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1 Frozen Frozen

Good songs do not automatically make a movie "good". I feel like a lot of people are confusing how much they enjoyed jamming out to Let It Go with how consistent and cohesive the plot was and how well-developed the characters were. - Ari00

Unbearable and over-hyped, I'm so glad that I won't be needing that one and see the whole entirety.

Frozen fan-brats will disespect our negative opinions on Hotel Transylvania! :O

2 Spirited Away Spirited Away

To these two people that said in the comments that Spirited Away is not overrated, it's not underrated either. But I've seen even greater Studio Ghibli movies.

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3 The Lion King The Lion King

What?! This is one of the greatest Disney movies of all time!

I'm pretty sure this was paper animated.

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4 Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3 V 1 Comment
5 Cars Cars
6 Shrek Shrek
7 The Simpsons Movie The Simpsons Movie

No, this movie deserves it's love. - RalphBob

8 Toy Story Toy Story
9 Ice Age Ice Age

The First Two Are Underrated Nowadays

10 Megamind Megamind

Overrated? Not at all! It's my favorite movie, so I'd say underrated. - LarkwingFlight

Megamind is the only overrated movie on this list.

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? Ice Age: Collision Course Ice Age: Collision Course
? Hotel Transylvania 2 Hotel Transylvania 2

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11 Puss in Boots Puss in Boots
12 Tangled Tangled

It may be a little overrated but frozen is a LOT more overrated than Tangled.

13 Wall-E Wall-E
14 Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty
15 The Nightmare Before Christmas The Nightmare Before Christmas

If anything this is underrated. - Ari00

16 Fantasia Fantasia

Criminally underrated in my opinion. The general population doesn't care too much for classical music. - Ari00

17 The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid
18 The Lego Movie The Lego Movie

Someone says something negative about "Frozen", the response is ALWAYS "Yeah, sock it to that terrible, awful, horrid waste of film! "

Someone says something negative about "The Lego Movie", the response is ALWAYS "No! How can you hate it? "

That's far from fair, and both movies suck despite the massive praise and hype.

No one's allowed to dislike this movie, to say it's anything less than the ' Citizen Kane of animated movies. But it's just another trite story about some schmoe turning out to be the one to save the universe. The attempts to come off as having some really deep moral and the "all star" cast don't change that.

People need to stop believing that stupid song.

19 Finding Dory Finding Dory
20 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted V 1 Comment
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