. 'The Island' 'Iron Man 2' 'The Avengers' - all suck. She takes easy parts.
She has big boobs but her face is just weird looking. I don't know. I just feel like sometimes she can get dressed up nice but if you saw her on the street... Gross, weird face. She's a butter face.
I can't believe some of you think she is beautiful. Have a look at her photo before she had a nose job, she looks like a typical ugly Jewish girl with a big nose. Everything about her is fake. Her nose is fake, her boobs are fake and all her acting emotions are dull dull dull.
Watching her "acting" is like watching paint dry. She lacks all personality and stares blankly at everything and everyone. If it weren't for her looks, she'd be lucky not to get fired from a local dinner theatre.
Very overrated as an actress. I suspect she gets most of her roles because of her looks.


Need to remember faces and bodies change with age and there are literally a million new cuties waiting to take your place. Learn to act now or disappear tomorrow.
I like her in that movie of iron man and the island and she was like 20 years old in there and she look more older I think the reason she is famous is because she is really beautiful. and Jewish
Apart from the large franchise films that she is in ( Emily Brunt dropped out ) she cannot hold a film, all her last few films have performed average or below at best in box office takings.
As an actress, I've seen worse, but the fact that she's so famous and lands these a list roles is beyond, could it really be because she has big boobs and they are per ported to be fake?
Scarlet is only loved because she is good looking, AND SHE ISN'T EVEN HALF GOOD LOOKING, YEAH, I think it's fair to say that Scarlet Johansson failed awesomely to be an actress
I agree with the whole staring blank thing with lips partially parted. It's ridiculous.
Her focus is "off", like she can't feel the moment of whatever she's acting in. I am bored looking at her, and it seems like she blinks too much.
Worst famous actress of our times. Her 2 best roles: Girl with the Pearl Earring: where she had no dialog and Her: where she never appeared on screen
Just don't get it... I never seem to find her performances stunning nor do I think she is the hot mess everyone thinks she is.
No emotion with this chic. Here's how she acts: *blank stare* *recite line*
I've never understood all the hype about her. She's as expressionless as Kristen Stewart, she has no charisma whatsoever and isn't that hot.
To me she is just a dumb blonde. I hate to see her half opened mouth and clueless near empty stare of her eyes. how could she be rated as good actress...
Not pretty at all and has no acting ability whatsoever. Her fifteen minutes was over a long time ago.
She can't portray a character to save her life. However... God she is a very sexy woman. Come on lads, the girls ain't gonna like you just because you pretend Scarlett isn't Georgeous.


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